Chapter 88: The Chapter Where Many Things Happen

As the title suggests... I played for a long time, got ~177 screenshots (though some are duplicates) and MANY things happened... so let's get started!

This gnome family makes me so happy.
I've never cared much for gnome families before this one.

Roll call!
Dagan is still working on his Artisan Skill.

Anastasia is doting on her adorable mini-me, Nessa.

Sterling got promoted to level 7 (I think) in the Police Force.

Yolanda was sculpting, but I didn't get a picture, and Quinn was painting.

Nessa spam because I took so many pictures.

To any of you who know Ana well enough, this is such a strange way to see her. She has far more negative traits than positive, yet she's never once stolen candy from her child.

Nessa's mostly smiles, but at the heart of it, she's still a mama's girl and can pull off a face equally as fierce as the Queen of Serious.

LOOK! Anastasia is a doting mother, I wasn't joking! Abe does not interact much with his children, he's working a lot, but Ana has stepped in completely and she shows no sign of bad parenting on her!

We get Nessa to the potty to begin her final skill she'll need.

Her hair color is so unusual, everyone, I truly haven't seen a brown like that before that I can recall. I saved it, just because I find it really pretty.

Dagan is so close to maxing the Artisan Skill I can taste it. He's at 29 days old, which is 2 past when his bar is filled. Every precious moment counts.

In complete honesty I had a glitch happened in my file, but I had played through to Nessa's toddler birthday and Dagan had died that night, which I was freaking out over, right before I went to save though it crashed. I had to reload to right after Nessa's birth (which sucked) but I honestly figured Dagan would still go the day Nessa aged up, he didn't. He's hanging strong, but I doubt he will for much longer.

Quinn has mostly been a homebody, and I realized that - as the last heir in my possession with Quinn's lips - I would need to change that lest he should die without producing another heir to the lip legacy which I've now officially started and latched onto. There's a lot of free space in the house, so I start debating whether or not I can bring in a lady... but before I can do that... he needs to meet one.

Clearly, he's doing a fantastic job.
Quinn: "I have commitment issues, I'm not sure what you expect from me."
A baby. Maybe three. However many it takes.
Quinn: (heavy sigh)
I promptly sent him around meeting girls, to which... there were not many. There were even FEWER that he wasn't RELATED to.

Related. Curses.
I skim the park and my eyes fall on someone familiar.

This is the moment where I start weighing my options.
I sent Quinn over to at least say hello.

No relative stamp by her name.
I can't stand looking at her wardrobe anymore, so I cave.

She has freckles too. Freckles.
AND she has the same lips as Foxglove, who has Quinn's lips. I have no doubt Quinn's lips aren't EXACT anymore, as the sliders are nearly impossible to stay 100% the same. I would argue that Quinn's lips are a lot closer to the ORIGINAL Quinn's lips, but regardless...
She and Quinn would technically be second cousins.
Ah, shit.

Sterling had gotten called back into work that afternoon and he managed to snag another promotion in the same day.

This dude is at level 8 now.
I'm about to go back to pondering my Meira situation when suddenly my camera is pulled.

From the story I told you earlier, I totally did not expect Yolanda to be the first to go... so stupidly I hadn't checked her stats! (grumbles)

The household was torn, but I'm glad it was happening before Nessa hit childhood. Childhood you can't cure the moodlet away which sucks big time!
Perhaps I'm a bit insensitive, but Yolanda's passing was peaceful. She went willingly.

That's another large tombstone for the score.
Rest well, Yolanda. You did fantastic. Three kids, maxed career, completed lifetime wish, and a wonderful wife to a man who's devastated that you're gone.

The next day was Leisure Day! Not that it matters much, but this time, it actually does. Everyone rolled a wish to throw a party - everyone. Under normal circumstances I would groan and roll my eyes and go "heck no," but this time, one lucky someone got his wish granted. But... more on that later, this IS a chapter where "many things happen" so let's see what else we have on the agenda.

Abe had his full-on Adult Birthday in the bathroom plus one of them new, fancy, midlife crises.
He and Ana are surprisingly good together. I actually have a little headcanon for them where I see Abe as this nerdy boy that turns bad boy just enough to impress the lady. Ana also has her soft side, clearly, in her mothering - but I figured that can't be the only other place.

