Chapter 89: No Abe, That's Called Smothering

Welcome back! I've been meaning to do this quick recap for my own personal reference. Please feel free to ignore the first part of this post:

The Nixes officially run this joint! I actually took these while Dagan and Yolanda were still alive but completely forgot to put them up. Ah well. It's here now. 

I always start out with something gnome related so...

RIP Kewl. Our first gnome death. 😭
The other gnomes have taken it hard, but carry on.

This leaves Hipp, Jena, and Kenny.

Back to where we were last night... Ana decided some much needed time talking to her mini-me was in order.

I sent her off to paint alongside her mama too.

(Wipes tear) she even takes after her mama in terms of paintings...
Yes but anyways, I've already resigned myself to no more vacations in this file (HA you can laugh at me later when I try to break this rule for myself and cry when it fails) so I'm working really hard to get Nessa some serious point-age at a young age. I decided to experiment to see if I could get Nessa's logic up any higher (faster) by having Abe tutor her.

At the end of the day, it was quickly deemed a bad idea as she couldn't use her tabcast at the same time so what little "faster" skill gain she got was hindered by the fact that she wasn't skilling two things at once.

Daylight broke and I finally put together the graveyard.

Five generations down! Not featured in this picture (but I may have gotten a picture of it later) was Ana or Quinn or Abe (I cannot remember who exactly) managed to find Foxglove's tombstone and Olga's, so they joined up here as well. Foxglove got a medium tombstone too, I'm not sure if that counts towards the points or not. I'll review the rules and get back to you.

Abe was spending time with his little boy autonomously - see he's not so bad after all. He was just working for a lot of Nessa's life. I always catch him autonomously chatting with his daughter whenever I leave them alone for too long. He's pretty much supermaxed Charisma so he's best friends with anyone he meets - including his children.

I sent out Quinn to check the mail before writing Elaine a love letter as per his wishes and was quickly dismissing the crapton of notifications that come with it when I stopped during the wedding gift section.

Well I'll be damned. Guess Yolanda wanted to ENSURE her daughter got a gift when they got married - even if it was after her death. That makes me... pretty sad actually.
For the first time in the history of the Nixes, instead of selling a wedding gift to get it out of the way... I traded out the fountain that was in the dining room for the one sent by Yolanda.

So time for some super-fun Quinn time in which the watcher lost her mind. Everyone thus far has been supportive (or at least not outwardly negative) about Quinn's tryst with Meira. This is a relief to me, but either way I wanted him to go and check up on his baby mama's starting with Elaine. I marched Quinn all the way up and he knocked on the door only for him to roll a wish.

To hang out with Meira.
I immediately had him see Elaine and she looked like her back hurt. He had initially gone in to feel for his child, but I had popped back and said a massage might be in order. He went to flirt with her, but Elaine brushed him off. Weird. He went to hug her and she got creeped out by him.
Even weirder.

They have a maxed relationship bar! I tried once more after apologizing and using the moodlet manager to cure her to flirt and she still brushed him off.
I'd like to take this moment to argue that I'm NOT STUPID. I know where he's not wanted and this reminds me way back when to generation 2 when I put Sam with Ariel and realized that he really only wanted Ima.
This boy has commitment issues but he's got no trouble with Meira... (lays head in hands).
So I phoned up Meira and asked them to meet and hang out.
She agreed to meet at the family pond nearby. I figure this way if she's got any more boyfriends the location is remote enough that one shouldn't just burst forth from a field to accuse her of infidelity, jeebus.
So we get there, and what is she wearing?
A maternity enabled EA wedding dress at freaking sunset.

You all should know me well enough by now to know that I was once titled the Queen of Mush and romance for a while (I mean, not that the title has ever stopped applying) but this just hits ALL THEM BUTTONS.

SHE certainly didn't reject him, so I took lots of pictures of them being cute.

So, I'm pretty sure Quinn was just content to leave things as they were with Meira, but you don't push all of the Queen of Mush's buttons in one sitting without some unforeseen consequences.

Yup, that happened.

I found this picture hilarious because when Meira and he fought, she had called him a yeti or something with that same thought bubble. I wonder if he's regretting that I'm putting him through this?
I guess we'll never know.
Cue sappy marriage sequence I have nothing witty for:

It was then I realized how full I was pushing my household once again. It's funny how this house ebbs and flows. Right after I lost Echo, Dagan, and Yolanda in a very short time-span I kept thinking "this house feels too empty, this house feels too empty!" I always felt like I was scrambling to keep up with so few Sims because I wasn't just drowning in them.
Mostly it was when Nessa was a toddler or Demetri was an infant and I would need TWO adults to take a motive mobile which meant while Quinn was out on his dalliances and Abe was at work that Ana would be suffering at home with no way to get her needs up.
Either way, the household now stands at: Quinn, Meira, unborn baby, Anastasia, Abraham, Nessa, Demetri.
This will leave JUST ENOUGH space for Zachary Nessa's spouse to move in later. Demetri likely won't stay in the household, which should open up just enough room for Gen 8. This is turning into a wall of text with no pictures, so let's move on.

