Chapter 86: Let's Get a Move On!

(Ahem) So I started this chapter a while back, took a break, went all ham, launched Where the Willow Walks (+9 chapters including the prologue), a Song of the Nightingale chapter, a Reaper chapter, a long overdue Faction of the Lost Ones chapter and then my computer bonked out on me and I had to reset and all of the sudden the pictures I had from my attempt got moved away from the front of my nose... so...
Here we are!
I don't remember what half this chapter is about anymore. I'm sorry!
Last chapter, they went to France, I hit an infinite loading screen and raged.
I FIXED IT THOUGH! We're all good!

I had to redo all of their time at France and I TOLD myself I would write down their progress when I got back but... Heh... (pulls on collar).
A quick sum-up is they had a super skilling session, I didn't have Abe break up with his girl and I also didn't start a romance between Abe and Ana, I decided I would wait until they got back, have Abe break up with his girlfriend and buy the "Clean Slate" LTR before making him committed to Ana.
You know, it's the romance addict in me. I wanted them to be all set up for a nice marriage. Now that we have all that out of the way, time for a game of "guess what I meant to say with each picture I took."

We start off with our gnome family, not getting any younger I might point out! I wonder what happens to baby gnomes when the elder gnomes die? That's a pretty dark thought.

I believe... this is where I went to call for France again. THE BONUS of doing it this way was because I had to load to my last stable save, it was before Abe walked out of the station without his promotion, which he scored this time. HARK there is HOPE for his LTW yet!

Echo is STILL alive, and this chapter marks the FOURTEENTH chapter since Felix's death that Echo continues to shake her fist at grim. And me.
Mostly me.

Ana no! Ok maybe, but only later, ok? Ok maybe not even later, just so long as you do the do with Abe. Gen 7 isn't going to bring themselves!

HA, ok so that was the only picture I took of them in France. Oui. J'ai essayé.

We get back and it's Dagan and Yolanda's birthday (again). Ack, I've lost track of how many times I've done this... (scratches head).

Ah, beauty, grace, and broken back. What could be better?

With that, that must mean Abe and Ana arrived back home so... Cue montage of things you've already seen, just imagine them sped up?

I sent Abe out to garden and Ana hadn't yet finished the athletic skill from THAT round in France so... off she went to finish that. I know very specifically that Abe has Gardening, Cooking, and Fishing one skill point away from maxed. I did that purposefully hoping he might roll some wishes for it. Doubtful, but I can dream. Otherwise I know with certainty Ana has painting, writing, logic, and other things maxed, so I mostly just have her on the treadmill until she maxes her Athletic. At this point I think she got to Level 8.

Then I ended that play session that I cannot remember with a picture of Quinn... which is REALLY ironic because my genius brain loaded up my save file last night, saw Quinn in that similar position and snapped ANOTHER picture like OH LOOK, it's QUINN.

Skipping ahead. I always get random centered pictures on my Sims when I load up this file. It's almost like I catch this bad case of forgetfulness. It's like waking up after a long nap and you question everything. Where am I? What year is this? Who are you people?

Dagan had taken up the guitar skill at some point?
(scratches head) (flips rapidly through notes) (shrugs)
Yeah your guess is as good as mine.
Haha, people reading this straight through probably think I'm crazy.
I am.

"You know it's only been an hour since you last checked."
Yeah, I suppose, but it's been months for me. Can we just hurry this along please?
Echo harumphs.
Truthfully, you guys know I love her lots, but... THIS IS A SHORT DYNASTY. Deaths are a part of it. I LOVE MY SIMS but PLEASE. HAVE MERCY.

Ana looks so delicate and feminine. As always.

Quinn is the most precious child who ever lived. Save for the last precious child I deemed to be precious, of course.

I realized somewhere along the way I lost Ana's shoes. Curses. I really liked those. I'll have to dig 'em up again on the internet. In the meantime she gets boots because I was really weirded out seeing her strutting around in those base game heels.

I put Echo out to work on the Garden. Dunno why but I feel like that'll be useful. Ok we got a headcount. Echo is an ADVANCED elder. Dagan and Yolanda are NORMAL elders. Anastasia and Abe are young adults. Finally, Quinn (the precious child) is a child. RIGHT.

Yolanda comes out of work with her promotion to level 9 (!!!) in the Political Career. She's one promotion away from her lifetime wish, but it is Friday. She'll have to wait until Monday, but that's just fine. I KNOW she can do it.
Until then, we get to work on setting up her fundraising.

