Nix Short Dynasty

In the "Nix" of Time

Hey everyone! This challenge you'll find here is a version of the Short Dynasty written by cndneh on Carl's Forum. It's an interesting and difficult challenge I've taken on, but I find it to be quite a bit of fun. There's no real story or plot going on here, just me having fun, telling jokes, and dealing with sassy backtalk from my Sims as they go on crazy skilling and career paths.
If you're looking for more of a story with a plot, I highly recommend you pop on down to my Story Collection page and check out the stories I keep there! So without further ado, let's pop into the Nixes!

Note: I've actually made it to Chapter 80 already in this story, and I'm currently in the process of transferring it to this blog so I can continue it. Some of the writing you'll see (narrative that speaks to the readers) was intended for the forum it was originally put on. Sometimes I'll edit it, but in this case I'll leave a lot of it intact for general understanding.

Some information on my Short Dynasty: 
  • I will be using Store Content, as there are no rules against it.
  • I have a Story Progression Mod because marrying NPCs by my 3rd generation does not sound like my ideal playthrough.
  • I use game-fixing mods only in this file (like NRAAs Overwatch and Errortrap). 
  • I've turned off Seasons except for summer, which I've maxed in length.
  • All types of weather is off (rain, hail, fog, snow --- absolutely nothing!) 
  • I've placed a Consignment Store, Salon, Firestation, Elixir Store, Junkyard, Equestrian Center and Laundromat in Dragon Valley, but those are the only other lots I've placed.
  • I will reduce my funds to 1800 after getting the Future Portal (after I sell that and the camera). 

This is going to be crazy and fun, so join me on this journey!

My Additional Rules:
  • I will give myself an extra point (+1 point) for portraits of the founder and all successive heirs.
  • The heir is the first child to have rainbow skin.

Chapter 1: In the Beginning
Chapter 2: Try, Try Again
Chapter 3: Plan C
Chapter 4: Birthdays with Grim
Chapter 5: Becoming a Widow
Chapter 6: Becoming of Age
Chapter 7: Matchmaking Party
Chapter 8: Meeting the One
Chapter 9: Life of Dekit
Chapter 10: Goodbye Ara
Chapter 11: Triple the Fun?
Chapter 12: Couples Counseling
Chapter 13: Changes
Chapter 14: The Many Faces of Toddlers
Chapter 15: Hello From France!
Chapter 16: Returning Home
Chapter 17: Let Them Eat Cake (Part One)
Chapter 18: Let Them Eat Cake (Part Two)
Chapter 19: To Prom!
Chapter 20: The Search Begins
Chapter 21: Future Plans
Chapter 22: Lot'ta Birthdays
Chapter 23: Marriage(s?)
Chapter 24: Graduation, Birthdays and Plotting
Chapter 25: Births, Deaths and other Crazy Things
Chapter 26: Can We Slow Down Now?
Chapter 27: Never Say Never
Chapter 28: Goodbye Ima
Chapter 29: Hello Echo!
Chapter 30: Birthday Flames
Chapter 31: Goodbye, Sam
Chapter 32: A Birthday for Echo
Chapter 33: Romance, a Fake Wedding, Births, and Strange Occurrences (Part One)
Chapter 34: Romance, a Fake Wedding, Births, and Strange Occurrences (Part Two)
Chapter 35: Shame On You!
Chapter 36: Never Be An Excitable P.I.
Chapter 37: Sim Logic
Chapter 38: Goodbye Olga
Chapter 39: Watch Out, Felix!
Chapter 40: An Excitable Wedding
Chapter 41: We're Doomed
Chapter 42: Halfway There!
Chapter 43: A Midlife Crisis
Chapter 44: Chatterbugs
Chapter 45: Out of Whack
Chapter 46: Foxglove, because Foxglove
Chapter 47: He Loves Beds
Chapter 48: Senile, New Friends
Chapter 49: Chaos Ensues
Chapter 50: Matters of the Heart
Chapter 51: I've Made Up Your Mind
Chapter 52: Cutting Down All the Haters
Chapter 53: The Watcher Took Notes!
Chapter 54: Strong, Silent Type
Chapter 55: Dagan is Scarred
Chapter 56: Selective, We'll Call It Selective
Chapter 57: A Lover's Spat
Chapter 58: The Unfortunate Back Up Plan
Chapter 59: Mostly Sheera
Chapter 60: More Sheera - and Those Other People
Chapter 61: Bonehilda, Who?
Chapter 62: Goodbye Foxglove
Chapter 63: Return of the Dancing Bunnies
Chapter 64: Mean-Spirited
Chapter 65: Triple A
Chapter 66: Mishap with the Laundry Machine
Chapter 67: Where's Sheera
Chapter 68: Life Goals
Chapter 69: Too Many Birthdays
Chapter 70: Little Miss
Chapter 71: To the Library!
Chapter 72: We LOVE You, Felix!
Chapter 73: No to the Fourth Power
Chapter 74: Triple As, Triple Bs
Chapter 75: Midlife Crises
Chapter 76: Welcome to the Squad
Chapter 77: Triple Teens
Chapter 78: Quinn
Chapter 79: Quinn-Squared?
Chapter 80: NotaFlanagan
Chapter 81: Quinn the Genius
Chapter 82: The Runaway Heiress
Chapter 83: Let's Play Catch-Up
Chapter 84: Happy Little Bluebird
Chapter 85: Flap My Jack
Chapter 86: Let's Get a Move On!
Chapter 87: Random Pops
Chapter 88: The Chapter Where Many Things Happen
Chapter 89: No Abe, That's Called Smothering
Chapter 90: The Puppeteer, I mean, Manipulator
Chapter 91: Double Engagements and Shoes
Chapter 92: I'm Still Here!
Chapter 93: Bringing Back the Pink
Chapter 94: Ana Upstages a Wedding
Chapter 95: Apparently I Refuse to Let It Die

