32 - To Which the Writer Fangirls

Household Status: 
Liam Messorem - Daddy, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Adilyn Messorem - Mommy, Witch, Young Adult.
Blaze Messorem - Boy #1, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Brylee Messorem - Girl #1, Witch, Young Adult.
Bastian Messorem - Boy #2, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Bethany Messorem - Girl #2, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Bentley Messorem - Boy #3, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Benny Messorem - Boy #4, Witch, Young Adult.
Belle Messorem - Girl #3, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Brielle Messorem - Girl #4, Witch, Young Adult.
Briony Messorem - Girl #5, Witch, Young Adult.
Bianca Messorem - Girl #6, Werewolf, Teen.
Beona Messorem - Girl #7, Werewolf, Teen.
Brighton Messorem - Boy #5, Witch, Child.
Brett Messorem - Boy #6, Werewolf, Child.
Brooke Messorem - Bad Apple Girl #8, Werewolf, Toddler.
Baer Messorem - Bad Apple Boy #7, Werewolf, Burrito.
Blossom Messorem - Girl #9, Witch, Burrito.
Blake Messorem - Boy #8, Witch, Burrito. 

Warning: I've got about ~190 pictures... sorry! Buckle up? 

Alright so as promised, this is my Snowflake day chapter, however I suppose I have a bit of a fun surprise/addition to my Messorem's for this final stretch: I've added some new sims to the town! Let's take a look, shall we?

Right, so our first household stop here is the Winchester-Murdles! I snatched a few cuties from the Murdles and the Winchesters. I had to tweak a few of them hair/makeover style because I lacked the CC, but hopefully they're still passable! Sorry if their fashion is off, but I tend to lean Victorian/Gothic for my default fashion.

Anywho, I snatched: Oberyn and and Loreza Winchester, I coulda SWORE I grabbed Brandon (weeps) but alas I think I THOUGHT I grabbed him and didn't. Then from the Murdles I grabbed: Simone (though I SO wish I had her hair!) Briar, and Luca!
Go, children, spread beautiful genes and mayhem in my town. Be free!

I also snatched Baelfire Pryor-Raine (Cinb) from Mpart's Cinbs! I snatched him because I have someone very specific in mind for him (see later), plus he's just SO stinkin' cute! 
Ok so I was being REALLY brave and decided to bite the bullet and plant a few of my story romances around the town... if only so I could gush over what SP made them do (or weep). 
Apologies in advance for those who don't read my other stories. I'm going to gush over them here. You probably won't understand why, lol.
We start that off with:

This adorable couple and their son! Casper, Nala, and their son Ewan.
No I'm not doing this out of guilt what are you talking about?!
I'm so so so sorry Casssperrrr!

Here's a better picture of Ewan, buried in the snow. This family isn't really one I think many would recognize right off the bat who read my stories (though maybe if you pay pretty good attention), but this family was more for me. Anyone who reads Song of the Nightingale and paid pretty good attention will 100% know why.
Please SP, be favorable to this family. Pleeeeaaaassssee???
*Clears throat* From here on out I got even braver.

Not sure if I should comment or not. I mean, if you haven't read Faction of the Lost Ones this is likely a big spoiler buuuuuut I couldn't help it. It's Soliana and Agonin. They were in my Family Bin cause I was doing some pictures for the Valentine's Day Events and I realized they were the couple I was LEAST concerned about my reaction to SP shenanigans. 
I still set them to being unable to break up though...*coughs*
What? I'm only human... and it's safe to say I did that with... pretty much all the couples I put in from my stories...
Because I'm a weak soul and I can't possibly stand to see these guys with anyone other than who they're meant to be with.
Next couple:

If you've read my stories and don't recognize this couple I'll have to disown you. DISHONOR ON YOU. DISHONOR ON YOUR COW. DISHONOR ON-
Right right, we get the point. Actually if you don't recognize this couple AT ALL then clearly you haven't seen my Boolprop icon (made by Nevermore). It's my Quinn and Ezzie from Song of the Nightingale! ♥♥♥♥
Also her dress is missing it's pattern and his pants are the wrong color but THAT'S OK. 
Finally, the most nerve-wrecking couple of all for me to put out there in the dangerous SP world...

