Chapter 91: Double Engagements and Shoes

Well we have quite a wild ride tonight, buckle up everyone. We're looking at ~200ish pictures.
I really should be making poses right now, but... priorities.


Right-o my brain is really scrambled so I can't even remember where we left off at. Nessa grew up in the file and things are hectic so... Oh right! She's still a teen here. Sorry. Brain no function. What am the sky?
How does eat food?
Let's just start from the top.

Even though he's older, I still love Quinn's face. Please let me get some good genetic offspring, genetic gods? Please?

So, I pop up to do my roll-call check on everyone and find Nessa at the alchemy station where I told her to be... only Zachary decided that was too far away so he marched into the room and plunked down next to her to do his homework.

Zach: "Hey Ness? Do you know the square-root of 7364?"
Nessa: "Nope."
Zach: "Me neither."

It's moments like these I sometimes wish this was one of my serious stories, as stuff like this is what I live for. I took far too many pictures as such.

Zachary started throwing mood thought-bubbles of being tired and miserable. Nessa took pity on her poor boyfriend and fixed him up.

I really like these two, so I take a lot of pictures of their pretty faces. I have high expectations for their children.

So it's the next in-game day and it's Nessa's birthday ad midnight - same for Demetri. That means he only has today to try to earn as many points as possible... as such, I locked him in the logic room and didn't send him to school! Hooray flunking!
Abe wasn't too thrilled about this, however.

Abe: "Well, seeing as there's simply no way into the room I guess I'll forget that my son ever skipped school."
Sim logic.
Back to work both of you!

Meira popped by to visit our resident puppeteer manipulator pollinator Quinn! She's pregnant and glowing!
Quinn was upset for some reason, he apparently needed calmed down. Meira to the rescue.

Quinn: "I'M ANGRY."

Meira: "WOAH, calm your tits!"

Quinn: "I'M LESS ANGRY."
Sim logic.
This was followed by a glorious ghost story I was too busy following someone else around to cancel.

Meira: "And that was when the ghost came out of the closet!"

Quinn: "I dunno, Mei, seems pretty weak to me."
Meira: "Yes, but the ghost said, 'now you have to do your taxes.'"

What's this? Seems Ana approves of this.

Or no, she's just plotting all the ways Meira will "accidentally" meet her demise.
Meanwhile just across the way Nessa got home and decided to practice magic as we waited for Zachary to get off work.

Quinn continuously rolls wishes for Meira, and he actually has not wished to break up with her for a while.

Whenever he does it's always smothered with other wishes to remain with her. I've learned to just ignore his impulses that tell him he needs to run far, run fast.

The real reason Meira was invited over was because it was almost time to have the baby and -

Ah, off the the hospital you go!

And mass panic ensues on the street. It'll be all in the news tomorrow.
"Pregnant lady walks to hospital to give birth. The end is nigh."

Ana paints beautiful things.

Nessa sneaks Zachary over and invites him to stay the night. They're exactly the same age which means they'll age up together!

The only reason she's in her super formal wear is because I caught her sneaking into the pool, which of course, requires the best dress she owns.

I have no idea why the Nixes even HAVE a pool. It never gets used. Ever. Even during the pool party. No one went swimming. Why have a pool?
Because the watcher is too lazy to remove it. That's why. Besides, it adds a certain aesthetic to the lot, no?

I 💓my gnome family.

BACK at the hospital... we have a girl!
Boo, Quinn wished for a boy. Ah well, we've still got 2 more babies on the way.

Her name is Lyndsey and she's got NORMAL skin somehow. Probably from Leif, now that I think about it. Rayne is his other daughter with Meira. He's also got two babies on the way with two other women, and he's got one child with Elaine named Carly.

Speaking of which, there's one of the baby mamas!

The gnomes congregate around Abe to keep him company.

Zachary and Nessa snuck away from my watchful gaze when I got distracted with Quinn.

But I fixed it. Enjoy some cute Nessa and Zach spam.

I really like these two as a couple. They're very cute together, and honestly if I were doing an actual story (and not just narration) I would've had a ball with them. Nessa especially. Lately I've just been really exhausted from work though so even doing fun or witty banter feels taxing. Random spillage from me in the middle of this update, but it's true. I'd love to have more silly things to say, but the truth is I'm fighting with depression and as such... witty things are not coming easily.
Hopefully this is still entertaining regardless.

I spent most of the time that night split between Nessa and Zachary and jumping to see Quinn at Meira's house. Quinn and Meira got settled in with the newest baby and Quinn actually parented.

Well, only after he and Meira aimed for baby number 3.

That's right. Two failure children from Meira and one failure child from Elaine. I'm panicking at this point.

Midnight rolled around and you know what that means? Birthdays! Demetri managed to get 2 of the 3 required skills for his LTW completed (Renaissance Sim - Logic, Photography) and he's aging up into a teen today. Nessa and Zachary are taking steps to becoming adults!

Let the chaos begin!
Nessa first!

My! What an atrocious outfit!
She gains the Over-Emotional trait to join: Insane, Hates the Outdoors, Easily Impressed, and Heavy Sleeper. Her lifetime wish is Master of the Arts (guitar/painting). I had WAY too much fun with her makeover, check it out:

Next comes Zachary!