My Misc. Notes: 

Point Count Reminders: 

  • 1 point for each child born (living on the lot or not), adoptive/cloned kids are allowed but don't count (This counts for the heir only, children of the brothers/sisters of the heir don't count).
  • 1 point for each LTW completed.
  • 1 point for each property bought in full.
  • 1 extra point for each fully upgraded property.
  • 1 point for each maxed skill.
  • 1 extra point for any super maxed skill.
  • 1 point for top of careers reached (rabbit hole or self-employment).
  • 1 point for medium gravestones achieved for direct family.
  • 2 points for large gravestones achieved for direct family.

Generation One: Ara Nix
Spouse: Bradan (MacGrath) Nix
Ara and Bradan had four children (+4). Ara completed her Lifetime Wish (+1). Bradan completed his Lifetime Wish (+1). Bradan maxed the Athletic Skill (+1). Ara maxed the Gardening Skill (+1). Ara supermaxed the Gardening Skill (+1). Ara maxed the Gardening Career (+1). Bradan maxed the Athletic Career (+1). Bradan left a medium gravestone (+1). Ara left a large gravestone (+2). Ara got her portrait done when she was an adult (+1).
Of their children before the heir came of age: Tessa maxed the Athletic Skill (+1). Aiden maxed the Logic Skill (+1).
Generation Total: 17

Generation Two: Sam Nix
Spouse: Fatima (Dolan-O'Shea) Nix
Sam and Ima had three children (+3). Sam maxed the Logic Skill (+1). Ima maxed the Logic Skill (+1). Sam supermaxed the Logic Skill (+1). Ima maxed the Gardening Skill (+1). Sam maxed the Medical Career (+1). Sam completed his Lifetime Wish (+1). Ima maxed the Medical Career (+1). Ima completed her Lifetime Wish (+1). Ima left a large tombstone (+2). Sam left a large tombstone (+2). Sam got his portrait done as a Young Adult (+1).
Of their children before the heir came of age: Reia maxed the Logic Skill (+1). Reia maxed the Alchemy Career (+1). Reia maxed the Photography Skill (+1).
Generation Total: 19

Generation Three: Reid Nix
Spouse: Stephanie (McAnna-Ordhen) Nix
Reid and Steph had two children (+2). Reid maxed the Logic Skill (+1). Reid maxed the Guitar Skill (+1). Reid maxed the Drumming Skill (+1). Steph maxed the Logic Skill (+1). Steph maxed the Handiness Skill (+1). Steph completed her Lifetime Wish (+1). Steph maxed the Alchemy Career (+1). Steph maxed the Cooking Skill (+1). Reid maxed the Bass Skill (+1). Steph maxed the Alchemy Skill (+1). Steph maxed the Fishing Skill (+1). Reid maxed the Piano Skill (+1). Reid completed his Lifetime Wish (+1). Reid maxed the Into the Future Instrument (+1). Reid maxed the Alchemy Career (+1). Reid maxed the Violin Skill (+1). Steph maxed the Writing Skill (+1). Steph maxed the Gardening Skill (+1). Steph left a large tombstone (+2). Reid left a large tombstone (+2). Reid got his portrait done as a Young Adult (+1)
Reid and Steph did not have any children before the heir came of age.
Generation Total: 25

