30 - You and Me Both

Household Status: 
Liam Messorem - Daddy, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Adilyn Messorem - Mommy, Witch, Young Adult.
Blaze Messorem - Boy #1, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Brylee Messorem - Girl #1, Witch, Young Adult.
Bastian Messorem - Boy #2, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Bethany Messorem - Girl #2, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Bentley Messorem - Boy #3, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Benny Messorem - Boy #4, Witch, Young Adult.
Belle Messorem - Girl #3, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Brielle Messorem - Girl #4, Witch, Teen.
Briony Messorem - Girl #5, Witch, Teen.
Bianca Messorem - Girl #6, Werewolf, Child.
Beona Messorem - Girl #7, Werewolf, Child.
Brighton Messorem - Boy #5, Witch, Child.
Brett Messorem - Boy #6, Werewolf, Child.
Brooke Messorem - Bad Apple Girl #8, Werewolf, Toddler.

I haven't changed the score from last chapter, and I'm too lazy to do that right now. (Shrugs)

Brett AKA Liam Clone is making friends with sister Bianca who is going to be aging up tomorrow.
All of these children are magnetically pulled by the rain to stand outside until they get soaked so they can come back inside and leave puddles everywhere.
Considering their mother is Neat, I must take this as a form of rebellion.

Even though I have - and will continue to - give Brett a hard time for being a Liam clone... I have 0 qualms of this. He is 100% Liam with Adilyn's skin. Unfortunately for you readers, this means I won't be making Brett available for download. Sorry!

The Messorem curse of never being able to prank the school. To this day Bethy was the only one able to be successful.

Which means a scolding comes in for poor Brielle. Don't worry though, papa let her off the hook right after. I really need to download that mod and keep saying I will but then I get distracted... so in the meantime, how could Liam NOT let her off the hook? Look at this face!

Mildly cross-eyed, but that happens sometimes.

That's the face that says "yes I'm twisted around my little girl's fingers, got a problem with it?"

Brighton has taken to the block table, which makes me hopeful for a handy babe growing up here! I love having an extra upgrader around the house. Repairing, however, I'm trying to leave solely to Liam so he can max out those challenges that prevent things from breaking after he fixes them.

Speaking of... MUSH LIAM. MUSH.

Briony versus dumb townie. Round one. Ding.

Bianca versus self. Round one. Ding.

LOOK the bad apple is doing something! (claps for her)
I almost want to praise her but then I realized that I had to rip the twin boys who came before her away from these playtoys so she's really nothing special.
I'm an extra cruel writer, aren't I?

Benny, who is still hanging around, joins the conga line of people who want to talk to their cool brother Brighton.
I mean, if I had hair like that I'd probably be the coolest person ever too.

These two love-bugs are clearly very busy. Oh, don't mind the tot in the background. Dumb townie that's versing Briony dragged their kid here so he could sit in the rain.
Seriously though, Liam and Adilyn have... how many children? A LOT and never once left them out in the rain. This chick can barely handle her one (shakes head in judgment).

That's fine, Briony stomped her anyways.

And is still sitting firmly in the Rank 2 camp.

One massage for the expecting mother, and I go do a run down on the kids. This week in game is going to be pretty miserable for me, as I've hit the short seasons (my 3 day fall, winter, spring) so that means a LOT of days off from school. We'll have to power through as best as we can.

Brett's taking on the Fishing skill. I'm hoping he'll roll the aquarium LTW.

Briony goes to gloat to her brother about her achievements.

He's at least mildly interested.

Beona is my little race car driver. This would later doom her. You'll see later.

I'm kind of enjoying the quieter household. It's so much easier not having to deal with all these kids swarming at once!

Another townie arrived to eat a piece of the defeat pie made fresh by Briony with every chess game.

Brielle decided "why not be helpful and rake the leaves."
Leaves were a nice idea, EA, but goddamn are they annoying.

Brielle and Briony age up a day before! (weeps)
I was so hoping they would get to go!
At least Bianca and Beona can go as they age up tonight... still makes me sad though.

She's a Diva but she makes the cutest faces when she plays chess.

Rank 3 baby!

This picture is merely for reference of this:

BENNY, BABE. I'm impressed that you were able to adopt a puppy while standing two feet away from the house you grew up in.

