Chapter 90: The Puppeteer, I mean, Manipulator

Gnome check-in!

That's one... two... three... but WAIT! Jena should've been older than a baby? Did we get a new baby? (Clicks on baby) Oh! We did! New gnome-babe!
His name is Tony! But wait... then where's Jena?

Oh, she's going through her teenager phase.

You know... them teenagers needing their "space." It's ok, later I'll find her back with the gnome-clan.

Let the update begin!
Ok so last we met Rayne, Meira and Quinn's child. Rayne is a disappointment child without Quinn's lips. ACK so it's a good thing I did a back up plan with Elaine.
Given my backup plan is now my SOLE plan, I've decided I need a backup plan FOR the backup plan... hence this:

I originally bought an empty lot thinking I could place a fortune teller and other Supernatural oriented building lots there but I soon realized that I couldn't do that unless I changed the LOT TYPE which I couldn't do without going into Edit Town mode (aka off limits). So with the ridiculous amounts of cash the Nixes have I dumped it all into building a house fit for a LARGE family.
With that, I enacted the backup plan.
Meira had her birthday.

Which no one came to celebrate...

Ana: "Leave it to the red-headed floozy to get herself into this situation."
Abe (snickering): "You've got nothing to be worried about you know, she's got nothing on you."
Ana: "Worried?! I'm not worried. She's just a-"
Abe (smirking): "Mhm, whatever you say dear."

Step TWO of the backup plan: knock Meira up again!

Step THREE: have Quinn SELL the lot we own mere SECONDS before Meira moves out.

Step FOUR: say goodbye to Meira and Rayne and hello to the newly-spacious house!
Step FIVE: watch Nessa be captivating.

Nessa: "Watcher look! I'm going to convert this mandrake root into something!"
Good luck, dear.

"I totally got this!"

*Magical poot sound*

"Huh? Did it get jammed?"
Yeah, rule number 1 to magic, if you THINK your wand is jammed... don't point it towards your face...

After this, she then proceeded to argue with herself.

I have yet to outwardly claim a favorite generation, but this one might just take the cake.

Quinn, meanwhile, went off to check on our original backup plan: Elaine.
I left him alone and caught him arguing with Elaine's older son.

More like being berated for his ignorance. I thought it was funny because I panned over and saw that Quinn was about to Berate HIM for his ignorance and I canceled it thinking "how rude."
It was immediately followed up by HIM accusing QUINN of ignorance. 😑
Oh child.

Quinn suddenly decided being a dad wasn't so bad as he doted on Elaine's youngest.
However, Quinn was getting impatient so he decided to speed labor along as best as he could.

Then he started staring at his ring like a dope thinking about Meira.

This was going to be a long night, so I had him grab a book and settle in. We'd wait until the first sounds of labor went off.
Back at home, another toddler was being doted on properly.

And Nessa went back to her books for a bit before attempting a second round with the Mandrake.

Nessa: "You V. Me, Mandrake, and I know for a FACT that it's your sorry... root...?... that will be destroyed!"
Nice taunt. Little weak in the middle but you finished strong.
Nessa: "You better shut your mouth before I shut it for you, Watcher."
And THERE'S her mother's daughter.

Sound the alarm! Labor is happening! Labor is happening!
You know what I'll sum this all up for you right now:
The backup plan failed.
I repeat.
The backup plan failed.

We need a backup for the backup's backup! Quick, Quinn!

Quinn: "Maybe it's time for round two?"
Abe: "My gods! This is one strange piece of mail we have out here. Would be a shame if that piece of mail disappeared into our nursery and was not returned."
Nice try, Abe. The NRAAS police will stop you.
It did. Carly (Quinn's daughter) magically disappeared and poofed home later.

It was about this point I realized Elaine was maxed out adult and she could have no more children. Panic set in.
Panic that was only increased by Mr. Goody-Goody causing me problems.

Abe: "By the gods, Quinn. You slimy piece of-"
BUSY, ABE. GO PESTER ANA. QUINN. To the batmobile.