(dying humpback whale noises)
Ack yes, it's true. 
I put down my favorite couple. The couple I've been dying over for well over a year now. The couple that I'm only just now starting to nudge into the limelight. The couple that derailed an entire storyline and forced me to take on a fourth story. The couple that melts me every time they interact. The couple that spans across dimensions
Was that a spoiler? 
Nah, just me gushing and dying inside pointing out the obvious.
For those who don't recognize them, that's Kefka and Olivia. I chose the glamour spell version of Kefka for this, but he normally looks like this: 

Dem Keeper geneeeeesssss. 
Stop getting sidetracked.
Livvie: I CAN'T HELP IT. 
And get off the floor, you heathen.
Livvie: (wheezing) I'm ok...
I'm sorry you all had to see this *wheels her away* 

... annnnd we're back on track. *clears throat* Ahem yes, what? Of course. I never left! Right so...
Role call!

Liam looks like he's farting on the artisan glass maker... he's not lol, but sure looks like it.

The toilet errr I mean Adilyn is cleaning the toilet. I promise you she's in there and not abducted by aliens. 
not like they wouldn't try anyways.

Briony is waiting on her chess opponent and skill on cooking and photography.

Brielle was working on her growing career. 

Bianca is hanging out with our bad apple Brooke.

Beona was working on painting. 

Brighton is working on his writing.

Brett is working on logic.

Brooke, as I said, was with her older sister, so that just leaves the trio of burritos: Blossom, Blake, and Baer. 
Let the chaos begin:

Now let's just adjust your tabcast when you discover your---

Oh... ok then. That works too.

Toto is protesting the party by leaving feathers on the ground.
Me too, my dear, me too. 
Adilyn happily cleans it though. Drat. We're foiled, Toto!

Briony's chess opponent gets here and they take to the chess table. 

The Winchester's have taken no time at all getting settled in, I see!

OH LORD I pity those kids. RUN, CHILDREN, RUN!


Briar is taking up town hall, it seems, and Oberyn is gonna be bumping elbows with Kefka.
Let's just knock out all these notifs, since everyone is getting adjusted.



Interesting choice for a clumsy nerd and I'm here for it.

Welcome to the music career, Simone!

The world is a little safer with Luca around.

Hehe, Loreza's just there to make sure Baelfire doesn't set himself on fire like he does in Mpart's Cinbs.

. . .
. . . . . . 

What's this?

Booooom shacka-lacka! DAMN gurl I didn't know you were so close! I figured this would be an uphill battle. Oh I also checked out this old lady's logic skill and she didn't have any... *sighs* So I suppose it musta been an easy match.
Did she just get lucky to make it to the rank she did? Lmao...
Must be.
Anywho, developments were occurring as I realized Baelfire was out by the Science building.

What's this? 
Brielle and he seem to have suddenly started working on the same igloo... strange...

Nerdy Bot Brielle meets Nerdy Clumsy Baelfire.

*heart farts* 
Brielle: Oh that's odd, I'm strangely attracted to you.
Baelfire: Yes that would be the logical conclusion here to say I am attracted to you as well.

Brielle: Hmm, let's be friends.

Brielle: *waving adorably* Hi, new friend!

Well that escalated quickly. 
*shrugs* I got time to kill before the party starts so why not? 

Here we can see Brielle winning Baelfire over with her incredible skill of cross-eyed-ness. 
Brielle: Pretty cool, huh?
Baelfire: You almost can't see her eyes anymore they're so crossed!
(Livvielove facepalms)
(building goes slightly transparent)
(Livvielove spazzes behind it)

Loreza: I'm not here right now.

