31 - Brooke's Adventure

Household Status: 
Liam Messorem - Daddy, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Adilyn Messorem - Mommy, Witch, Young Adult.
Blaze Messorem - Boy #1, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Brylee Messorem - Girl #1, Witch, Young Adult.
Bastian Messorem - Boy #2, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Bethany Messorem - Girl #2, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Bentley Messorem - Boy #3, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Benny Messorem - Boy #4, Witch, Young Adult.
Belle Messorem - Girl #3, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Brielle Messorem - Girl #4, Witch, Teen.
Briony Messorem - Girl #5, Witch, Teen.
Bianca Messorem - Girl #6, Werewolf, Teen.
Beona Messorem - Girl #7, Werewolf, Teen.
Brighton Messorem - Boy #5, Witch, Child.
Brett Messorem - Boy #6, Werewolf, Child.
Brooke Messorem - Bad Apple Girl #8, Werewolf, Toddler.
Baer Messorem - Bad Apple Boy #7, Werewolf, Burrito.
Blossom Messorem - Girl #9, Witch, Burrito.
Blake Messorem - Boy #8, Witch, Burrito. 

Still aliiiiiiive!
I'm sure you all missed me dearly... or forgot. I do both with myself sometimes so they're both acceptable. We're making such damn good progress on this so I can't possibly let it go!
Anyways, where were we on this? 

Ah, right! Triplets. Baer (our Bad Apple), Blossom, and Blake. A lot happens this update, so you know... buckle up!

Brooke (our bad apple lady) is going at the block table! Also I apologize for any redundancies; we have a household with like... 12 Sims right now, plus 7 that have already moved out... I know these are a lot of names for people and that you'll never quite remember them as *I* do, but I WILL try to make some of them memorable, and name repetition helps (I'm a teacher in training, so I would know), lol but this may seem a little silly for me to spout of random things as I go. Feel free to ignore it.
Aside finished.

Bentley! Baby! Ooohh! I'm so excited! I love seeing my babies all moved out and doing things on their own in life.

Of course I had to go find the happy couple. I KNOW I've been following a two-strike rule, but in this case I was really excited for them... and I like townie makeovers. Bonnie here got a new hairstyle and makeup courtesy of Liv. 

Small notice is I also changed her eye color; she's supposed to have hazel eyes according to the wiki, and the game gave her default brown when she became a werewolf (likely ah-la Beth ages ago). Here's my proof and I'm sticking with it: 

I did take some small liberties in what I (and google) thought of as Hazel, and pushed her a bit more into the greens and away from the browns. So sue me? 

They liked it so much that they hit me with the second notif. True love ladies and gents. True. Love.

Bastian is happy with Frances, which had me worried for a while because they were just silent in regards to their relationship since Bastian moved out, but nope! All is well and as my mom would say, "no news is good news!" XD
In children in the household-related-news: 

Brielle ended up with detention... poor babe. All my kids are like honor roll students and she's over here getting a detention from that silly failed prank. 
I feel like Liam is rolling in his corner of my head like what do you mean my kids haven't been able to pull off a school prank?! 
LOOK boy, to be fair you couldn't really pull much shit off either when you were a kid, cause Jack would be on your case like white-on-rice! Then you'd get all the lectures about how your behavior is not good for Jupiter to be witnessing and-
Liam: Yes, yes, I get the point. Shove off.
I've derailed. Goody.

Adilyn: You're like THIS big oh my goodness!
*Immediately rolls wish for another one* 
*Liam telepathically does too* 
You two never cease to amaze me. 
ALSO for a brief while there, I can't even remember WHEN exactly, my HQ mod got disabled. It's back on now so I can stare intensely at Adilyn and Liam's pretty faces.

They're both due for a makeover because I'm bored with their looks, but I'm waiting until Adilyn is pregnant so I can pull her in and see what clothes I have with maternity enabled. 
So we've come to the tale of today - the one you're all here to read...
Brooke's Adventure.

Brooke is just a wee lass in the Messorem house. No one knows what she's thinking when she thinks it. As one of ten children in the household it's hard to make a name for yourself, and even harder when the writer can't write you. So what do you do when you're Brooke? 

You run away from home.
You run away from home as the writer watches helpless to stop you or to even SEE what you're doing.
You wait until it's the DEAD of winter in this place that heavily favors warmer climate and you run away from home.

Bye Brooke. I hope you have a great adventure.. wherever you're going.
And Brooke did. She made it all the way out two steps beyond the fence when her adventure closed. 

Mommy interference. 
And no, if you're wondering, I didn't order that, lol. When I say I'm taking "hands off" parenting for Brooke, I mean that firmly. I don't even TELL people to do things to her minus feed her and get her out of the crib in the morning (though oftentimes they'll do that anyways without me needing to ask). Oh, I'll also occasionally use her to fulfill OTHER'S wishes (like "hold Brooke" or "Tickle Brooke") but that's it.