Liam is good at making friends.
I wish I could make friends like him.
My life would get a whole lot easier.

The boys come in sopping wet and play tag in the house so I can have LOTS of puddles all around. How considerate.

Next victim!

Justice is served as usual. 

Various pictures of Brielle I have because she's gorgeous.

You do you townie lady.
You do you.

Tag turned into raking leaves... because who would want to play with toys when you can rake leaves? 

(I hold my breath)
I won't go give her a makeover until I get a second confirmation note. This is just the RI confirmation note and I've had people just roll in with RI and then never talk to them again.
IT'S HARD. But I resist.

Briony gives herself some good luck... in the formal wear that we'll never get to see her wear PROPERLY... 
(cries in a corner)

Balt is still alive and well, he also is well fed and taken care of. 

Well, at least he's playing in the leaves. ALSO is that a chipmunk?! How cuuuuute! 

Another victim to be trounced by Briony - this time in style. 


Freckles freckles freckles freckles freckles freckles freckles freckles! 
One makeover later: 

Heeee! ❤
While I was in the park hunting down Shirley, I ended up finding Frances who aged up and gave her a makeover too, despite her and Bastian being very quiet. They're still together, don't worry!
Also Frances gets an immediate save to my bin so she can find her butt in my stories stat.

Bonus of her formal wear cause she's freaking hot.

Here's where I found her. ALSO, just... REMEMBER THAT GUY WHO'S NEXT TO HER, KAY?
Pretty sure that's her brother.
HILARIOUS (checks sims wiki) HE IS. He'll be important... sometime in this update. Closer to the end though.

(chess intensifies) 

Chess victorious! 

Hehehe, despite it all I still love these two to pieces!

The rest of the family has sort of scattered, doing things for their LTWs and their school.

Beona is still wearing that doomed joyride gear.

We got a trick-or-treater because it's Spooky Day. 
Just the one though. I immediately sent Brett out to say hello to her.

Also the smartest freaking kid I've seen - going as a snorkeler. It's been raining all day so that kid sure as hell doesn't have the soaked moodlet. 

*claps for mundane thing Brooke finally figured out* 
Oh these bad apples will be the death of me.

Pregnancy craving demand mac and cheese and that's one thing we didn't have already stocked, so to work Adilyn went. I would've tried Liam but... 
The last time he cooked he made something super charred.
(looks at next picture) Ah... yes... 
That happened. 
(clears throat) 
Story time.
It's Bianca and Beona's birthday to teenhood and earlier that Sim-day I was thinking about how I should save them to the bin "just in case." 
"No, no! It'll be fine!" I said, surely jinxing myself and not realizing it. 
So on that fateful night I saw the writing on the wall when my camera panned at exactly 9:00pm to see the doom begin.

Beona exclaims: "I'm still wearing my joyride outfit!" 
The audience gasps. "But surely the game would be smart enough to work around that!" 

So of course Beona is unable to age, and it skips to Bianca.

Bianca ages up without a hitch, thank the gods.

(from a distance, doesn't this picture look like Brighton has like the exclamation point over his head like he's in Zelda and been alerted? No? Just me?)
She gains the Genius trait. 

Two resets later, Beona ages up as a brown-eyed face 1. 

She gains the Computer Whiz trait.

I saved the crap out of this file, ran back to an old save to grab a save of Beona in the SimBin and rush back to this file to pull her in and edit the proper genetics back on...

(wheezing) and by this point IRL it was 2am and I was exhausted so I stopped playing for the night and would get back on with a fervor this morning.
Which started with... Brielle being a smart-butt and trying to teleport to the gym (which she's not supposed to do, as she's not allowed to gain any athletic until she's an adult)...
and instead she BROKE the Not-So-Routine-Machine and sent herself into a parallel universe.
Mhm, that oughta teacher her for trying to leave past her curfew.

Well, we're invested now. Let's see what happens.

We're gonna sing them a soothing song!



(wheezes in big breath) 
hooooooo that was too good.

Back to reality with Brielle's sister working towards another chess win.

Brielle decides to recount everything to her mother who doesn't seem that concerned. 
Adilyn: "You have your father's singing voice." 

Both Liam and Adilyn roll for some grandkids... but as you can see they're a LITTLE full up on wishes at the moment so...
But WAIT... what could trigger such a wish?!


