00 - The Baby Boom-ers

So with a new challenge comes new Sims... Meet the Messorem!
Adilyn Messorem is our Baby Boom Mama!
She's actually a tweaked version of my Sheera Nix, from my Nix Short Dynasty!

She's Family Oriented,


a Green Thumb,


and Neat!

Her lifestate is a Witch!

Her favorites are Lime Green, Indie Music, and Salmon.
Her star-sign is Cancer.
...aaaand her lifetime wish is Surrounded by Family... because... obvious.

Let's meet the Baby Boom daddy-o! Liam Messorem.
Liam is a spare character from a future arc in my Reaper Legacy. He's a long way off from showing up there, but I'm just here to have some fun and make pretty babies, and he qualifies for both.

He's Family Oriented,

a Supernatural Fan,



and a Gatherer.

He's a Werewolf.

Bonus of his Werewolf form I went to painstaking efforts to make look normal:

Liam's favorites are Aqua, Indie Music, and Cheesesteak.
His star-sign is Taurus.
...aaaaannnnddddd his lifetime wish is Alchemy Artisan. While we have the option to have one parent work, I'm planning on keeping them both at home!

Where is home for this lovely Boom couple?
Why, Roaring Heights!

Let's begin, shall we?

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