Generation Four: Felix Nix
Spouse: Echo (O'Connell-Delaney) Nix
Felix and Echo had two children (+2). Felix maxed the Private Investigator Career (+1). Felix maxed the Charisma Skill (+1). Felix maxed the Street Art Skill (+1). Felix maxed the Fishing Skill (+1). Felix maxed the Logic Skill (+1). Felix maxed the Painting Skill (+1). Felix maxed the Photography Skill (+1). Felix maxed the Cooking Skill (+1). Felix completed his Lifetime Wish (+1). Echo maxed the Mixology Skill (+1). Echo maxed the Gardening Skill (+1). Echo maxed the Fishing Skill (+1). Echo maxed the Logic Skill (+1). Echo maxed the Handiness Skill (+1). Echo maxed the Photography Skill (+1). Echo maxed the Writing Skill (+1). Echo completed her Lifetime Wish (+1). Felix maxed the Advanced Technology Skill (+1). Felix supermaxed the Charisma Skill (+1). Felix supermaxed the Street Art Skill (+1). Echo maxed the Gardening Career (+1). Felix left a large tombstone (+2). Echo maxed the Alchemy Skill (+1). Echo maxed the Painting Skill (+1). Echo left a large tombstone (+2). Foxglove left a medium tombstone (+1).
Felix and Echo did not have any children before the heir came of age.
Generation Total: 31

Generation Five: Dagan Nix
Spouse: Yolanda (Eames-Nix) Nix
Dagan and Yolanda had three children (+3). Dagan maxed the Painting Skill (+1). Dagan maxed the Cooking Skill (+1). Dagan maxed the Handiness Skill (+1). Dagan maxed the Writing Skill (+1). Dagan maxed the Photography Skill (+1). Dagan maxed the Logic Skill (+1). Dagan maxed the Gardening Skill (+1). Dagan completed his Lifetime Wish (+1). Yolanda maxed the Charisma Skill (+1). Yolanda maxed the Photography Skill (+1). Dagan maxed the Fishing Skill (+1). Dagan supermaxed the Painting Skill (+1). Dagan got his portrait done as a Young Adult (+1). Dagan maxed the Artisan Skill (+1). Dagan maxed the Guitar Skill (+1). Yolanda maxed the Sculpting Skill (+1). Yolanda maxed the Fishing Skill (+1). Yolanda maxed the Gardening Skill (+1). Yolanda maxed the Political Career (+1). Yolanda completed her Lifetime Wish (+1). Yolanda left a large tombstone (+2). Dagan left a large tombstone (+2).
Of their children before the heir came of age: Arietty maxed the Guitar Skill (+1). Arietty maxed the Painting Skill (+1). Arietty completed her Lifetime Wish (+1). Arietty maxed the Logic Skill (+1). Ambriel maxed the Painting Skill (+1). Ambriel maxed the Writing Skill (+1). Ambriel completed her Lifetime Wish (+1). Ambriel maxed the Logic Skill (+1). Ambriel maxed the Photography Skill (+1).
Generation Total: 37

Generation Six: Anastasia Nix
Spouse: Abraham (Clements-Shepherd) Nix
Anastasia and Abraham had 2 children (+2). Anastasia maxed the Athletic Skill (+1). Anastasia maxed the Gardening Skill (+1). Anastasia maxed the Guitar Skill (+1). Anastasia maxed the Handiness Skill (+1). Anastasia maxed the Logic Skill (+1). Anastasia maxed the Painting Skill (+1). Anastasia maxed the Photography Skill (+1). Anastasia completed her Lifetime Wish (+1). Abraham maxed the Athletic Skill (+1). Abraham maxed the Logic Skill (+1). Abraham maxed the Painting Skill (+1). Abraham maxed the Photography Skill (+1). Anastasia got her portrait done (+1). Anastasia maxed the Cooking Skill (+1). Anastasia maxed the Fishing Skill (+1). Anastasia supermaxed the Painting Skill (+1). Anastasia maxed the Writing Skill (+1). Anastasia maxed the Nectar-Making Skill (+1). Abraham maxed the Charisma Skill (+1). Abraham maxed the Cooking Skill (+1). Abraham maxed the Fishing Skill (+1). Abraham maxed the Gardening Skill (+1). Abraham maxed the Handiness Skill (+1). Abraham maxed the Writing Skill (+1). Abraham maxed the Police Career (+1). Abraham completed his Lifetime Wish (+1). Anastasia maxed the Charisma Skill (+1). Abraham maxed the Artisan Skill (+1), Anastasia maxed the Artisan Skill (+1).
Of their children before the heir came of age: Demetri maxed the Logic Skill (+1). Demetri maxed the Photography Skill (+1).
Generation Total: 32

Generation Seven: Nessa Nix
Spouse: Zachary (Nix-Hooley) Nix

Bought Properties
Buildings Owned: Hospital, Science Lab, Spa, Business, Bookstore, Grocery Store/Diner, Police/Military, Bistro, Theater, Criminal Hideout, Sports Center, and the Equestrian Center. (+12)
Properties Owned: Feudal Fishing Spot, Crios Pond, Elixir Store, Laundromat, Library, Gym, Traigh Mhor Beach, Mol Beach, Art Gallery, Consignment Store, Graveyard, Pool, McCafferty's, Cladach Beach. (+14)

Upgraded Properties to Level 3: All of them. (+14)

Running Score (as of 1/2/19): 189
Running Score Without Portraits (as of 1/2/19): 183
Final Score:
Final Score Without Portraits:

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