52 - Last Time at the Moon

This challenge was completed before writing this update. Some spoilers are hidden in white font [between brackets], just highlight them to see. I know some people don't like being let in on the details at the end of the file before it hits, so hopefully this satisfies all!
FYI this is the second to last chapter. Things are gonna speed up REAL quick.

Household Status: 
Liam Messorem - Daddy, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Adilyn Messorem - Mommy, Witch, Young Adult.
Blaze Messorem - Boy #1, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Brylee Messorem - Girl #1, Witch, Young Adult.
Bastian Messorem - Boy #2, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Bethany Messorem - Girl #2, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Bentley Messorem - Boy #3, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Benny Messorem - Boy #4, Witch, Young Adult.
Belle Messorem - Girl #3, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Brielle Messorem - Girl #4, Witch, Young Adult.
Briony Messorem - Girl #5, Witch, Young Adult.
Bianca Messorem - Girl #6, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Beona Messorem - Girl #7, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Brighton Messorem - Boy #5, Witch, Young Adult.
Brett Messorem - Boy #6, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Brooke Messorem - Bad Apple Girl #8, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Baer Messorem - Bad Apple Boy #7, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Blossom Messorem - Girl #9, Witch, Young Adult.
Blake Messorem - Boy #8, Witch, Young Adult. 
Bevan Messorem - Boy #9, Fairy, Young Adult.
Bria Messorem - Girl #10, Vampire, Young Adult.
Brynne Messorem - Girl #11, Genie, Teen.
Baron Messorem - Boy #10, Mermaid, Teen.
Blade Messorem - Boy #11, Ghost, Child.
Babette Messorem - Girl #12, Human, Child.
Boo Messorem - Boy #12, Human, Child.
Brixette Messorem - Spare, Alien, Toddler.

[COMPLETE Score (5/23/18): 6,342]

Welcome back from the drama fest... what can I say I needed at least one more, right? Gotta end this challenge right! Drama-ablaze!

Have this anti-drama Masterpiece penguin. 
Yea all the stone sculpture I do and the ONE topiary penguin is what sells the masterpiece. 
I suppose all penguins are truly masterpieces so...

Oh I guess the drama-llama is still here, but that's ok. Brynne's out doin her thing. 

And winning at it, apparently. Then she rolled a wish to play with a lizard so...

(sighs) looks like we're keeping it.

So here's his new home.

Got the notif early that Frances and Bastian were having a baby early so... popped in and HE'S SO CUTE.

Speaking of babies, Brixette is alive and well. She's pretty cute as a tot so... she's staying that way for now.

I decided to send them on vacation to the Moon, and Adilyn somehow spawned... this stroller??? Gross glitches are gross. Get that baby away from there so I can purge it with FIRE.


Uh... Whoops.
Bria: It'll be ok sis, let's get you to the hospital.

Meanwhile... at the moon...

There's Nala (with weird hair), Willow, Brighton, Kefka's ear... it's poppin in here!

Bevan and Willow's little sister are upstairs.

... cleaning up everything that is somehow broken... how the hell is this place not shut down by this point? I set Adilyn and Liam to work repairing things but not before...

Adilyn got her wings back! I figured having a fairy around was helpful and Adilyn really enjoyed it so... it works.
Oh and then Beona went into labor.

Adilyn couldn't leave this be so it was time to march her poor daughter to the hospital to give birth.

Hilariously where Beona's sister was being treated for insanity with her other sister who was taking a tour of the hospital to keep Babette company.

Let's play a game: who here is the father of 25 children? 

Blade and Boo built sandcastles while Baron and Liam repaired things and Brynne kept Brixette entertained. 

Warning: cute spam.

Me: uh... Adilyn is this safe?

Adilyn: It's fine, driving is calming. First babies usually take a while to be delivered, and driving will give my daughter some semblance of control that she won't have here in a few hours after the baby comes out.
(snorts) She's good.

Two go in.
Two come out.
Hospital staff: another Messorem, you say? Didn't they just LEAVE?
So Bria and Babette head back for the Moon to join up with the rest of the household now that Babette is feeling better.

And Grumpo has long since dumped Beona so Adilyn goes back home with her to ensure she gets set up safely and comfortably to rest with her new baby girl!

Not a bad mixture, that's for sure.
Now, more tot spam!

Also, isn't is just a rip-off that Baron doesn't get hydration from this? Only from SWIMMING. So I send him off to do that... in all his pigtailed glory.

Also Blade is now body-less... (snort) 

Liam tends to the bar (terribly) and Brixette gets a chance to play with some sand while sissy Brynne catches a few rays while there are still some.

I love this family.

Brynne and Blade attempt their luck on the fire walk pits that has all the temperatures available. They're able to do the low and normal heat, but the extra heat scorched their poor piggies.

That's the nope nope nope walk.

Tonight was also Babette and Blade's birthdays! Blade, of course, had a crisis which resulted in this: 

But they're both alive and aged well!

Blade has such a cute FACE! I love it!
Back at the moon the kids were all enjoying birthdays while Adilyn was enjoying some alone time...

Liam: (pops up suddenly) is this seat taken?
Adilyn: I guess you can sit there. 

Shit though, they really are adorable.


I decided - what better way to end a beach night than to throw down a bonfire! 

Feeling bad that Brixette had to miss this, I aged her up for the occasion!

I think I love her. Mhm. Cuuuute!
Also easier to love her when she's not held to any standards. XD

Some notifs to get those out of the way...
I sent everyone to bed except for our lovely founders, who stayed up and tested out that hotel hot-tub to the fullest...

The next morning came and everyone got spa treatments for free because... why not? Then Brynne and Boo passed some time singing Karaoke!

It was super adorable, obviously, so I took a lot of pictures lol.

Adilyn is still Queen of the Fae, so she keeps her posse around her always. 
Eventually everyone had to shuffle off to school or work, minus Adilyn and Liam who headed home to wait for their kids to get back. Days go a lot faster now.

Another day passed (sorry, bad picture taking at this point, lol). We got a full moon and Boo's birthday.

Which means... Werewolf Liam returns... but with an uglier face! XD

BFF convos always!

Brynne snuck in a hug before Boo aged up!

And to ration that out nicely... this is where I'll stop this.
One last chapter to go guys... I don't know if I'm ready for this.

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  1. OMG, so close to the end! The kiddies are all so pretty, even random alien baby Brixette - you got a great face roll there.