29 - Seven Down

Household Status: 
Liam Messorem - Daddy, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Adilyn Messorem - Mommy, Witch, Young Adult.
Blaze Messorem - Boy #1, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Brylee Messorem - Girl #1, Witch, Young Adult.
Bastian Messorem - Boy #2, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Bethany Messorem - Girl #2, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Bentley Messorem - Boy #3, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Benny Messorem - Boy #4, Witch, Teen.
Belle Messorem - Girl #3, Werewolf, Teen.
Brielle Messorem - Girl #4, Witch, Teen.
Briony Messorem - Girl #5, Witch, Teen.
Bianca Messorem - Girl #6, Werewolf, Child.
Beona Messorem - Girl #7, Werewolf, Child.
Brighton Messorem - Boy #5, Witch, Toddler.
Brett Messorem - Boy #6, Werewolf, Toddler.
Brooke Messorem - Bad Apple Girl #8, Werewolf, Toddler.

Alright, so it's been a while. Hi! Sorry for disappearing. Life is nuts. Blah blah. [Insert good excuse here that you all buy and understand]. I'm going to probably be a little... spacey on this update. Apologies for that. A lot goes down in this update so... Where were we? Oh, right. 
Briony was playing chess for her LTW.

She's at rank... well I don't remember. I know I took pictures of it so we'll get there, I guess. 

Blaze does some cookin' for the the family, ignore the broken trash compactor.
Blaze: You could've just gone with that I'm 'smoking' hot, eh?
You're a dork.

Brighton ended up in the playpen somehow so his needs didn't decay like they were supposed to, and it's night time, so I'm just going to hunker down and hope his needs don't decay much further so he can survive all the next day, as his birthday is tomorrow, as is Belle and Benny's (and well, his twin, Brett, but that's assumed lol).


She's got this. I feel it.

IN THE BAG! Whoop!

"Even the table manners in this house are a mess." 
I'm sorry. I've been on a Studio Ghibli binge recently. Howl's Moving Castle is my life. ❤

Our bad-apple Brooke learns to talk! 

Blaze: "Oh, hey sis... you look... crispy." 
Brylee: (rolling eyes) 

Briony shows a soft side as it's too late to call over the next chess opponent. 

OHMYGOSHYES. MY BABES ARE GETTING MARRIED! I KNEW it was love at first... mauling! 


Darn STRAIGHT they're good together. Mhm. Anyone willing to whap my Bethy with a newspaper has to be A+ for her.

Obligatory "learn to walk" screenshots for Brooke! She's very boring. I'm sorry if that's disappointing to anyone, but only having one babe and a lot of other children to focus on makes this difficult for me... especially since I can't check her needs or control her. She just sort of exists.

Brett is waking up and saying hello to the world, because unlike his brother he was able to maintain his routine. What a trooper!

THAT'S MY BOY! Look at him knock that LTW out! Woohoo!

He and Blaze seem sooooo interested. 

Perfect timing for Belle to smash her LTW into the ground like a pro too! 

I don't know why I took this, I think it's because Liam was face-palming and I was in love with it.

Leave them alone for 2 seconds and they're on each other like white on rice.

Brooke wouldn't stop screaming, so I sent Brighton to hug her and shut her up. 
Hey, it worked. XD

Shortly after her parents found each other's lips, Brooke discovered the xylophone. I would've preferred the peg-box, but beggars can't be choosers with bad apples. I sent Adilyn over to coach her when:

Baby pop! We need 4 more girls and 6 more boys... so roughly 10 children... and maybe 4-5 more pregnancies? I hope? 
I've never wanted quads so bad.

We decided, why not? We're painting anyways. 

Beautiful Liam is more attuned to bad-apple Brooke than I am, and he knows when she's needing to KO, so he peacefully puts her down into the crib.

Benny somehow ended up with a detention on his last day of high school, way to go Benny. 
I swear my Messorem's are upstanding people who just cannot prank a school correctly.

