Chapter 92: I'm Still Here!

Why hello, it's me. The girl who just can't quit. I might finish this (rather easy/fast challenge) in 10 years or so? At the rate I'm going? (shrugs) Who knows! I refuse to drop this one, though!
Ana: Yeah, and you're insane if you think you're going to finish!
Well you know, I never said I wasn't...

So hi! I don't really know where to begin, except that this is the Nix Short Dynasty! You know, this is kind of sad to realize I've started and completed an entire other challenge in the time I've been away from this one... Herrggg. Ah, don't you just love the self-inflicted guilt?

Ana: Honey hold still I'm trying to paint your perfect face - my face that's reflected in you.
Nessa: I feel siiiiiick. I have no idea whyyyyy.

Nessa: (projectile vomiting into the toilet)
Bring in generation 8! 
Nessa: What?!
You heard me.

Hilariously, I've been doing a lot of side stuff with a character named Demetri, so I'm naturally inclined to remember this darling child.
This won't spare him from when he ages up and I kick him out, however.

You know as I'm writing this, I haven't yet booted up my game, so I'd say I'm doing pretty damn good at remembering names here. Zachary is enjoying some newly granted magical abilities.
What? I want some magic children - file lag be damned!
Whoops forgot I update this on Carls please ignore that.

Either way, Zachary and Nessa have been hard at work with these potions, let's hope it pays off.

Zachary: Tah-dah!
Nessa: *clapping* Ooh! Again!

Abe has been moving casually through a few skills here and there, I need to go through and make note of all he and Ana have accomplished because I feel they'll probably not be around much longer.

Our Gnome family!
Ok now I could be screwed on the names here...

I remember we had Hipp and Kewl - our originals, but one of them has since passed. Then there was Janna... and... that's the only other one I remember. Hurry up and load, game file! I need to appear like I've never forgotten anything a day in my life!

Zachary does good with the plants and stuff. Shhh I totally know what I'm talking about.
What? What do you mean I took these a year ago? Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Demetri what are you DOING? BACK TO WORK. MUSH!

See, I still got it.

Here we see Quinn teaching one of his failure children... yeah I can't be expected to commit all of this to memory, and well, I kept the important ones.
OOH LOOK, I did a role-call a year ago!

Ana! Gen 6!

Abe! Gen 6 Spouse!

Quinn! Womanizer! Heir to the Lip Throne! Puppeteer? Uh... that one guy? Oh ok, that's accepted.

Zachary! Gen 7 Spouse!

Nessa! Gen 7!

And.... Nessa's shoes! All the important people are here!

Oh right, and Demetri... Nessa's baby brother. Right. Whoops.

Oh, and our gnome family. Right, and my game has loaded so:
Right on!

Abe is working on.. something with his tablet.

The room of creepy is still full of creepy...

Ana: Huh, why is the computer blinking red?
Ana, wait!

Monster: RAWR!
Ana: Hmm, no this isn't the bank statements...

Ana: AHH!
I tried to warn you it was pranked.
Ana: No, not that! Did you see the taxes due in this year?!

Ana: (growling) government scum...

These are pups. I think Quinn's wife Meira adopted them? Because... that makes sense?

I get the feeling I'm going to die tonight in my sleep. I don't know why.

Guess who spun into maternity wear? Well, I mean, I hope that's what this is. Bring us the 8th generation! Let it be a girl who can marry Quinn's boy so we can keep the lips in the family!
That sounds way worse aloud than it did in my head...

Nessa: Zachary! We're having a baby!

Zachary: Oh great, that's just perfect.

Nessa: I knew you'd be excited! Get excited or I'm going to sic my mother on you.
Zach: *pained smile* yay... children?
Hmm, don't know what I expected when I  had Nessa tell Zach who hates children that they're having one of their own...

The Nix museum is coming along rather nicely. I can't believe we're only 3 generations from the end!

Quinn: Hey so... I'm here for the kid.
Chandra: What?! Our son? You'll take me with, right?

Quinn: Uhm... nah. Also I'm married and we're done. Kthnxbai.

Chandra: *loud screeching moan* WHY?

Quinn: I'm glad you're taking this well.

Quinn: Let's go, little man. You're apparently already matched up with an unborn fetus. Congratulations! We'll crack open a cold milk to celebrate when we get home.

Ana: I'm married. 
Hehe, you're so cute. 
Ana: *glare intensifying* burn that picture.

Ana: burn it.

Nessa and her shoes are still alive and well, everyone! Never you fear!

My HQ mod is working wonders, so I'm getting closeups.
I ❤ this HQ mod.

Anywhoooo... guess who is finally getting OLD?

Ana! By the Gods!
Ana: Alright, you've more than earned your death. Watch your back.
But if I watch my back, I'll not be able to type this update... or any other update...

Well, with this down I guess I have no reason to keep Quinn in the house...
Quinn: Finally!
Yeah, so I might just move him in with Myra. We'll see how generous I'm feeling.

We'll end with some gnomes. Life seems pretty good, no?
So... I suppose this update could've gone worse, lol.
I'm off to play this file a bit, hopefully you'll see me within the next year!
I swear to god as many times as I've had this thread resurrected on Carl's forums from the graveyard we might as well call this the Zombie Short Dynasty...

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