The newlyweds came home and had some catching up to do.

Hilariously, Ana and Abe were going out for a ride in the mobile when they passed by Meira and Quinn.

Ana immediately wished to have a baby then. The first time ever.
Ana: "Well someone needs to show that red-headed floozy how to do it right." 
Mhm, sure thing dear.
I had to cancel the wish because household space is tight enough as it is.

Ana and Abe, on the other hand, are still freaking adorable.

Ana: "Yes, well at least my man doesn't knock up other women and he certainly didn't marry me because the watcher likes pretty sunsets."
You're not bitter at all about this, are you?
Ana: "She'll wake up dead if she's not careful."
This is why there's no sleeping in this house...

Really, I'm just doing this for the birth of his child. The Queen of Mush did get involved, of course, but if this child isn't what I hoped for then you better believe I'm going to push to try again.

It was birthday time for Nessa and Demetri!

Nessa went first!

Ana then followed suit with Demetri.

Nessa aged up and gained the Easily Impressed trait. Thus she is now Hates the Outdoors, Heavy Sleeper, Insane, and Easily Impressed.

I actually liked that outfit a lot on her. Her favorite color is Violet but I wasn't sure how that would look against her hair and skin. Knowing this I got a lot more bold in her outfits. Because she was insane... and also super adorable... I did up all of her outfits because I imagine we'll be seeing all of them, unlike how it is with most normal Sims.

Little wiggle worm in CAS!

Next up came Demetri!

Those puppy eyes are a TAD unfortunate but I actually really like them. He pulls off unique hairs well... and honestly I just got a notification from Ambriel that she had a baby (you remember, one of the Triple As of Dagan and Yolanda's children) so I popped over out of curiosity and...

He's normal-skinned with a goddamned pudding face!
AMBRIEL, my child, you FAILED ME.

So back to the birthdays, Abe and Ana were rolling in wishes and Nessa wanted to learn how to drive. Abe got put to work.

Guys I really like her. I get the feeling we're going to have a lot of fun with Nessa.
In other news:

Relationships have not improved I see. I love how Quinn is staring forward, oblivious. Ana is looking smug holding one of her two perfect children and even Abe is like yup, that's my wife. Cause we all know Ana is the best in this situation.
Red hair or not, Meira, we all know pink and red clash like all hell.

Abe can I have your things when you die?

Abe: "Ha-ha, very funny. I'm sure I'll be fine."
That's what they all say.


I don't really have much in the way of Toddler spam at the moment. I know you're all very disappointed, but... I do have more of Ana being a perfect mama.

I'm sure you're all VERY surprised by this after ALL the gushing I've done.
I also secretly hope she never changes out of that dress.

I've got nothing witty to say about these photos. They're typical toddler stuff... and no offense to Demetri but his face doesn't really fit well on a toddler currently so it's not like he's pulling EXTRA CUTE faces.
Still, toddler spam is toddler spam. Sorry not sorry.

Abe had this moment when he was potty training Demetri where he stared at his ring all lovingly.

It's like you can tell he's thinking about his wife.

HAHAHAHAHA and this is why I love them as a couple.
Abe: "Score!"
Ana knows she's a catch too. She's become all about them sideways glances and smirks and affectionate eye-rolls. It's cute. Way too freaking cute.

Quinn got an opportunity to earn money but tutoring his brother Rashawn. Normally I'm not big into opportunities in this file unless they're work related but decided that Quinn could do with some brotherly bonding.

I went on a wish-filling spree with Nessa which resulted in many fun circumstances.

It's those last two shots that make me wish I had done trait cards for my heirs.
Still a possibility I suppose.
Only the best for my Nessa.

Oh, and somewhere in this mess, Meira went into labor.

Nessa was playing with her newest toy:

Zachary better watch out! Them love charms are potent.
Anastasia decided she wanted to spend time with her husband no matter the cost.

Ladies and gentlemen, please take note of this. Ana hates the outdoors. It's why I have Abe take care of the garden. Ana walked out here ALL BY HERSELF, of her OWN VOLITION, just to makeout with her husband. I decided I fulfill the wishes she had for him anyways while I was at it.

The reluctance with which Ana gives Abe the present is only matched by how excited he is to get it, hahaha. Meanwhile... Something else is happening?
OH RIGHT, baby!

Her name is Rayne, and after a quick observation in CAS, she's a failure child. She doesn't even have red hair! (heaves heavy sigh). I've got a plan for this.
Abe: "Me too!"
Oh? What's YOUR plan?
Abe: "I'll pillow fight with her." Abe, that's called smothering.
Ana: "Yes, we know."
Oh boy.

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