Ana: "Don't be ridiculous, it's just the hormones. Do you not see this pregnancy belly?"
Mhm. Suuuuure it is. That's why you've got not one but TWO wishes to get married to Abe. 
Ana: (grumbles)
They both have two wishes for each other and marriage, but I can't afford Abe to be taking forced time off when he's so close to his LTW, so we're going to hold off until the day he gets the last promotion... then you better BELIEVE a wedding is happening up in the Nix lot.

Abe returns to his reports and Ana returns to painting gorgeous pictures.

That is, until it's time to swap out with Dagan. Dagan had been too upset, so I put him to work doing the happiest thing I could think of.

Playing with the adorable princess of the house, of course. However I sent him off to finish his Artisan Skill and Ana soon came to keep her daughter company - completely unprompted.

Ana: "Very good, precious, bite it like it is the head of your enemies."

Ana: "That's my girl."

Ana: "Now let's play a victory tune."

Remember that party I talked about earlier? Yes, here's the wonderful man who got to host an all-female swimming party:

Thanks to NRAAS's party screen I was able to invite all the females in town that were around his age and that had rainbow skin. I suppose beggars can't be choosers, but at this point I wasn't sure where the "normal" skintones lived, and I didn't want to risk wasting time on a service NPC.
Abe was working on his Charisma and getting closer and closer to maxing that.

I was wish hunting for Dagan.

Anastasia was still with the precious princess.

... and Quinn had pretty much nothing to do but wait.

One by one the six girls Quinn invited started arriving.
He was related to four of them.

Yes. Four.
I don't mean related like Meira-related but like there's a literal marking by their portrait stating they are too close to produce a Quinn-child.
Of the two that weren't related? One showed up pregnant already...

... and the other was...

I was trying to put Meira away as not an option just because I'm a very sensitive person to judgment and I know everyone will judge me for having second cousins together. TRUTHFULLY she wasn't even there as an OPTION for Quinn. She was there because Abe's partner died and she had replaced his partner so Abe needed to befriend her ASAP for his next promotion.

To which, he did.
Yet it was at this point I realized that she was pretty much the only option and I secretly am not that opposed to it. So...

Dagan was dying on the sidewalk as he attempted to take his daughter and grandchild to the library.

There's a party going on at home. Abe just got called into work to look at evidence (on a holiday, -eyeroll- those darn police, but I'm secretly not complaining if he can get another promotion out of it). I'm scrounging the neighborhood to find anyone else for Quinn and suddenly Nessa and Ana's needs were low because Dagan had decided to walk to the library instead of taking everyone in the mobile like I told him to.
Everything was on fire and I was not fine for a little while. Let me just show you the order in which the next screenshots were taken...

Quinn rolled a wish for a date. Alright. Fine.
I've sunk this low, might as well go all the way.
Mr. Commitment-Issues.

Who dat?

Hey look it's Leif. 

Wait no, I thought you were single?! You are! Wait... what? I'm so confused. Where did this man come from. Why did field man sprout up from the ground to claim infidelity? WHERE are Ana and Nessa?!

Hobbling home slowly. So much for reading books at the library.
Ah crap, now the date is over with Meira because some dude claimed infidelity after he sprouted up from the freaking GROUND...
I drag Quinn back to throw everyone in the mobile, but sheer luck I can grab Meira with this and pull her back, despite her trying to run away.
Everything. Is. On. Fire.

Oh, congrats Abe.
Abe hit level 9. Everyone is sobbing.
(Rubs face with exasperation)

Tonight is Nessa's birthday, she needs these skill books read to her.
Ana is also due to give birth tonight too. Holy jeebus.

Ack! Shield the children's eyes! I'm sorry!
I'm sorry for the sin I'm about to commit!
(clicks try for baby)

What's even worse is I get a popup right afterward that Foxglove has died! Ack, now Meira is sobbing too.
Everyone is sobbing!
I'M sobbing.

I put them to work for baby try number 2 and chimes were heard.
Abe finally gets home and saves the freaking day. This man is a god-given hero right here.

Cures himself, cures his wife, takes over the reading duty as-

No please don't I'm only joking let's not do that ever.