 I popped in and fixed up his outfit.

Before Nessa can ask him to move in so we can examine the damage (aka his traits and LTW) we have to see our darling Demetri age up too!

Demetri adds Charismatic to his Insane, Athletic, and Inappropriate collection.

He pulls off this hair so well. The first Sim I've had to do it.
With that all done I'm flipping through everyone, doing a quick roll-call when suddenly, I'm floored.


They were only friends in their relationship panel. What the WHAT?
Only one way to fix this.

I'll leave them to it.

Nessa, quick! Ask him to move in!
...use your charm? Once he's charmed enough, ask him to move in!

Nessa: "So... comic books. They're pretty great right? I love comic books."

Nessa: "Surely you like comic books."
The watcher face-palms. Quick... talk about his job in the science field or something!

Nessa: "So... science! Radio-active stuff! Pretty neat!"
Zachary: "Nessa likes comics. She's perfect. She likes comics."

Nessa: "So that's why you should move in!"
Zachary: "Nessa likes comics. Wowza."
I cannot believe that actually worked.

It's like these two kids are freshly falling in love all over again. It's adorable.


So everyone was getting needs-low, which meant a quick hop into the mobile! This was followed up with a quick cute-couple competition between generation 6 and generation 7.

It was a pretty tough competition.

Gen 7 pulled out my favorite kiss AND flowers.

Gen 6 however, came out the victor if only because of adorable nostalgia.

Abe: "So should we give this a-go again?"
Ana: "I suppose I've got nothing better to do today."
Abe: "Good, now I can do what I've always wanted to do."
Ana: "Oh? What's that?"

Abe: "Propose to you properly."

Ana smiles: "Well, I suppose this will do."

These two are disgustingly good together. It's perfect.

Inside, Nessa was catching up to her pops.

They won't get married however until they wish for it. I've adopted this new rule, and I figure it works out so long as the mother is a Nix, the children will be named Nix.
Who needs a wedding to have babies anyways, right Ana?

Speaking of Ana, I'll take any chance I can get to dress her up in that wedding dress one more time, and she's at 0 days 'til elderhood. Cue sappy wedding ceremony - take TWO!

These saps are hilarious.

You can't say they didn't like each other.

So Quinn is still spending time with his babies.

And... Demetri is... alive... somewhere...
Zachary is working on his LTW, which by the way, is the Alchemist one. Way to score, Nessa!

He's also rocking some pretty ugly traits: Slob, Loves the Outdoors, Dislikes Children, Natural Born Performer, and Mean Spirited.
We're just a jolly bunch of lunatics here at the Nix household.

Once he finished that wish I put him to work in the garden. He's one of the only Sims who'll remain in this household who can even STAND going outside. Once Abe is gone, the garden will surely go to ruins without someone.

... if it hasn't already.

Nessa's shoes make me so happy. Nessa does too, but those shoes.

She heads back upstairs to knock out some more Alchemy.

Ana got dibs on teaching Demetri how to drive.

Abe joined Zachary out in the overgrown garden so the poor boy could do something else besides waste all day weeding.

And I sent Quinn out on the town to hunt down the next lady who will be having one of his babies.

That about does it for roll-call. Oh! And Nessa's shoes.

Quinn had just run into baby mama #3 when she ordered him to feel her stomach.
Well ok there, miss demanding.
Quinn obliged.

... and promptly rolled the wish to kiss Meira.

Hot and cold, boy. You're too hot or too cold. Make up your damn mind!

The dam bursts though, and chaos ensues. Off to the hospital they go.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we need to ensure another generation!

Zach and Nessa don't protest.

And there's the lullaby. Life is sweet. Generation 8 is now on the way!

His name is Nathanael, and he's Hydrophobic and Good.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our Quinn-lip heir, generation 8!


Alas! I see the light! We're reaching the end! One last roll-call and I finally called it!

Zachary is excited at the newly renovated alchemy room.
Zach: "Yes! Now Nessa doesn't have to be so far away!"

Quinn is... (heavy sigh) just being Quinn at this point.

Ana is painting horrifyingly gorgeous paintings.

Nessa is also painting.

... and father and son are chatting it up.
One final gnome-tax.

Thanks for sticking with me, you guys.
Off to make some poses for Nightingale then. Ta-ta for now!

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  1. Is it just me, or does Nate look helluva like Quinn (Snr)??? Maybe it's just because I finished the new SoN chapter a little bit ago, but, this time the lips AND the nose seem right

    1. Nate DOES look the most like Quinn but it's really in just flat appearance only. Like Nate's nose is actually Dagan's nose, which is Echo's noses which stems back to Echo's father's parents who had other children. It's a helluva lot to take in, but to me it's like a glorious coincidence that Nate favors Quinn Sr, as none of their sliders are actually similar, minus the lips. XD I did a comparison.
      it's a shitty image comparison, but eh. I did it. Quinn (sr)'s nose is sharper and more defined. Nate's is rounder. Close though, definitely close.