Oh, and Benny is still here. 
So is Belle. 
I think they're having trouble letting go...
Belle: No! We just don't want mom and dad to miss us too much!
Liam: Who are you?

Liam: I can barely remember this damn fluffball's name.
Belle: DAD!
Liam: Just teasing, but didn't you two fly the nest like... 2 days ago?

We literally just got like 2 feet of snow last week. I'm still traumatized. 

OH OH REMEMBER THAT GUY FROM EARLIER! HERE HE ISSSS! I knew he was important! Frances's brother fell hard for my Brylee! 
And that stache just CANNOT do. 
I'm sorry buddy. 
No bueno. 
Not even a little bueno. 


annnnnnnd I like him. 100%
His nose is on the big side, but you know what? I love diversity and I hate face 1.

Adilyn finishes a masterpiece. 
What's that noise?

Oh, it's you.
You're screaming because... needs? I dunno. 


Bianca: Hehe, I'm so glad you're my sister! 
Beona: I'm so glad you're not stuck up like Briony!

Bianca: Here's to that! High five!
Beona: Haha--...

Beona: Sorry, my depth perception seems to be a little off. 
Bianca: My hand was right there
Beona: .... (nervous shifting) or very off.
The girls go to gossip: 

(wheezing) HAHAHAH now THAT'S some legit gossip. Oh man these two are the most teenage-girl teenaged girls I've had. Look how cute they are when they BFF each other: 

Also if it weren't for the eye color I'd call these two identical twins. They look DAMN NEAR perfectly identical. 

They're really growing on me.

Sprinklers working as intended, I see.

FREAKING FINALLY, LIAM. Jeebus took you FOREVER to get that one. And we STILL need the plumber one. I might just have Adilyn start breaking things.
Why didn't I do that before? Well...
I dunno.
OK SO I left Briony attempting the chess match last night and she kept getting up. First time was because she was low needs and I fixed it. Second time was because it was too cold, so I fixed THAT... then the third time was because her chess opponent bailed out, so I decided to call her up in the morning. Briony is basically undefeated, save for one, so I figured she'd smash this woman and rush off to school for one of her last days of school.... 
(sighs heavily)



(anger intensifies) 

Oh wait, labor has hit! 

This kid does not get paid enough to do this shit in that uniform.

(sarcastic clap) oh look, she FINALLY found the peg box AGAIN. 
No on the realistic side, Brooke isn't so bad. Just boring, that's all.

Liam befriends the bitch because he needs it for his LTW and I'm trying to forget about the crap that just happened but like...

How would you like to die, ma'am? 

Oh even grosser. Randomly argue with my babe Liam and then get the hots for him? Like I know angry Liam is sexy but lady you got one fucked up moral compass. 
So instead of inviting her in like I debated doing, I left her out in the snow. 
Take that, bitch. Hope you get frostbite.

In happier news, we have triplets! May I introduce you to: 

Baer Messorem, my bad apple boy! He's a Werewolf.

Blossom Messorem, his sister. She's a witch.

And Blake Messorem, the youngest brother! He's also a witch!
That brings our count to 8 boys and 9 girls! (does little dance) 

You know, Liam, I had to have this conversation with one of my short dynasty spouses... That's not called pillow fighting... that's called smothering
And I kind of need him for points, so sorry but no.
Phew, thanks for hanging in there, everyone! That's all I've got for you today!


  1. Ah yes, the difficult times of getting to Chess Legend. Those last two levels are not as easy as the first three, unfortunately.

    Yay for catching up your gender balance! Impressed you're still going for the multiples; I actually slowed right down with mine, they were growing up too fast!

    Interesting that your bad apple gets to screaming; my toddlers are constantly being interrupted by teenagers wanting to tend to them, or socialise with them. If it's not the teens, it's the parents. Everyone loves the toddlers!

  2. YouY birbirth gliglitc ara honestly terrifying. I never save my kids to the bin until they are ya,but face ones are a NO.

    Never donedthe chess LTW myself; it always looks like a grind.

    Congrats on triplets!

    1. Ohmigosh I am so sorry for the glitchy comment. My phone spazzes when I comment on blogger.

      *Your birthday glitches are