Chapter 87: Random Pops

Hello Readers!
I'm in a good swing with my updates! Let's see how long it'll keep up?

Word of hello from the gnomes, still alive and kicking.

So I decided I would give the store artisan workshop item a go and plopped it down. Dagan had nothing better to do, so he decided to pick it up.

He also did this weird little dance after he completed the first thing.

Dagan: "Hooray! Molten glass didn't spray in my face!"
Why is this even a concern? 
Dagan starts on his next project and the glass blew up in his face with a stream of fire.
Dagan gave it another go after he showered and recovered (minus his eyebrows, I imagine, but Sims never takes things that far). Thus we got this fantastic new perfume!

Which... promptly caused Dagan to get horrifically sick. Horrifically. He had a wish to play guitar and earn tips, so I decided that MAYBE we should put the glass blowing aside for a while... and...
Oh... whoops.
Illegal in nine countries you say? Oh... heh... uh...

Sorry Dagan.
He got sick again.

...and again...

... and again...

... and AGAIN...

... and finally once more time...

Before we finally got him to play the guitar!
Word of warning folks - don't ingest perfume.
Dagan: "I didn't!"

Well, then don't make perfume so horrible it seeps into your skin and makes you relive every meal you've ever eaten in all of your life.
Even Ana didn't have it that bad, and she's the pregnant one!

Across the street at City Hall was a protest... hooray. That couldn't possibly go wrong or bog down my game. Ever.

Oh look I can already see the people sinking into the ground. 

The game hit me with a notification - Sheera had her baby! Another baby boy named Rashawn! I promptly sent Echo over to stalk visit her daughter and newest grandchild.

Maybe she won't make it back home if I leave her here?
Echo (grumbling): "I can hear you, you know."
Eep. That wasn't me. That was... the wind.
Echo: "Mhm."
Oh, look! Baby!

Cannot resist the urge to -

Yup! That's a Sheera baby alright! Not a pretty as Quinn of course, but still gorgeous indeed.

With that satisfied, I leave Echo to die her own devices and pop back home to-

Abe: "Just looking out the window."
Abe (rolling his eyes): "Yeah, yeah, alright, alright."
In the other room Dagan and Yolanda were avoiding skills and being cute. No shock, of course, they're cute and they're old, so they get a pass.

Quinn is working on another not Fenris masterpiece.

His style is really cool regardless, and it's nice to not see the same old pictures getting passed around. Anastasia has some really awesome paintings too, that you'll see a lot of in this chapter.

Speaking of Ana, she finally completed that romance novel and can now begin the SciFi novel she needs for her opportunity!
As always, she's just so thrilled.

In a last ditch effort to see if Abe will roll wishes to master the fishing, cooking, or gardening skills I sent him out to the pond where he promptly...

Got distracted by a unicorn.
I've been generous lately and wish-hunting, so he promptly wished to watch the unicorn, let the unicorn sniff him, feed the unicorn, feed the unicorn again and then pet the unicorn.
I, personally, just wanted to watch him mess up with a unicorn and get his butt busted.
So I let it happen.

He made it all the way up to feeding with no issue. He went to stroke the unicorn's neck and, as I expected, the unicorn huffed and reminded him what a peasant he was.
Abe: "Hey!"
You can lie to yourself all you want, it doesn't make it less true.
Surprise Quinn(Sr) ghost attack!

That's right, I never mentioned I put him there, but I did. He is Ara's father, after all. Even if it's non-canonical to my stories. Ara is a child of Ezzie and Quinn, so of course Quinn had a place in the family graveyard.
My Quinn is cringing at what this version of him is wearing, however, and Esmerelda has laughed herself into a near coma.
Life is good with a head full of characters.

Sterling... Imma bout to open a can of whoop-yo-ass if you don't get it together soon. I have no idea what Sheera saw in him, but SERIOUSLY Sheera could do way better. Way. Better.

So not a lot of stuff happened throughout the night. Echo's needs went all in the red because I left her alone for too long before sending her home to paint some more.

Quinn was still painting. Anastasia had finished her Sci-Fi novel (it was a hit, of course, lest she needs to go to the judging office and glare them all down and remind them she's related to Arriety the psycho-sociopath).

She then went on to fulfill her wish to read a pregnancy book. Dagan made me a couple of items I took some pictures of and... yeah... really nothing crazy going on.

Great news!

Congratulations, Yolanda! 
That's another lifetime wish in the bag AND a maxed career. It was a little nerve-wrecking and we did cut it close, but thankfully we made it. Shortly after, I get greeted by another promotion!

Abe hit level 5 in the police career - and he's still a YA! He rolled his wish to join the Spy portion of it, rather than forensics, so I'll be doing that next workday, I imagine. Holidays are the enemies, folks, and we got one coming RIGHT up. Ack.

Tonight is the night that Anastasia is to give birth and-

It finally happened.
Everyone knows how much I loved Echo, but it was time.
Will I miss her? Probably. I was actually just starting to get used to the idea that she may outlive all my heirs should she end up bugged... and I was actually pretty ok with it too.
The game just likes to rip rugs out from underneath me, doesn't it?

Instead of laughing, Anastasia cried.
Outright sobbed.
It was pretty hard to watch.

(You can kind of see the cool painting behind Ana that she was working on - eck, yeah I know I'm insensitive, but damn! They're pretty paintings!) 
I also feel less bad about interrupting the sad moment because...