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na BATMOBILE. Woosh!

Quinn came.

Quinn saw.

Quinn conquered.
Perhaps not in that order (coughs awkwardly).
So yeah, I hunted down every single not-pregnant woman that wasn't related to Quinn and did the do with them.
So that means on top of Meira, there are 2 other girls pregnant (yes, despite there being pictures... the first two are the same girl). This leaves Quinn with a total of FIVE children. Rayne, Carly, then three unborn (Meira, and the two ladies listed above).
Quinn has one wife and three romantic interests and has the reputation of Manipulator.
It's almost like he's... a puppeteer.

Ana, of course, got curious about her cousin's newest plaything so she poked her head out, but missed them. Yet it was just in time to see her daughter.

Ana: "Did you see the new girl?"
Nessa: "Nope, I'm too busy trying to talk a mandrake root down into being something else currently. Why, is she like the red-headed floozy?"
Ana: "Of course. Though I'm not sure I care enough to invest a special nickname in this one."
Nessa: "Should we do a pool to see which woman will have the appropriate child?"
Ana: "You'll learn one day, my child, that the answer is none because my children already exist."

Nessa went back to the book and Ana decided to stalk her husband again to make-out with him in the space of the living room, perhaps as a show of dominance to the new woman.

Or perhaps because she's secretly all in love with her husband.
Ana: "The world may never know." 😉

I got this random notice from Arriety, one of the triplets Ana was a part of.

Why yes, it would seem the only next logical step after marriage and pregnancy would be to become nemeses.
SPEAKING OF, Arriety had her baby and I popped over to see... DEFINITELY not a pudding face! Hooray for ONE spawn from the non-heir triplets that wasn't a failure!

It's Demetri's birthday!
No surprise, this is a short dynasty after all!

He aged up to be Inappropriate. How... wonderful.

The house seemed to return to normal, and Nessa would be going to school the next day. I decided it's been a while, it may be time to make our move onto Zachary before someone else does!
Nessa got to school and I immediately changed her status to "Chat with Friends" which was met with an immediate wish roll:

DAMN GIRL. You're not wasting any time, are you?! She sees what she wants and she goes for it.
Also, it wasn't shown, but that Mandrake did eventually cave to her desire and become a gem.
This woman's got a powerful mind.

Quinn was unhappily working on his painting when I decided to cut him a break and check on Meira - who should've been pregnant with baby number 2!

She happily trotted over with Rayne.

You know, Meira is hot-headed AND dramatic (the two traits I DIDN'T see with Abe's observant LTR) yet she and Quinn always have fully PEACEFUL pillow-fights. No yelling. No pointing. No relationship loss... just... chemistry.

She also seems to have avoided all the rumors floating around of Quinn being this master puppeteer manipulator.
They even took their mischief upstairs to a place dangerously close to Ana's wrath.

In case it wasn't obvious, Quinn is still rolling wishes like crazy for Meira.
He also wished to break up with her.
Wishing to make out with her.
Boy, you're the definition of hot and cold.

Nessa rolled out of school at 2 o'clock sharp with another bugged out field trip. She got a right scolding for "skipping school on a field trip day!"
But look who popped up right behind her?

Oh you poor summer child, the CAS gods were not kind to you. Let's just fix you right up...

Much better.
Also, he's appropriately crushing hardcore on Nessa.
Good boy.

So Nessa did the only appropriate thing in response.

She stalked him to his home.
Then she walked into his house to ask him if she could come inside.
Then she cut right to the chase.

No, there was no other talking, in case you were wondering.

She marched into his house, asked him to come inside, then planted a kiss right on him, Anastasia-style.

I don't think the poor boy remembers his own name anymore.

That's ok, he knows Nessa's name and that's all that matters.
Also bonus points for the dog being named "Mr. Boots" and for him noticing such unusual things about Nessa's enchanting appearance.

