01 - Life with Liam

So I think one thing I forgot to mention in the last post... I'm giving myself an extra challenge by starting them off as acquaintances rather than husband and wife! Will I regret this? Probably.
Am I satisfied doing it anyways? Hell yes.

I'm playing this file vaguely wishacy style with a bit of manipulation on my part, mostly because I struggle truly letting go of the reigns.
Either way, I let these two slowly talk to each other autonomously to see what it yields.

They ended up friends by the end of the conversation, but nothing romantic, so the wishacy continues. Liam, obviously, wanted to start on his Alchemy skill as well as transform into a werewolf. Check and check.

But... not before brooding first.

With that underneath his belt, he wanted to get a job in the Alchemy Career, and I wanted him to get a head start in it with the rest of the funds they had before the end of the day to see if that would put a roof over their head.

Werewolves are... amusing to say the least in this game.
Adilyn was out at the prison school taking a class in painting as per her wish.

Well, well, someone's getting a bit hopeful:

Adilyn beat Liam home and got the Alchemy station to herself to take on the wish she had to learn the skill.

She then was left to her own devices, so she tried to drown herself get in some time with the waves before she'd become a mother.

5:00pm rolled around, which is payday for Liam and we had a great reward for the risk I took. With the money earned I threw together the skeleton of the house I will slowly be decorating and outfitting for 24+ kids.

Liam is an excellent provider, and while he did provide quite a bit to get the house STARTED... we're still a long way off from furnishing it. So until then we get the free walls and floors and bare necessities.
Forget about your worries and your strife. YA MAN.
Sorry, ignore me.

Adilyn took up painting as a way to avoid the inevitable fate that would befall her.

Really just wish-hunting currently.

Given that Adilyn has started a garden and will do the cleaning, I tried to push Liam to be the cook...
You can see how well that worked out here:

Note: they're not eating the mac and cheese Liam horrifically burned.
After a rather unsatisfying quick meal, the two of them collapsed into their fancy bed (as per Liam's providing) and slept... as friends.

That won't last for long if I have a say in it.
The next day starts off with a beautiful view.

.... I meant the sunrise. Duh...

Though it'd be easy to get used to either view, honestly; hehe.
Adilyn takes over the cooking after the last failure on Liam's part...

I love my HQ mod. ❤
Well, time to work on that "Get Married" wish! Wink, wink; nudge, nudge.

Well... we're off to a FANTASTIC start.

Well, Livvie, you had to play with fire, didn't you?

Ran a quick test once more:

Mhm, that's what I thought. With that Adilyn decides to tend to her garden.

It was a full moon, which means Liam is forced into a transformation against his will.

Werewolves actually cannot sleep normally, so I kept him up all night hunting. His first run on the hunt, I didn't expect much, yet he pulled in a haul of Tiberium.

Well, I did tell him he would have to provide for at least 24 kiddos.
Provide he do.

Poor Adilyn experienced her first signs of impending pregnancy... multiple times that night.
She also stayed up, waiting for Liam to come home of her own volition.
She had an opportunity to spray paint a building in town for some money; they're short on money, she doesn't want to sleep - seemed like a win-win.

It was about 5:30am when Liam crawled home and made his way towards the bathroom.


"Uh... you ok?"
"I'm... I'm good... I think?"

"I'll wait outside."
A shower later and Liam was ready to return to normal.

After they'd slept a bit and had some breakfast, Adilyn had her first "pop." Which isn't so much a "pop" in the Sims 3, but it's still fun to say.

Liam rolled a wish to buy something worth $250, thus we got a box of bees.
(muted screaming in background)

Paycheck time rolled around and the bedroom was the first room to get a facelift.

Liam put himself back to work on alchemy.

...and providing for his family, as usual. This is really boring to read probably.

The time rolled around and Liam finally decided to make an honest woman out of Adilyn.

I wasted no time and throwing them out to the arch.

Cue the sappy wedding pictures:

The paycheck rolled in for day 3 and the nursery got an overhaul to prep for the incoming babes.

I'll end on some cute pictures of Adilyn and Liam. Sorry for the really bland chapter! Hopefully I can learn to spice it up soon!


  1. They are so cute. I've never cared for werewolves, but then again I've only had uncontrollable ones in ISBI's. I might have to give them another chance.

    Funny how a little bit of this and that, and they find each other attractive. Gotta love sims. Yay for the new baby. I can't wait to see him/her.

    1. I'm same for Werewolves prior to this, but thus far they've been super cute... though a tad annoying at times. It's fun to try something out of my comfort zone.

      I do think Sims are hilarious that way, I'm just pretending they needed to get to know each other better before realizing they were perfect for each other (eye roll, whistling). XD

  2. I love your decorating. Well, you know, for the two decorated rooms...