Chapter 85: Flap My Jack

So the day before things began heating up between Ana and Abraham, I had Abe take care of a few things.

He really didn't seem too invested nor heartbroken to lose his rather toxic relationship to a girl he was practically enemies with.

So moving to the present with Ana and Abe, they returned inside from their wonderful autonomous stargazing - mostly because Anastasia hates everything - especially the outdoors.

Autonomy is a beautiful thing, everyone.

A very, very beautiful thing.

What's this? Is the fearsome Anastasia smiling? Smiling AND it doesn't look painful!
"Shove off, Watcher, we're busy."
Oop. Pardon.

(Intense struggling to keep quiet and patient on the Watcher's part).

FINALLY they both pointed to the next step.

(The Watcher fans self intensely).
Ooh you two! You're going to make my heart a little goopy! 
Anastasia rolls her eyes.
Don't even give me attitude! You just rolled a wish to SERENADE our Abraham. Hop to it missy.
"I'm going to kill you one day for this, Watcher."
I look forward to it.

Being the grand Watcher I am, and because I'm a soul always seeking points in this darned challenge, I pulled a compromise with Anastasia. She rolled a wish to visit the Museum (again) and I sent her and her new boyfriend to a very deserted yet romantic spot.

....We're very lucky Abe tolerates you and your firm eyebrows.

You know, when I was still writing this on a forum, I would agonize over which pictures to show, but now I've got more pictures than I do wit. Is it more boring? Probably.
But it sure is fun for me.

Favorite.Kiss.Favorite.Kiss.Favorite.Kiss. 😍

These two are autonomously pretty freaking adorable. Given Abe did the autonomous dip kiss (earning him mucho bonus points from the Watcher), and Ana followed up with an autonomous heat-of-the-moment kiss I feel the game has accurately taken their personalities from my brain and is portraying exactly what I imagine they would do.

That leads me to this next point - the point where I cut a deal with Anastasia for points.

If she rolled the wish to marry Abraham - she would marry Abraham. If she didn't - she wouldn't. No pressure on her. All that matters is a baby comes from this situation which... given their autonomy... I doubt will be much trouble.

I feel like I'm lacking in wit today, but alas, we carry on.
Honestly vacation is just really not an interesting time. When I've got 6+ sims I can bounce between it makes it a lot easier than. Look, Ana maxed another skill. Woo. 
"A+ Enthusiasm."
Thanks, Abe.

So I think I'm going to just hit the triple speed button and spare you the gritty details before I end up launching into some dramatic monologue regarding some super secret romantic tensions between our stubborn heiress and her polar-opposite bo.
(coughs) What do you mean I've already done that?
... awkward.

Scenery change.

Scenery change.

Scenery change.

Changed scenery.

Change Sceneryed.

Scenery change + mindless wish granting.

Scenery change + completion of likely gruesome children's book written by the glorious Anastasia.

Alright, you know what? This is just ridiculously boring at this point. It has to be for everyone following along, so I'm going to spice it up. For your enjoyment, I shall now listen to "Flap My Jack" incessantly as I write this and maybe that will spice things up.
Here we goooo!

Ooohhh flippity flap, flippity flap! Put a pancake on the stack!

Flippity flap, flippity flap, put the pancake on the stack! And everybody flap my jack! 

We got one cake on the bottom, on top and in the middle. 

You pour a little batter and you put it on the griddle. Then it's all done! If you want more you can come back! 

So everybody flippity flap and flap my jack! Oooooh!

Flippity flap, flippity flap. Put a pancake on the stack, everybody flap my jack! 

Oh yes!

Flippity flap, flippity flap. Put a pancake on the stack and everybody flap my jack-

Everybody now!

Ooohhhh flippity flap, flippity flap, put a pancake on the stack! Everybody flap my jack! 

Flippity flap, flippity flap, flippity flap, flippity flap-

-Flippity flap, put the pancake on the stack, everybody needs a good breakfast in the day!

Flippity flap, flippity flap, put a pancake on my stack and don't take my butter away!

The batter, the batter, soft as silk!

The batter, the batter is buttermilk! 
The batter, the batter... 

The better the batter, the bitter the batter, the batter the bitter the batter the batter the-

Flippity flap, flippity flap! Put a pancake on the stack, everybody flap my jack! 


Flippity flap, flippity flap!

Put a pancake on my stack and everybody-




I don't know why you put up with me. Maybe you don't, and the second I started sing-writing you bailed the story? Well clearly not if you're reading this... I'm so pleased you've made it here.
It means you're as weird as I am, and I like that.

Bad news: As of right now, I've finished writing this chapter with lots of skilling and wonderfulness....and hit an infinite loading screen on the way back from the location. It's ok though! I have an old save before they went on vacation - I knew I was playing with fire. I'm like really bummed out (and in denial) about having lost all that progress they made, so I may try to resurrect my vacation save. In the meantime, I DID write this chapter and hey, if I can save my sims that's all the better, but you may not hear from me for a few days until I decide, ultimately on what to do. 

Thanks for your patience and I hope you're not annoyed as all hell with me! 

Lots of love, 

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  1. OMG, that was amazing. I already find your stories amusing and fun, but this just took the cake (or pancake as it were). Thank you for that, that was absolutely laugh out loud funny!! Cheers!

  2. Jacks have been flapped, and we're marked safe from Majnun once more. And I would read Ana's book page to page but I guess I'm stuck with you instead. :P (thank you of course <3)