Quinn was falling all over Meira, rolling wishes for her left and right... so I started to accept that maybe... maybe I can swing this and this will be ok. I'm halfway into breathing into a paper bag and my husband is telling me it's gross that I've got second cousins together and I'm so deep in denial river it hurts right now.

They're still super upset so I set Quinn out to cure both of them.

I start thinking about how cute they are and how cute their baby will be... baby? BABY!

Abe, in the past few real life days of playing, has 100% earned my love and appreciation. Look at that man just quietly reading to his daughter as his wife pushes a child out of her-
His calmness was a welcome change, is all. We also welcome a little boy to the family. Which is funny if only because Ana didn't wish for children - she didn't with Nessa, and she didn't with this little boy, but she DID roll a wish to have a boy when she found out she was pregnant. It was almost like a "no, watcher, I don't want a boy, we're having a boy. I've decided."
She was right. I didn't influence the pregnancy at all.
His name is Demetri.

Demetri is Insane and Athletic.
Oh boy... like I need more insanity after today.
Who am I kidding. I always need more insanity.

Cue adorable, maternal pictures of Anastasia she'd probably want burned if she knew existed.
Then back to the usual.

Wait NO I'm so confused! Why is she yelling at you?

Did she just call you a yeti?! You guys were being cute like two seconds ago! She has no bad traits on her that I can tell, what in the world is going on?!
I got a popup notification in that moment that will become relevant in just a moment.
I shoved Quinn into the Batmobile and shipped him across town as fast as his legs could carry him.

Abe is just happy letting his wife do her thing. Mr. Police Officer would know exactly where to hide a body.

And he'll remind any boys after his daughter of that very same fact.

Across the town I had gotten a notification - where I had sent Quinn, right?
Warning: we are about to get all family-tree technical up in here.
You see, there's a family I watch closely - one of the few very distantly related Nixes that still live. Dekit's line.
You remember Dekit, right?
Gen 2 spare?
Oh come now, I'm sure it's only been several years since we spoke of him last! Hahaha, ok so no I don't expect you to remember him. Here's a reminder:

He was my generation 2 heir's twin. He would go on to marry a lady named Franny and those of you who are reading this straight through from the beginning will recall they had marital issues.
For those of you who need a refresher...
They had marital issues.

You can tell how old those pictures are simply because my screen resolution is wildly different, or perhaps I should say longly different, heh. Right-o so they would have 2 children. Sheree and Morgan. Those children would have children and so on until present day, but they've mostly remained isolated from the original Nix line. Ara and Bradan, my founders, had 4 children and adopted one. Of the four related children, 1 is my "main" line, and 2 have already married back into the "main" line (ironically at the same time, via a marriage of Yolanda to Dagan - Yolanda was essentially the compounding of 2 of the generation 2 Nix children).
Blah blah blah, I'm making your head spin and it's all fluff. You don't really need to know this. Any one who can actually follow my ramblings can then chuckle with me about how this town is legitimately ALL Nixes now, but the important thing here is Dekit and Franny's lineage has remained separate from my main line and I ran into this beautiful townie several chapters back that I utterly fell in love with.
She looked so familiar and I couldn't place it until suddenly I went she looks like Franny!

She was gorgeous and also very pregnant. I quite loved her though and kept an eye on her in hopes that I might see her babies one day mixing with the main line. Her name is Elaine.
Well, that night I got a notification that Elaine had her baby.
My brain went oh look, a vacancy! And hopped right on that.
So, here we are.

I knew she was older than Quinn by a decent chunk. I also knew she might not be able to get pregnant if she was due to age up - surprisingly she was STILL a YA (either that or you just can't see her wrinkles AT ALL).
I went with it.

Oh, and as this was happening and because I just had to keep the house on fire somehow, Nessa's birthday hit.

Because my brain was so scattered, I promptly missed both moments of her blowing out the candles and then her doing the spin. Way to go, watcher.
She aged up and got the Insane trait.
Well slap a loony-bin sign on the door and call us open!
She's still gorgeous.

Just like her mother.
If you guys think this chapter is over, we're far from done yet, haha. So I hurried back and Quinn had finally made it in.