Mommy Adilyn cock-blocked our dear Brooke's desire for adventure in the great-wide-somewhere, put her in appropriate clothes... 

... and marched her back inside. 
A+ parenting Adilyn.
So ends the adventures of... Brooke Messorem.

But how, lol? Liam can barely even get this one! XD
This house is just full of special kids.

Proving the end of Brooke's Adventure, this photo starts off the sequel: Brooke's Return to Boring, Productive Life Also, Look There's Kissing.
(One reader avidly leans over to another, pokes them and looks around nervously before uttering "are you sure this lady is a writer in her spare time?" The companion shrugs in response.)

Time to teach the younger teen twin girls, Beona and Bianca how to drive. House recap, as we have one at the beginning but that's a bunch of lines and gibberish for me mainly: Liam and Adilyn are our married couple producing the babies like doing so would keep the world alive; the oldest twins in the household are Briony and Brielle - Briony is Alice-in-Wonderland themed aiming for Chess Legend and Brielle is... hard to miss.

Mostly because I take a crap-ton of pictures of her. She's aiming to be an Acrobat. Bianca and Beona learning how to drive (Bianca in yellow and Beona in pink, revisiting this picture:)

Bianca is currently settled to be a Renaissance Sim and Beona (at this current picture) is undecided, though she will have decided and completed it by the end of this chapter (because I'm a BA). 
So there's my recap on the teens. I would carry into the children but I am trying to keep some semblance of order to my pictures. XD We have two twin boy children, Brighton and Brett; Brighton has blue "cool kid" hair, and Brett is a Liam clone who likes fishing. 
Does any of this help you readers? Probably not, and I accept that, lol. I'm having fun so hey, let's keep this party rolling.

Poor Brighton got spooked by something under his bed. This would also be the moment I strongly contemplated that LTW that rolled for him before deciding not to. 

Brett, on the other hand, is flipping off the weather gods (you hear that, Taelagor?!) and fishing anyways. 
Child you can't even see your SHOES it's so deep of snow...
Oh right.
I'm one of them by extension. 

My first baby all grown and moved out... and active in town...? So perfect! (wipes tear)

Balt is still alive and well, for those of you who were so EAGERLY wondering I'm sure. He was caught by Blaze's twin, Brylee eons ago. 

You see the ass of this lady? 
The lady attached to this ass is supposed to be getting said ass kicked by Briony but she.
(frustrated screaming sounds that may vaguely sound like dragon mating call)
This is like the EIGHT-BILLIONTH TIME! 
Ok more like 5th or 6th... I've honestly lost count though and it's getting up there.

Driving status: achieved! 

Prank mode: engaged! 
Seriously it took me like a whole 4 minutes of scouring this house to find SOMETHING that hadn't been pranked already and that wasn't being watched like a hawk!

Cuuuuuuuuuuuute! My childrennnn!

Adilyn not only rejects this, but she proceeds to make out with her husband afterwards to solidify that "no." 

Sisters Briony and Bianca play chess together, albeit briefly, before I move Bianca back to painting.

I had been saving a chipmunk out in the backyard, knowing the LTW it would trigger when collected, and I sent Beona out to get it.

LTW accepted! Let's get to work!

I like to view this as saving the animals from the winter storm. Kind of like... Beona's Ark? 

On a sibling update: Benny WHY?!

Here Liam contemplates the meaning of life by staring out the window longingly...

Before I kick his ass back to skilling, of course. XD

Beona's Ark montage, plus a bonus of what-tourists-do-when-they-come-to-visit-Roaring-Heights-in-the-winter:

I have other pictures of things going on between all these collections, but I decided to keep this part nice and neat. In a six hour run overnight across the city of Roaring Heights: 


Back at the ranch, we got a trio that need tending.

Skills are being totally annihilated and maxed all over the place! 

More baby runs. 
Isn't this just exciting?
Op, and thanks to story progression: MORE notes about kids who have already moved out that you're all probably sick of!

Same couple but freaking FINALLY Bastian! I expected you two to be hitched the second Frances aged up! What took so long?!

Liam had an opportunity to gain charisma by talking downtown about fish heaving... lmao I found this note amusing so it's here now.

Hooooo shit! Brooke?! Really?! (claps excitedly)

It's not even been 5 hours... and that's a "long time" for you guys? Lol kay...
I start selling some of them to prevent losing more cash this way.

Adilyn works hard at her guitar skill. We're REALLY close to maxing it so I break down and buy one for her to double up with her tabcast on.

Benny... you womanizer you! It's the outfit, isn't it? Must be. 

*Cue gasps from the audience*
Why yes, this is my bad apple. 
Why no, I did not coordinate this. 
(beams with pride) 
I KNEW she was a Messorem somewhere in there!

