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Below you'll find a collective list of my stories with descriptions, as well as a light description of their intended audience. I spend a lot of my time writing stories and I pride myself on the ones I've created. While not all of my stories are hosted in that realm, a majority are. There's a history, a Pantheon of Gods, and an entire world from scratch, so I like writing most of my stories there. 
I also like participating in Sims Challenges occasionally - not so much since I started writing, but I did have one I had already started before the World of Atalan was built that I will be porting (or will have ported, depending on when you're reading this) to this very blog.

*This story is currently under construction*
The world is torn apart by chaos; ravaged by magic and the gods. Something big is coming to swallow the world whole and none are prepared to face it. Sensing the change in the winds, a Spirit rose to stand against the challenge. From her, a line of guardians are created; generations of one lineage to stand and fight when no one else will. The world is moving to a different tune.

The dance is only just beginning.

This story is a 10 generation legacy following the Reaper family as they find their places in the world. The story features strong language, violence, blood, and other dark topics. 


Quinn Flanagan had no heart - at least, that's what he told himself and anyone who inquired. Cold and calculating on his best days, this womanizer didn't ever see himself settling down for anyone or anything. After spending most of his life enslaved, the only thing that mattered to Quinn was his freedom.
That was, until he met Esmerelda.
After one whirlwind night, Quinn is left questioning everything - the biggest question being: why does he feel like he's done this before?

Song of the Nightingale is a multi-part story following the lives of Esmerelda and Quinn as life and fate pull them apart and drag them back together again and again. The story features heavy usage of strong language, some minor sexual content/nudity, violence and abuse among other things.


The world of Atalan was once a place where happy lives were built. Darkness never lasted long, and everyone could always count on the break of dawn. No one feared the bumps in the night; and the stories of gods and magic were just told to children for their amusement. 
Soliana believed no differently.
She had the perfect family. She would marry the boy who worked in her stables, even if it broke every rule a noble girl should follow. She would start her own perfect family, no matter what anyone said. The idea that she could make objects disappear magically was simply preposterousEverything would always work out so long as she hoped for it. She was safe in the comfort of her own home.
There was no monster out to get her. 
Yet, in the world of Atalan, things are not what they seem and Soliana will learn that lesson the hard way. 
It was time for her to wake up.

Factions is a 10 generation Perfect Genetics Legacy challenge of mine that I'm writing a story about. The story features dark topics such as kidnapping and obsession. 


Many stories start the same. They start in some place, during some time, with some people. Yet what happens when the story begins before there is Time? What happens when it's in a place before places? What happens when it's not about people
This is a story about spirits
The story of the brightest spirit ever known, and the shadow that loved her more than you could ever comprehend. 
There are many things you likely won't comprehend. 
Shall we begin?

Where the Willow Walks is a standalone, non-generational story that follows a couple that crossed worlds just to find each other again. This story, like many of my others, features strong language at points as well as detailing torture and enslavement.

Unrelated Stories

A challenge on steroids. Watch me as I struggle to complete lifetime wishes, master skills, raise families and max careers all on the shortest Sim lifespan!

The Messorem Baby Boom
A baby-centered challenge to celebrate the 12th birthday of! The goal is to have a couple give birth to 12 girls and 12 boys with restrictions!

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