Back at home the guests have started to filter in. Here's Shirley, Blaze's fiancée. You can see the back of Bentley's wolfy behind, and entering is Blaze (come prepared with cooking, precious child ♥ ) and Grumpo *snickers* WAY behind Grumpo is Brylee's boy, Gerald. 

Look at my little painters go - they're so in sync it's cute. 


Woohoooo! No more blowing up!

Blaze: *scolds his brother* 
Brooke: *picking nose*
Grumpo: *hating everything*

Lmao Quinn going soft for a puppy. Not even surprised anymore.

Everyone walks over to scold Bentley. Awk. Poor boy. At least his lady isn't here to see him make a fool of himself. 
Maybe that's WHY he's making a fool of himself. 

No, wait, that didn't stop Blaze. 
Shirley: "You're lucky you're cute from this angle." 
Why yes, that is a Messorem posterior. You get used to seeing it at family dinners where the motto is "face down, butt up." 

Joseph! Whyyyy? That outfit is PAINFUL I gave you a normal one didn't I? That's Bethy's hubby by the way, for those who need a refresher. Surely y'all haven't forgotten Bethy yet: 

The precious child brought pumpkin pie... and some strange dude is heavy-breathing down her neck. 
No he wasn't invited. 
Yes he came anyways. 
Not like anyone really noticed, lmao.
Wait... wasn't I doing something? OH MY GOSH YES!

Well, at least she kept him put the whole time. 
Make your move, babe!

This extremely romantic moment is brought to you by Livvielove Can't Multitask Real Well Right Now. 
Back at the ranch:

Liam: what-chu doin' talking to my mini-me? I need you to befriend me.
Lady: Say what?

Liam: *throws potion*
Brett: FINALLY I can make my escape! *runs away*

Woo, way to go babe! Another one in the bag!

Brylee... what is your fiancé doin'? 

Oh my god he really is a match made for you babe.
Bani likes the attention anyways.

This impromptu photoshoot brought to you by Toto and his ball.

Brylee and Bentley take time to catch up on the holiday.

Hey look it's Frances! Hi precious!

Benny looking all paranoid  to the point he's become one with the wall... must be concerned his mother knows about his womanizer nature. 

Grumpo lives up to his namesake. Also Brooke is noping the fuck out of the main room. Wise decision my babe. Wise decision. 

Wrapping things up with Brielle (please ignore the transparent building, I forgot to use tab mode) let's lock 'em down!

Brielle: *immediately wishes to makeout*

Back to the party.

I've really missed the sounds of Beth's rampant monster feet tearing up the laminate flooring.
*wipes tear*
They grow up so fast...

Lmao THERE'S the Soliana I know. 100000% SP got her spot on.

We summon everyone to come open presents as I hurry Baelfire and Brielle home to take part too.

Herding cats, everyone.

Herding cats.
BTW Baelfire did get invited inside, but he decided to chill on the sidewalk before going home. Probably a lot to process... building an igloo one day to discover another girl on the other side of it, only to suddenly befriend her via potion, be kissed by her, get locked into a relationship with her and dragged halfway across town to meet her entire 23 member family. I'd nope the fuck out of that too!
Did I count that right?
*counts on hands*
Close enough.

Beona started the gift opening.

It went... not well.

Same for sister Bianca.

Brighton did pretty good though!

*gets notif*

Oh shit! I forgot about that! Did I even plan the girls' outfits?!
*pulls them into CAS*
*heaves sigh of relief*

Phew, we're good.
Back to presents.

People pick well for Adilyn. Very well.

And for Liam... is this a sign of your next LTW, babe?

Oh... you moved closer to Olivia and Kefka... that's... very true to you considering Ezzie is BFFs with Olivia.
*notices the café next door to where Quinn moved*

Now I'M gooey.
Ignore the non-rendered bar. I know I did.