Woman you have outlived your husband by a mile. WHY are you begging?! Get up and go with some dignity, goodness!
One large tombstone acquired for Echo Nix.

To my favorite fiery red-head spouse, you'll be missed. 

Once Grim had come and gone, I set to work getting the household back in order for the coming of the new baby, and it wouldn't be long.

We interrupt the coming of gen 7 for confirmation that Quinn is, in fact, gorgeous no matter what face he makes.

... now back to your regularly scheduled nonsense.

Where was Abe, some of you may ask? Well he was out for an opportunity for his work!

And Quinn was feeling rebellious and rolled a wish to play a prank, so I obliged him and set him to work flooding the school... which he promptly got caught.

But regardless of that... I was alerted that in the wake of Echo's death, we have a new life, who I promptly named Nessa Nix.

She's Hates the Outdoors like her mother, and she's also a Heavy Sleeper.

Ana looks positively radiant for once.

...and she's baaaaack!
Looks like Echo died so a green child could be born.
(In serious Blackwall voice): There can be only one.

Quinn got home and was promptly scolded by Yolanda due to pressures from the sim universe which demand all Sims to be guilty if brought home in a police vehicle.

Don't mind Uncle Dagan, he's too busy taking pictures and blogging about it on his hip, new blog-tool-thingamajigger.
Quinn is still pulling only adorable faces.
Because I, the watcher, have the glorious hand of god, I promptly have Yolanda apologize for her misgivings on my precious child and let him off the hook from his grounding.

With a face like that he could prank a hundred schools and I'd be perfectly ok with it.

Life returned to normal, I set up the family graveyard to accompany the newest grave.

Ana got... mysteriously sick.
Dagan: "was it the perfume? It's always the perfumes..."
Hahaha... yeah... perfume... definitely.

Sterling got another promotion and is now in the right track for his Lifetime Wish!

Quinn's class had a field trip to the mausoleum (which wasn't actually broken, almost all field trips end up horrifically broken in this file). He got a magical gnome out of it to join the others.

We now have Hipp and Kewl, who are the elder gnomes, Jena the child gnome, and Kenny the adult gnome. What a happy gnome-family!

Abe's goal has been to max the Charisma skill since he has so many friends already.

Dagan and Yolanda have maxed age bars, so I pretty much let them do whatever... which usually means loiter. Though I am trying to get Dagan to max the artisan skill, we'll see if I succeed.

Quinn got another wish to prank.

So many adorable faces from this boy, and not enough pictures I can even take.
Abe is proving to be a not-horrible father.

Sad fact of it is, in the Sims I usually define "not-horrible father" as anyone who has come into contact with their child at least once.

Ana continues to paint freaking gorgeous things.
Quinn's prank ended up coming into fruition much faster than I expected.
I may have helped it along because Quinn.

Sorry, Yolanda... not sorry.
I made it up to her by letting her spend some quality time with Dagan. Again. Some more? Something like that.

Gnome pop!

... Baby... pop?


Nessa birthday rolled around just after midnight, Abe made her a cake! It's also Quinn's birthday, but we decided to do Nessa's first.

Ana took our darling death child to the cake.

Of course, due to the conga-line of party goers, Ana had to drop our dear Nessa in the living room where she promptly aged up into...

A green clone of her mother.
Hey, I'm not complaining! Abe's genes are...
Anastasia has some wonderful genes! (nods seriously)
I have no idea where the hair came from, but I'm assuming it's Abe's lineage, as all of my Nixes have had Black/Blue/Red/anything but brown hair.

Random other Ana painting:

She likes her solitary women. (Shrugs)
I do too.

Nessa spam!

That last picture is purely just a reminder that she's still 100% her mother, regardless of all the smiles!

Meanwhile, didn't I say there was another birthday? Darn straight I did! Quinnnnnnn! 💓💓💓💓

Let us all enjoy and relish the fact that I'm on a blog and therefore can spam you with every single picture of him I took. ALL pictures are worthy of being shown of our dear Quinn!

Random Nessa pop.

...and back to birthday boy Quinn, just so I can kill each of you with every level of cuteness!

Heh, I always see that shirt and am reminded of how Kefka spawned in that at one point and... yeah you guys probably have no idea who that is unless you read my other stories.
Can you guess what trait he rolled?
Commitment issues.
Allow me to pick myself off the ground where I laughed myself to.

Right, time to give Quinn a proper makeover!
Making over Quinn... making over Quinn. Hmm, hmm hmmm hmmm.
Quinn: "............."
Quinn: "Uh... watcher?"
Making over Quinn... making over- what?
Quinn: "............."
Quinn: "Something tells me you're mistaking me for someone else."

WHOOPS. Heh.. heh... wrong Quinn... (clears throat)... my mistake. Let me fix that for you.

Quinn: "This is a cool necklace."
Heeeee. I know.
Heh, sorry, I couldn't help dressing him like the original Quinn. I'm due up to get another Nightingale chapter out soon.
"Livvie!" You all scold. "What a shameless plug!"
Heeeeee, you all forget I have no shame.

CUTE BOY STILL GOT IT. Still prefer my sweet original Quinn, but boy oh boy is this Quinn a wonderful rendition. I just need to...

Ah, yes... there's my boy.
Quinn² would've totally had Quinn's tattoos had I remembered to put them into this file. Missed opportunities. Curses.

Another Nessa pop!

Another gorgeous Anastasia painting...
and one gorgeous Quinn showing off his doofus side.

Quinn: "I have become one with my art."
So you have, my child... so you have.

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