Must... resist...

Giving a... CAS... makeover...

Well at least he'll make a good target. He might've just inherited wealth! 
Er--- I mean, we should probably do this delicately. 
"I'm on it."
He donates a nice not-round number of some $4,5somethingsomething. Essentially between $4,000 and $5,000. As Yolanda is talking to him, I spot a Nix leaving and decide to hit her up and mooch win some MORE campaign funds.

These interactions take awhile so I bounce on over to Dagan across the street and am hit with ANOTHER Nix relative. My impulse kicks in with the ooh pretty reaction I have and I yank her into CAS.

I'M SO WEAK. Also she reminds me of my cosmetology teacher. (saves her to bin)
So I walked out of CAS and was struck by ANOTHER person entering town hall. Fillipe. I remember his name because he's PIGTAIL boy. This poor unfortunate soul, I had already caved once so of course I tried to rectify his pigtail situation immediately afterwards.
Don't you see?
I have a problem.

Most of the time people would be using this to look at stats or change traits or ages or something but nope.
I'm just here because my town got in a fight with a rampaging clown's dresser and lost.
My game is slowing down though so I'm trying to NOT do this... but as I said before I'm just weak.

Livvie: (gets distracted away from writing around the exact point I had stepped away from the file for a bit)
Also Livvie: Time to roll-call again!
(as I said, I always do this as I go back in)
Livvie's brain: Hey you know I should warn you-
Ok, we got Quinn playing on the console. No no, time to get back to painting, young precious. 

Abe is rushing off from work so he can piggy back off Yolanda's fundraising and question everyone that's coming out of her work as well. 
Livvie's brain: no you really should listen you've forgotten-
It's a well-oiled machine, if you will.

Livvie's brain: NO BUT SERIOUSLY-


(shields face)
Livvie: why didn't you TELL ME?!
Livvie's brain: 😑

Ahem, right. Finished that headcount, scarred myself. Life continues.

You know I've taken over 100 images, I'm not sure I'll use all of them, but I probably should've warned you all to buckle up.
So... belated buckle up? Heh.

Yolanda managed to scrounge up around $14k off of the people outside City Hall, so I sent her home to toss a fast Fundraising party, as her metric for the fundraising was STILL in the red. Bring on the party-goers.

Sterling: "Boo, I got kicked from the squad."
Oh don't be so dramatic. You're still in the squad. I just had to relocate your wife so she COULD BE your wife. 
Sterling: "Boo, fundraising parties."
I also invited Foxglove, Arriety, Ambriel and several other people hardly worth mentioning. It was also at this party I realized that Sterling and Abe look a lot alike, so I began to accidentally start calling Abe Sterling. Whoops.
A lot of this is just a summary, because the party was really boring, minus the fact that we got a random dump of $53,000 into the family account for some reason that left me scratching my head. Dagan came home and played the guitar. Yolanda tried to get her children to donate to her campaigns.

See how well it worked? It worked so well.
The night was a night for notifications.

Ack what does my Sheera baby see in him. OH speaking of my darling Sheera...

She did a pregnancy spin for me. ❤
More perfect Sheera spawn, please game!
Quinn took advantage of seeing his mother and spam interactions with her. He finally rolled a wish to give her a gift. I decided why not? I'm in the mood to fulfill wishes! Call me Genie Livvielove.
I open up the menu and WHAT DO YOU KNOW. He can gift his imaginary friend away.

I could not gift that demonic thing away fast enough.
"Oh thanks sweetie, I always wanted one of Satan's spawn."
"I found a good one for you. It was attached to my soul."
"Ooh, even better. I'll do some experiments on it."

Quinn wished to befriend his father, Sterling.
My precious Quinn wisheth, the Genie Livvielove granteth.

I was exiting through my many popups when. Ah, there it is: that random $50k.

Gods bless NRAAS mods. With that, we've hit our fist million in the household.

Yeah I know, you're all thinking "Livvie, that's so lame, it took you 6 generations to hit a mil?"
Not really, I've just not been in any hurry. The family lives MORE than comfortably. They're sitting on four Midas touch potions I could've used whenever but never felt the rush to. I've been slowly getting up the guts to finally get all my properties to level 3 (again, plenty of money, just lack the desire at this point) for this file, but now that we've hit our Mil I may wait a bit so I don't break my lovely 10 digit theme I got going. Heh.

Ok so it was a little before that picture was taken of the funds that I realized it was 8 o clock at night, prime baby-making time. I sent my lovelies to work.