Belle arrived late to the party, but better late than never. I see Grumpo is rubbing off on her face.

*autonomous, in-sync squealing over prom*
*changes into outfits and immediately disappears before I can get a picture*
Good thing I took those shots in CAS. 

Presents are still being opened.
Why did I do this again? 

Watch as Brett opens the INVISIBLE box.

That contained a BEAR, lol, who knew?

Lol looks like someone speculated Brielle would get herself a man... either that or they assumed she just likes nice mood lighting in her bubble baths she doesn't take. 

*Benny opens the box to find it empty minus some words written on the bottom*

We know, Benny.

A+ gift giving today guys... A+ Also did anyone notice Benny's face in the last few pictures that looked like a very uncomfortable turtle being questioned by his turtle mom about why the box said "we know?"
Or was that just me? 

Brylee apparently got something good, and she made eyes at her boyfriend.
Poor Gerald though had to leave soon after, but I caught this cute picture of him.

CUTE boy is cuuuute.

I'm so... 
SO sorry Snazzle.
*ducks and hides under desk* 
(slaps disclaimer on) 
Livvielove is not held responsible for any acts of SP that SP inflicts on guests in the neighborhood. 

Liam got gift round 2 and liked his fishbowl. It's likely meant for Brett, considering Brett's the one with the Aquarium LTW.

Adorable Frances got something she wanted.
I wish the game would tell me what.

It was about this time I realized the party was taking 7 hours to open all gifts, so Liam and Adilyn abandoned ship to take care of the babes. 

I'm not sure how to feel about this notif.
Quinn and Ezzie getting a dog: totally. Olivia and Kefka given Olivia's history...? 
SP: But Olivia is a natural caregiver. She couldn't say no to helping an animal.
*eyes narrow* 
I'm watching you SP.

Liam is skeptical of this too, aren't you Liam?
Liam: I wonder why they call it Snowflake Day when all the snow melts on that day?
Liam: Go away! I'm thinking deep thoughts here!

Liam: Ooh look, my wife!

Yes, yes I know. I can't leave you two alone for anything. 
*both keep rolling wishes to woohoo*
TOMORROW ok? It's a full moon tomorrow. Woohoo tomorrow with purpose
So the party slowly trickles out (slowly = over the course of 6 hours more) and I moved the household back onto normal things. 

Briony has an expensive wish to learn how to potion. So we'll attempt while she waits on her sister.

Brielle is level 5 in her career, going on level 6 here soon. Oh, she got to level five earlier but I think I accidentally skipped it... Proof: 

Well here's the update: 


Brighton is working on his writing while the laptop is broken. Kind of strange and funny how the Sims can be so different from real life while also being the same. In my household as a child I grew up with dozens of computers in my house because my dad worked in IT and my brothers were avid nerds who built their computers from scratch. The thought of only having one laptop and one desktop in a household seems so strange to me, yet they all have tablets, so I guess that's still there... 
Though they only use them for education purposes (snorts) which would NEVER be true IRL. 

Brett's out fishing, I can't wait for the rest of the ice to melt so I can start working hard on his LTW. 

Welp, looks like these two want a practice round before tomorrow. *sighs*

Lmao whoops, forgot we're one step above prank city around here.

These two came late and stayed late. Belle is pulling another Grumpo face. XD

SORRY Snazzle! >.>

Liam's last BFF is here hanging out.
OOH and the dance ended, so shall we have a mass dump of the results? Of course! I'm the one driving this bus!
Majnun: *snorts loudly from the driver's seat* suuuuuuuuure you are.

... something is wrong with this notification, lmao. Beona is prom queen, she can't wait to place IT in her house and show it off to everyone.

Oh no, not the wardrobe malfunction!

Is that supposed to be a question mark?

Hope you brought an airtank!
Sorry, just offering a dad joke on behalf of Liam, who seems to be a little busy right now.


