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Below you'll find a collective list of my stories with descriptions, starting with the World of Atalan Series - stories all hosted within the same world. These are my pride and joy, so I really hope you enjoy them. Occasionally when I'm not working on those, I'll run a few challenges for fun, and those you'll find at the bottom of the page. 

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All of my life I've been played a fool; the girl with too strong an imagination - the girl who sat by and watched as the world got darker and darker, telling myself that I could not help.
That I was not strong enough to help.

My family told me that.
Erik told me that.
And it was all a lie.

I am strong enough. I'm more than strong enough.
I will not back down.
I will not sit this round out.

I will not let the world take what does not belong to it.
So from this day forth I shed my old name - my old life.

I am a Reaper.


This story is a 10 generation legacy following the Reaper family as they find their places as the guardians of the world. The story features strong language, violence, blood, and other dark topics. 

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"Do you ever feel like we've done this before?" 
"What, like... deja-vu?" 
"Yes, like we've been here before, seen this before... fought like this before? But... something's changed this time?"

"In what way?"
"Like we're not meant to win."

"Yeah, Ezzie?" 

"I don't want to die."


Song of the Nightingale is a multi-part story following the lives of Esmerelda and Quinn as life and fate pull them apart and drag them back together again and again. The story features heavy usage of strong language, some minor sexual content/nudity, violence and abuse among other things.


I don't remember much from before.
I was nobility, I remember that.

I was a dancer with grace that rivaled the best.

And above all I remember that I loved the boy who worked in the stables more than anything else in the world.

All of that is gone now. Just like me. Lost to history. 
Lost to the monster. 
It's been nearly two-thousand years.

I'm sorry, Jack.


Factions is a 10 generation Perfect Genetics Legacy challenge of mine that I'm writing a story about. The story features dark topics such as kidnapping, obsession, minor violence, and mental trauma. 


Where were you the day the mortal world was formed? Oh that's right. 
You weren't formed yet. You never saw the battles that took place prior to that.

You've never met the Nine Generals formed by the Greatest Creator, himself.

You've not watched their leaders, Adriel and Theran, create the world you now know.

Two perfect halves that make up the most remarkable love story throughout all times and dimensions.
Until it was all taken from them.

At the hands of your kind.
So, my question to you, mortals, is...

Would you like to hear a story?


Where the Willow Walks is a standalone, non-generational story that follows a couple that crossed worlds just to find each other again. This story, like many of my others, features strong language at points as well as detailing torture, enslavement, and other dark themes.

Unrelated Stories
My mish-mash of other things!

A challenge on steroids. Watch me as I struggle to complete lifetime wishes, master skills, raise families and max careers all on the shortest Sim lifespan!
A Sims 4 genetic legacy challenge with no story attached going for points and having fun totally screwing up any attempt I make at playing the Sims 4!
A baby-centered challenge to celebrate the 12th birthday of! The goal is to have a couple give birth to 12 girls and 12 boys with restrictions!

Défi Adolescent Immortel
I set my game to French settings and played an Immortal Teenager challenge: a quick challenge hosted by Boolprop to celebrate it's 13th birthday! Have a teen complete 13 challenges before their birthday!

A Wonder Child Challenge with my game set into French settings. A semi-sequel to my Immortal Teen challenge. Raise a child from infancy to adulthood to maximize skills and points.

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