Chimes were heard, and life resumed.

The party wound down, and funds were pouring into Yolanda's campaign. She got a wish to talk to Echo, and I obliged. They're both old now (stares at Echo intensify) so I decided to have Yolanda REMINISCE with Echo about "the good old days."

You know... them good ol' days with setting things on fire and rocketships.
Can't forget them.
It's in the same boat as all those attractive invisible people...

Well shortly after:

Onward to writing for her!

And reports for SterlingAbe!
Hey when did you get here?

Cue everyone: "My what a rude houseguest! Hmph!"
Yes well, breaking and entering is quite rude.

I've run out of witty things to say and now we have a dog houseguest... who wasn't invited. Still got too many pictures though! What's next on my-
I died.
I died so much.

He aged up to gain the flirty trait. The similarities to his namesake amuse me so. SO. Much. Then... look at this:

In and out a moment later:

Livvielove: (hardcore swoons) I'VE BEEN STRUCK. (rushes to ensure he's saved to my bin).
I legit took 6 more pictures of him doing random things. Mostly painting. He got the "Can't Stand Art" trait but he keeps rolling wishes to level painting. This child is so beautiful.

Life resumes. Echo and Quinn are painting, Yolanda is...

...carving stone using the art of air tapping.
Fascinating, no?
(Dark music fills the room)
(Grim Reaper laughter)
(Everyone rushes the painting room)
Is... is it time? Is it? Is it?!

(intense breath in)

Echo: "Oh no..."

Quinn: "I was this close to grandma teaching me to drive when this had to interrupt!"

Sorry, Livvielove is unable to come to the phonputer right now. Please leave a message and she'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.

(Heavy breathing)
I'm ok.
I'm calm.
Totally. Cool.
As a cucumber.

Quinn gets his wish to learn how to drive.
Echo gets her wish to teach him.
(bitter grumbling heard in background) this woman will NEVER die.

(Camera pans)
(Watcher intakes sharp breath)
(Heavy sigh)
Ana... it's just you.

Why are you cross-eyed and... oh!

Baby pop!
She actually looks very happy here for once... how weird.
Neither she nor SterlingAbe popped any wishes for gender nor for having a baby... So this is how it's going to be. Let's hope they get excited SOON because generation seven is on it's way!

I think I'm good to wrap it up here. Hopefully next chapter we'll get a chance to see how close to the finish line we are! The town seems to be booming with babes, so I'm excited to see whether or not we end up with a boy or a girl. Meanwhile, let's end on a picture of Quinn.

Precious boy.

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  1. Joins Livvie in swooning over Quinn!!! He looks like a young version of his namesake almost

    1. He really does, doesn't he? His nose is a little different, but I totally see the resemblance. Grown Quinn(Jr) reminds me a lot of teen Quinn Flanagan.
      Alas, this precious child will hopefully be with us for a while!
      (I say this every time and each time I can never keep them) (shakes fist)

  2. Quinn is a heartbreaker! I've never played Dragon Valley but, to me, this Quinn is even hawter than the original Quinn (minus the amazing personality, killer irony, and what not).
    Can't wait to read about how young Quinn develops!
    Oh, and congrats to Ana and Abe on their forthcoming nooboo! Of course, I'm excited about the Gen7 heir, too!

    Btw, where the heck is Fenris!?

    1. I love Dragon Valley, hands down my favorite town. Quinn is a heart-breaker indeed, but I'm going to have to disagree on who's hotter! ;) XD Quinn Flanagan's got my heart and soul. While this Quinn is more aesthetically pleasing I find myself forever pulled back to the Puppeteer. <3

    2. --- also on Fenris; I'm still on the hunt, and he's still evading me! >.> <.< (shakes fist at sky) grrrrr!

  3. DID NOT TAKE ANA AND ABE AS THE TYPE TO GET MARRIED BUT...I am happy with this. I hope their baby is as gorgeous as Ana err-they both are! Quinn, Quinn s beautiful as always. Just like his namesake. Why the hell won't Echo die already? Come on. I love you, but you need to die...

    1. Heeee, they're pretty cute I know.
      I love Ana. She's GORGEOUS. Abe is passable in the right light. ;) My fingers are crossed their babes favor Ana ten-fold.
      Quinn, my love and precious child of this generation fits perfectly.

      My Echo... I did love her for a time, but her time is passed. It's time to let Quinn shine brightly like a diamond.