Blaze snags his final promotion! FINALLY!


Shortly after, Blaze rushed home and Brylee moved them both out! 

Of course I'll miss them both, but this is a good sign that we're moving out and moving forward with the challenge! I'll always have them saved, too! 

Liam and Adilyn thought I wasn't looking so they went in to smother each other. 

Adilyn announced her pregnancy.

Liam was ECSTATIC, clearly.

He still gushed over the babe, anyways. 

Blaze has decided he's too "couch-potato" to move out, so his butt will occupy the couch for the rest of the night at least. 

You'd think he'd want out of this chaos as soon as possible... but nope. Maybe his new house doesn't have that good of a TV?

Another victory snagged by Briony. 

I swear it's like there's a magnet in here! 

Poor Belle gets slapped with a prank! (immediately pans through all the kids to find the culprit)

We have a winner. Congratulations Briony, you somehow set that up without me even SEEING. 

That can't be good for digestion, buddy.
STORY TIME. I caught Liam pulling this face after befriending some people outside via potion... then I stepped outside:


I have no idea why I laughed so hard, but I did. IT'S CONTAGIOUS. Liam swooning makes ladies swoon. 

The house be crazy.

Annnd we've got our first birthday of the evening! First of many!

Everyone is so eager, as you can see.

Brighton does his little spin... and comes out with the unfortunate pigtails! 

He gains the Photographer's Eye trait!

Next up is his twin brother, Brett - aka LIAM clone!

He gains the Shy trait!

Next up was Belle!

She gains the Rebellious trait! 

Finally is her twin brother, Benny!

Benny, your kilt is the best thing that ever happened...
No, but anyways, he gained the Natural Born Performer trait!

Look at this cutie!

We get their portraits and they'll be all set to move out! 

We interrupt this to celebrate another smashing from Briony. YOU CRUSH THOSE CHESS OPPONENTS, BABE!

... and then go bore your sister with your accomplishments...

Beona wants to be a favorite child so she cleans autonomously. 
Everyone, learn from Beona.

Blaze took a nap on one of the teens' beds, woke up, transformed into a werewolf, and decided to go stand outside where he could be hit by hail.

You do you, buddy.

New house update! Yay!

... seems small for you and your brother but again... you do you.

Lol, well that lasted a day. 

Portraits are brewing! 
This time I am NOT waiting on graduation to move them out. I know it looks nice in the museum but... I'm tired guys, lol. I want to see this challenge through.

Brylee, BABE. Way to go! 
And she's not even in my household anymore. Who knew I was holding her back so much? Haha!

Frances! Finally! 
Bastian: (sing-songs from somewhere across the neighborhood) I SENSE MY LOVE IS NEAR.

Brielle has too much time on her hands and thus usually tends to Brooke when I'm not looking. 
Neato, Brielle dear, but like... I NEVER use the high chair. I only ever bought it cause Liam and Adilyn have a cow over not having one. 

Benny cooks some last meals before he prepares to head out... because finally... the portraits are done!

With that, we're SEVEN out of the house! (does a little dance) 

Fingers-crossed housing goes smoother for these two.
I only kept Brylee around so she and Blaze could live together and they didn't even last a DAY. 
I'm not bitter.

This family is cursed I swear to god.

Lol and it looks like, despite Blaze and Belle leaving... they'll always stay close... 
and play fight with each other.
So... that's all I got! Crazy chapter, I know! Sorry for the delay!


  1. Hooray, Belle's all grown up! I don't know why, but she's been one of my faves for a long time. I'm pretty sure my game needs her. :)

    So many good moments in this one.. like moving in together and then immediately deciding you can't stand a moment more. LOL

  2. I have to reiterate Snazzle's comment about Belle being a favourite. So glad she's now out of the house, and I can grab her up!

    Hate it when the siblings can't live together out of the house, single family members are taking up all my starter houses and preventing immigrants from moving in. Hopefully the others do a bit better with their own living arrangements.