(Coughs) that was more of a sexual innuendo than I intended it to be...
There were chimes.
That makes two children for Quinn on the way in one night.
I have no regrets.

The next day went by fast. I got Nessa accustomed to life in the crazy Nix house, which, her being crazy, certainly helped with. Of course this meant tabcasts, painting, and minor wish filling. Ana was home, and Abe went off to work. Quinn came home and resumed life as normal with his paintings.
It was kind of weird how quickly the day went.
Things almost seemed calm for a while.

Congratulations Abe! Way to go, man!
Abe: "Yes! You know what that means?"
The watcher sighs heavily and goes to grab the blow torch: I'll go set things on fire again.

I did say we were going to have a wedding, didn't I? Even the gnome family popped over to see what's up.

Cue the adorable wedding of Abe and Ana Nix.

In case you all didn't believe me about their wishes:

I made Ana a deal, if you remember. She would only marry him if she WISHED for it. She did. Twice over. I kind of gushed a little bit.

So did everyone else... but... what ho? What's this here? Is that a little boy in the front row? Is he related?
He's not!

Nessa: "Target acquired."
Ladies and gentlemen, I think I can officially say it. Ana actually looks really, genuinely happy here. I feel very accomplished saying that.

The love birds went on to cut the cake, and Nessa discovered this boy's name is Zachary.

Ooh I love the genetics on him! Say hello to your future spouse, darling!
Nessa: "Do you like comic books? I love comic books."
Well, that's one way to do it.

Of course, Ana noticed before even *I* did that Demetri needed tending to, so she put herself right to that. Pfft, and she calls herself evil.

She loves her kids WAY too much for that.

Abe got called into work (how rude, right? First on holiday and now right after his wedding?) It's ok though because he rolled a wish to clean the dishes from the cake, and I could totally hear Anastasia rolling her eyes and saying "don't worry dear, I'll be sure to leave those for you when you get back." As she continues to ignore the messes piling up.
Meanwhile, there was still some time left to the party so Nessa decided to pillow fight with her new best friend and future spouse.

Anastasia's age bar was filled and she was stuck, so rather than waiting for NRAAS to figure that out and interrupt her in the  middle of something at some ridiculous hour of the evening, I decided to go ahead and age her up via cake.

Abe made it back just in time... and between the two of them... they're really growing on me.

So, I declare this ridiculous update over.

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  1. I bet dear Abe was only pretending to play hard to get so that Anastasia wouldn't lose interest! He's turned into a sterling husband, every bit worthy of his awesome Anastaasia.

    No, I don't blame you one bit for wanting to continue the Quinn's Lips Legacy. And now I can't wait to see the results of your merry matchmaking.

    I laughed heartily at the "future spouse sighting." Way to worm your way into Zacharay's heart, Nessa!

    And yes, SO MUCH happened in this update! Loved it!

    1. I think he was too. I honestly feel like they're secretly perfect for each other. (eye roll) I've grown to love this couple ALMOST as much as Ima and Sam way back from gen 2.
      Also, I'm super relieved! Everyone's been super nice about it and I was totally worried people would be pulling faces:
      GROSS why would you put them together? They're RELATED.
      It's not really my first choice but honestly it's all he wished for, and with the next chapter thanks to everyone's support I finally got gung-ho for it too.

      What can he say? I suppose the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest, no?
      I freaking love Nessa's approach. I poked my head out into the audience and saw Zach and was going to point him out and then went... oh my gosh is Nessa staring at him? HAHA! Her eyes zoned in and I went "yup, she's Ana's girl alright."

      A lot happened, but thanks to blogs I can make the chapters as long as I want and binge play until the wee hours of the morning until my computer starts throwing Error 12s at me when I try to save... heh. This file is slowly declining but I'm almost done!

  2. This was awesome to read. I know I'd be pulling my hair out if I had all of that in a game.

    1. Hahaha, I was very near that! I'm super glad you're enjoying it though! I love the chaos, even when I complain about it. ;)

  3. Second cousins is nothing when the game allows for even worse (first cousins once removed, or the eternal "woops my family tree broke and siblings are kissing") Good thing Quinn managed to make it even worse by impregnating two relatives.