Baby Boom Challenge

Happy Birthday, Boolprop!

Hey everyone! One random, quick challenge for the books - the Baby Boom Challenge! The forum I'm a frequenter of, Boolprop, is turning 12 years old this year (2017) and one of the beautiful gifts we got from this celebration was this cool challenge. 

Let's just throw ourselves in, what are the rules? Here they are on Boolprop! The gist is:
  • Create a couple in CAS, give them any traits, looks, etc. They can be a couple you've already had but they MUST not have any skills or advantages starting out!
  • Buy the most expensive, largest lot (the legacy lot) in the neighborhood of your choosing. 
  • The goal is to have 12 boys and 12 girls via natural pregnancy between the two parents (and ONLY the two starting parents, no alien abduction, etc). 
  • You may NOT use fertility treatment LTR. 
  • You may NOT use fruit/tricks to determine the gender of the unborn children.
  • You MAY use occults, potions, or other life-extending techniques to complete this challenge. 
  • NO money or need cheats may be used!
  • Only ONE of the parents may have employment, the other can do whatever skill/collection/etc from home to make an income. 
  • NO service sims allowed - meaning babysitters, repairmen, and maids. 
  • Adoption IS allowed but does not count towards your final total of 24. 

Boys: 6/12
Girls: 8/12

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