Fun-Fact: Crows are some of my favorite small animals in the Sims 3. We're keeping this one and naming it Toto.
And no, before everyone jumps on me like "AFRICA!" 
(yes, that is my jam) 
I mean Toto from The Cat Returns
Yes I'm willing to break my B-naming streak for pets just for this one special case. Crows have a special place in my heart. 

 Precious Toto ♥

Beona looks adorable with any animal adornment.

But alas, it's time to settle down and read a book for school. 

HEY LOOK, we finally brought this lady and her ass back to kick.


Brighton maxed his cooking, and so did his brother Brett! Which I thought I had a picture of... (squints).
I guess I did not... Now I feel bad. Ah well, imagine this same announcement but with "Brett" instead. 

Well, did I jinx this, or did I just have impeccable timing? 
*Adilyn immediately wishes to clean the cage*
...What? ....everyone has a negative moodlet from the smell? (sigh) ok fine.

Toto was placed down along with two new friends, and he happily enjoys flying the roost of the house. I'm in love!

Brett and Brighton work on building an igloo together. 
Because screw building snowmen, igloos are where it's at apparently!

Chaos resumes in the household. Briony calls over the next chess opponent which is Frances! Squeee! I'm always happy to see her!

She was an easy win. All of this got interrupted because: it's Brielle and Briony's birthday! 

Brielle went first and gained the Natural Cook trait.

Briony was next and... (sighs) we couldn't go ONE birthday without this damn glitch?!
(four resets later) 

She gained the Bookworm trait!

I've taken to saving my teens RIGHT before they age up with already made-over versions of themselves so I no longer have to file dive to get them when this face-1 shit happens due to reset. Unfortunately, for those of you who download my babies will now start noticing that they lack their 5th trait. Sorry, I randomize it so I can't predict it in advance. Most of you probably know that I run 4 serious stories (Reapers, Nightingale, Willow, and Factions) to which I have my sim bin LITERALLY stuffed with Sims of importance for these things. It's already hard enough to organize my saved-sims folder, so I'm limiting myself to one version of these babies at a time. It's just way too much work to makeover them, save them, reload them, add the trait, save them again, figure out which one had the 4 traits instead to delete it... so... long story short, any Messorem's you download will likely be sans their 5th trait. Sorry! 

These two are gonna stick around until their LTWs are completed. 

We're knocking out skills more and more though! I'm really on a roll in this file.

Lol "friendship" Benny. Ok...
Not like you're a womanizer or anything...

Belle, on the other hand, seems to be doing quite well. Here AND in the Murdles! I haven't been adding many outside people for my babies, but that's gonna start changing here soon.

Oh and somewhere in when I was drowning in notifs, Briony defeated another chess opponent. Way to go lady!

And... Briony got abducted. 
What can I say? It's been a busy night.
OH! THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED. Sorry, looks like my uploader bugged as I was putting in pictures and missed some crucial pictures! I KNEW I wasn't that spacy!

Right! So, everyone raced to help the babies out, as usual. 

Brielle got her job as an acrobat! 

Briony looked gorgeous, so I snapped a picture of her! 

Bianca had decided she wanted to play-fight her father. I didn't want this. She had already changed to a werewolf. I changed her back. 
She looks so lost and confused.

Here! This is the picture of Briony kicking butt before she was abducted (see earlier). 

Brielle is ready to start her hard-core training. I had to stop her from queueing to work out at the stereo AND the TV as we waited for Liam to mix up her potion. EXP booster here we go!

You may not see it, but her excitement is REAL right now.
She's gonna take to it like a...

...baby moose first learning how to walk? 
Brielle: A MOOSE?!

And then Briony got abducted! Ok, so we're good now!
Thanks for hanging in there, I know this is likely the most confusing, long update known to man.
Here's the current Messorem pet setup that I lost earlier and found now: 

Toto, the Crow.

Bani the Crimson Snek.

Battleborn, the turtle whose species I cannot remember exactly. Horned something something. Yeah. Sounds right.
So yeah, that's them!

See, we're already seeing results from that potion! Way to go Brielle. I decided to switch her off Leg Day and onto arms, to keep things evened out: 

annnnd again: 

Winner winner! 
Oh, I suppose I never told you her stage name. Things got a weeee bit crazy there for a while, hehe. Sorry! 

Yes, it's Helinnár, which is Nymphen - a language I made up for the world of Atalan (where all my serious stories take place). It's not really meant to be an intentional "throw" to all my serious stories, it's just that I didn't like any of the other actual languages variations of "The Purple Flame," so we get Nym instead. Helinnár has a nice ring to it anyways.

Beona was crying for reasons unknown to me. Poor girl.
"I wanna play fight someone too?"
Just... NO.

Brighton was working on his logic and writing skills quietly in the kids room on the never-used desk. I feel so happy to see my furniture being used as intended.