Oh child... your dress was clearly too long, sorry babe.

Awww shit, musta saw you fall on your face... what a rough night.

Babe... BABE... I think you've got anger issues.
NOT that that's a bad thing... just that you take after your father. A lot. He did get the title "the angry alchemist" for a reason.

Given my above statement... I cannot fathom WHY. /s

Shit, that's two for your dress... Well at least you're not fighting anyone.

Well it better fuckin' be, cause none of this prom seems to have been.

Me too, babe, you need it after your night.

Like sister... like sister?

Lol Beona's is "awesome." Bianca's sounds like hers is a sarcastic like "well... you got a picture done?"

Thank god, that was way more drama than we needed lol. It's like barely a single good thing happened!

And the girls are proof of that!

Bianca tried to change into a werewolf... I changed her back and she's still lost and confused.

Well, you might discover two potions by the time your sister hits 10 in her career... XD

... or not.

No... no... no... noooooo!

*throwing tantrum on the ground* 
NOOOOOOOO sdlkjgfals;kgdja

asldgkj;alskdjgd;alskjga fucking FINE.

Hoooo a Winchester/Murdle combination? Me likey. Let's get some babies from it! XD

Liam went on a repairing rampage.

He was thrilled.

May be hard to spot him here, but Toto is doing rounds of the house (look around Bani's tank). He loves flying through the living room.

Such a happy biiiird.

Adilyn makes sure our happy bird gets fed while Liam continues his repairs.

Slowly but surely the house comes back together. Liam also didn't get his wish to have an "epic" party, even though the party was, supposedly, epic. One of the EPs seems to have broken that wish and it frustrates me. I think it was Uni? Or Seasons? Can't remember.

Brielle made it back from her painstaking journey to the aliens.

Lol what's that face for Brielle?

Brielle: *cheering*

Brielle: All in a day's work!
We'll end this chapter with simultaneous burrito love:

That's all folks! Sorry for keeping you so long! 


  1. I think Brielle is the first sim I've seen to be able to pull off that MSS hair - and my how she pulls it off. Yay for finding a spouse, and an adorable one, at that.

    Wow, A+ gift giving is right, I don't think any of my parties end up with such appropriate gifts for so many sims. I'm also impressed that your sims stood around the pile - mine usually whine about having no seat, then play musical chairs every time someone gets up to open a present.

    Ooh, I like the possibility of a Murdle/Winchester pairing, go Oberyn! And yes, Uni killed the party wishes, I haven't found any mod that successfully fixes the issue, so I don't lock in the 'have amazing party' wishes anymore. Poor simmies.

  2. Poor Briar. In my game she found a guy she loved, had three kids.. then he cheated on her and left her when the youngest two were toddlers. After that she didn't date for the longest time, and then only old dudes, like she figured they wouldn't have time to cheat. ROFL Here's hoping she eventually goes for a young one in your game. I see Simone has good taste at least. ;)

    I loved seeing everyone back at the party! And everything about the first pic of Bentley attacking the couch cracked me up. The grumpy face, the mauled furniture, the scolding, the small human spreading germs everywhere - everything that screams "family holiday gathering" in one snap. *hehe*

  3. Brielle is so pretty! Aaahhh. My little clumsy nerd who builds Igloos's is with a bot nerd. Eeeep. It makes my heart so happy! Baelfire better treat her well, damn it! Atlas, family gatherings are always such joy. I hope Toto never dies. I love that bird so much.

  4. Uhhhh, yes, those were spoilers under the pic of Olivia and Kefka. xD I'm one chapter away from being caught up on the Reapers legacy and I'm only three chapters into Where the Willow Walks and my mind is blown. O.O

    Brielle and Baelfire are so cute!

    If you leave thought bubbles/speech bubbles on, the sims will show a thought bubble of what they got at the gift exchange - even guests.

    Brielle cheers after being abducted? Looks like she had quite the experience. ;D