Mission accomplished. Now let's go ahead and lock down him as-

Oh... I see.
Good on you Nessa. You legitimately snagged him right before he needed to leave.
Nessa: "Now what do we do watcher?"
Now... we wait.

Mr. Boots was earning some favors.
Unfortunately I got a notice he died two hours after leaving the household. What a joy killer.
This is why the Nixes have not had any pets thus far... they die too quickly, and I'm not signing up to get attached like that!

We pop back home and guess who's up to her usual antics?

Ah, life with Ana never gets boring.

Abe had his birthday out in the garden, entering into elderhood already and rolling ANOTHER wish to have a baby with Anastasia. I'm trying to stick to my guns here, you guys! Knock it off!
Oh, and Zachary gets off work and we immediately phone him over.

Boi, did I not just give you a makeover some three hours ago?! Why did you revert?!
Pfft. Stupid work clothes.

Demetri (pulls camera): "LOOK I GOT A POT-"
Not now, busy with Nessa.

Nessa is like a much softer, sweeter version of Ana. Here I was afraid she would look like her face would crack when she smiled like her mother, but nope!
(Camera pan)

Livvie (with increasing frustration): BUSY. WITH. NESSA.

So after I attended to both Abe and Quinn's birthday, I checked on Ana.

Quinn got his makeover.

It was then I forgot everything wasn't paused, left the game up for a few minutes and came back...

Abe: "This is fine."

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  1. Nessa and Zachary are is their watcher ignoring the rest of the household to focus on the teen couple.
    How fab that Ness and Zach are so crazy about each other. I love the way Nessa just walks into Zach's heart and takes her place there. You never had a chance, Zach!

    Awwwww, the dog who recognized Nessa as a witch then died a few hours later. (;_;)

    Poor Quinn! He's like one of Pippin's pollinators, LOL! Does he actually develop feelings for any of the ladies other than Meira? And why does Ana dislike her so?

    By the way, I'm sad that Kewl passed away. I never even knew that gnomes could die.
    But two gnome babies in exchange for one elderly gnome seems like a great deal!

    Ana seems to rub a lot of sims the wrong way. (Tread carefully there, Zachary!)
    It's quite a wonder how much Ana has come to adore Abe!

    1. They really are! Hehe, it's hard not to. If I was a little more "in" my own head right now I would've dumped SHLOADS more time and adorable banter between them but as it is I'm burned out 99% of the time these days and save my best writing for my other stories.
      I did think it was hilarious how Nessa and Zach just fell hard in love with each other - they don't really even have much in common!

      Lol, Mr. Boots is such a cute dog name and I've seen him around before but never got a picture until that moment. I remember ALWAYS thinking Mr. Boots was a cute name and then all the sudden... poof... dead. This short dynasty can get right depressing in the blink of an eye.

      LOL! No, Quinn is a one-woman man which I find HILARIOUS because he's supposedly got flirty and commitment issues. You'd think he would've loved and embraced these other girls, but in reality he just shrugs whenever they flirt with him and I have to try REALLY HARD to get their love life going. Quinn will be friendly with them 90% of the time (with an occasional stray flirt here or there) and whenever they flirt back he immediately stonewalls them, it's hilarious.

      As for Ana, I wish I knew why she and Meira didn't get along! I popped over to them and they were in the red. Weirdly enough, they're friends now. Likely from my Charisma exploits I've been doing to max Ana out on that skill... >.>

      I'm sad Kewl passed too, but we still got Hipp! He seems to be hanging in there. I'm so attached to this gnome family... how weird is that? Lol.

      Ana and Abe have me cracking up they're literally all over each other whenever they can be, but Ana gets along with VERY FEW other people. I think she was besties with her dad and mom who both past but otherwise she'll destroy several other people. Not Abe, though. Abe she's always rolling wishes for and generally gravitating towards, and now that they're both elders and pretty much maxed out on everything I could ask them to they're just chilling and being cute. Can't complain about that! :D XD