Adilyn is SO close to level 10 I can almost taste it!

Brett has decided to skill logic through means OTHER than the chess table to keep that free for Briony and her guests... but mostly for her guests' asses so they can promptly be kicked. 
Uncertain if this is known or not: Brighton has Renaissance Sim LTW and Brett has the Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium one.
Yes that got decided and overpassed somewhere in this update... so... there you go!

Brighton has this curious streak... and he also seems to be an expert monster finder. Maybe the ghost hunting profession is in his future? Lol. 

Yessssssss! Another LTW down for Adilyn! Wooooohooooo!

Toto loves the music and the freedom to just fly around wherever he pleases. It please me too. He's a lot more interactive than Balt was. 

That's three for our lady Helinnár the great! Brielle is kicking this career's behind! 

Livvielove... pssst.
We should close up this update. We're running out of pictures.
Livvielove: *is dead from the cuteness*
Psssssst! Hey!
Oy fine. 
Have a picture of Bianca and Brooke: 

Next up is Snowflake Day and we're going to attempt to invite EVERYONE back home + their spouses/S.Os. 
Pray to Torig for me. Pls. 


  1. Aw, Brooke's little adventure is so cute! And wtf is Adilyn wearing, Riverview overalls? Guessing you didn't choose that, maybe she did so herself?

    With you on not re-doing LTWs that the older kids have already done, half the fun of the challenge is to stretch and challenge yourself! Lol, Beona's Arc could have been a whole new chapter. That is a great LTW to do as a teen.

    I'd say Brighton's curious streak is his Brave trait showing - my Brave sims are also often obsessed with the rocking horse. Love it when EA uses those subtle little trait things.

    I've never used a HQ mod, just the EA graphics settings. Which one do you use?

    1. Haha, I know, and no no no! I certainly DID NOT. I have no idea how they got there and that's why I've been meaning to do an outfit swap on her, except I only really want to go into CAS in one big swoop, so we're holding off until she's pregnant again so I can peak at what clothes are even maternity available. Nothing worse than falling in love with an outfit and then having to see Adilyn out of it 99% of the time because babies.

      I usually fight more about redoing, but honestly I'm just like "eh whatever" lately. If I had more time to think and plan for each LTW accordingly I would, but part of me likes the randomness. Randomizing traits is sort of necessary for me these days, and because of that I can't really predict what my kids will lean towards. That's my excuse anyways and I'm stickin' with it! XD

      You know I bet it is. I love those little quirks with traits. It makes them feel more alive to me.

      I say "HQ Mod" but it's really just me modifying my Graphics Rule page. I fix the shadows, the textures, and the Sim textures and basically up the quality of them so it makes the Sims sharper and the textures more detailed. It's great when you've got HQ skins, because normally you can't see the HQ part of them until they're applied with the proper Graphics Rule (Adilyn's skin is this way, it gets sharper as I up my graphics rule). It doesn't HURT other skins, just works best with ones made for it (as you probably don't notice much a difference on Liam's skin because it's a base game one). But yea, that's what I do, if you're interested I could put up the pictures of what I change in my HQ mod and why/what they do. It's actually a fairly easy tweak and the results are stunning and very noticeable.

    2. I'd love to see how you changed your Graphics Rule, if you wouldn't mind. Always looking for ways to make my game prettier :)

  2. Oh my word, where to even begin? LOL Way to go for your bad apple getting all her toddlery learning done! Maybe she'll end up being like my bad apple girl, who was possibly the most autonomously productive sim I've had. LOL

    Keep up the posting of SP notifications. I love seeing what all the moved out kiddos are up to. :) And the name of Belle's love interest here is cracking me up.

    I cannot WAIT to see the mass party for Snowflake Day! Squee!

    1. I know, she's grown on me quite a bit. Especially after her little adventure into the world where Adilyn had to go fish her out from the snow.

      Yay! I certainly will, especially now that I've planted a few new sims around town. I'm suddenly obsessed with every notification like "OH look what the Murdles I've planted are doing" and I also splurged and (dangerously) put down some story characters and their respective partners so I've been gushing over them too. I fear this will end up becoming ENTIRELY SP updates lmao but hey at least it's fun for more than just me.

      I got my first attempt at the party last night but the game crashed (likely from adding all those new sims in); I gotta clean my save before attempting again, but it was one helluva good time. I look forward to actually getting to do it again. XD

  3. Oh my goodness! Brooke is growing on me even for being a bad apple. Working on those skills, having adventures, she's surprising me! Yaaassss. Eternally Faithful. *Sniffles* That's fitting for Liam. I'm so glad to see how cute him and Adilyn are together.

  4. What was Brooke even trying to do? Lol! I'm so curious.

    Glitches strike again! That must be so annoying even though you can save their genetics beforehand. At least you can prepare for it now.