Chapter 1: In the Beginning

Alright, we begin our journey by meeting our founder.
This is Ara Nix. There is a story behind her, so let me be brief.

In my first attempt at a Lifestate's Dynasty, she was my second generation spare. I fell so in love with her, but she was a genie and therefore did not qualify for heir. She is the daughter of my Sim Esmerelda Nix and Quinn Flanagan. She is to start her short-lived dynasty in Dragon Valley.

So yes, this does mean Quinn is off limits. I don't do that kind of stuff. Ew.
Anyways, let's see what traits we've rolled for our wonderful founder.
Perfectionist - Ok, I can live with that.

Computer Whiz - sweet, that can point to a possible skill/career.

Green Thumb - SCORE.

Never Nude - Meh, ok... ok... so we have some personality.

And... Unstable. Well this is going to be fun.

Seeing as this is a challenge based off of random traits, I won't allow her traits to change, so therapy it is!

We drop our gorgeous founder off in Dragon Valley and I send her right to work at getting the spouse of my choice.
"I'm not happy about this." She groaned as she knocked on the door.
Oh come'on, maybe you'll learn to like him?
"Come in gorgeous - any girl who is almost as gorgeous as me can make herself at home." Bradan smiled widely.
Ara only winced. "He's... so... old."

Your life is too short to complain. Just get to the flirting.

After striking out twice she finally got him to move in, and thus their first box was built with the free floors and the free paneling because - erm- cheap.

With the rest of the money Ara spent to get her garden started. She does want 8 perfect plants and with only 12 for-sure days under her belt to do it she's got to get to work! Also, I think she was putting off the inevitable.

Ah, yes, the inevitable. Neither Bradan nor Ara were getting any younger and an heir was yet to be had. Ara had been gritting her teeth and mumbling about old men and Bradan being a ridiculous snob. So I had the idea of sending Bradan to her.

He made short work of her before they headed for the shower.

See - I knew that Never Nude trait might come in handy! Totally PG. Chimes were heard and Ara and Bradan separated themselves and went back to their routine.

"At least that's over with." Ara mumbled.
"Oh doll, you know you liked it." Bradan winked at her. Ara rolled her eyes but inside she was softening to Bradan's prideful, if snobbish, ways.
With great thanks to the Gardening Station, Ara was in business by the next day.

And on her first drop at the Consignment Store, Ara came about a tiberium gem. She ran it to the Elixir store and came back with these three beautiful things:

Can you say house renovation? Sweet.
Bradan came home after completing his Lifetime Wish and took Ara on a date - because, you know, why not? It also gave Ara a chance to announce her pregnancy.

"So, I'm pregnant!"
"Oh. That's nice. Did you hear I got promoted? Awesome right?"
Gee, Bradan, aren't you just thrilled for your new BABY?
"Oh, huh? I was too busy basking in my awesome glory from my last promotion."
Ara made a face.
Just let him have his moment, hun. When the baby arrives he'll figure it out.
The next day Ara showed her true colors and called on her ever-trusty paper bag.

"Must" she breathed in "not" out "think" in "about" out "dead plants."
While Bradan supported her from inside the house... on the bed... reading.
"You're doing great honey." He turned a page in his book and studied more. "Really great. With breathing, and stuff."

The spires finally grew into large tiberium and Ara and Bradan's box was upgraded to an even bigger box with fancier stuff.

Just in time too.

"Oh my watcher this hurts!" Ara screamed.
You've got this, bring on our heir!
"Where's Bradan?!"
At work. Wait - are you saying you actually want him here?
"Yes! Of course!"
I see relationships have improved between you two.
"I want him here so I can -" another contraction started "PUNCH HIM IN THE GUT!"
I take that back, you two are still just barely tolerating each other.
"In the nicest of ways." She breathed. "Ah, here it comes!"

"Oh, hello my beautiful nooboo! What a gorgeous girl you are, yes you are. You know why? You're going to look just like your mommy. That's right!" Ara squeezed her little one.
Name please?
"Tessa. Tessa Nix." Ara cooed softly.
Aaaaannnnddd - she's a grumpy loner. Oh well, we can't win them all. Now go make that phone call.
Bradan got home shortly after and started to make dinner, completely oblivious to the crying coming from their nursery.
"Hey, babe, turn that music off, it's not good for my chi. I've got a game tomorrow and I need to win."
Ara simply rolled her eyes. "Or you could say hello to your daughter?"
Bradan dropped his fork. "I'm a dad? Why didn't you tell me?!"
Oh boy... here we go. Oh good, our new-er arrival is here!
The two continued arguing as Izzy joined in quietly.
"Hi there... I'm your adoptive daughter... Izzy?" She asked quietly.
Hi there Izzy! I'm your watcher... now let's have a look at those traits. Meh, Meh, ooh! Family Oriented. I really like you, and I needed some good news today. Welcome to the family, let's get you cleaned up, ok?

After a quick trip to the mirror and the dresser, Izzy returned with a much nicer look about her.
You're just a doll, aren't you? Even though you have the EA generated pudding face!
"Uhm... thank you?"

Now can you start painting for me please? I need to get you to portrait level ASAP.
"What's that even mean?"
Erm... quickly?
"Works for me. By the way, do my parents ever get along?"
Hahaha... wait... you were serious? Uh... well... no, no they don't. But I suspect it's because they secretly love each other deep down.
"WOULD YOU STOP BEING SO SELFISH?" Ara screamed from the kitchen.
Deep, deep, DEEP down.
"What do I do?" Izzy whispered.
Just keep smiling. That's what I do. Oh, and paint while you're at it.
Izzy started painting and started grumbling under her breath about the pushy watcher.
It also looks like our dear Tessa doesn't qualify for heir. Ara will be thrilled to hear that. 
Dishes started to crash from the kitchen.
I think I'll wait until next time to do so though...
Izzy just smiled and held back a laugh. "Can I be there when you break the news?"
I'm not sure you want to be in the same room as that, she might go ballistic.
"I'll set up a video camera and put it on sim-tube?"
It's a plan.

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