Chapter 84: Happy Little Bluebird

We pick up where we left off...
In France.
Anastasia had a glare that could kill someone and I quietly sent her off to cool off on a car ride to fill her needs and fulfill a few wants. This small vacation will let me get a grip on things. I was struggling to remember how I balanced so many Sims on such intense schedules, so the Watcher needs a bit of a grace period, and these two need a bit of "romance" period, shall we say?
"Oh, AS IF, Watcher." Ana huffed as she stopped at the museum and then took off for the nectary.
Meanwhile, Abraham decided to fill out some wants too.

Oh boy... we got a good boy over here.
"I do like donating to charities."
You do realize that... oh nevermind.
"Realize what?"
Oh nothing. I'm just going to need a miracle over here.
So off Abraham went to get his need-filling joy ride out of the way, oh and to knock out some more wishes.

Boy... you keep kissin' on girls and you're NOT going to last very long in this house.
"It's just a greeting. You're such a stickler, Watcher."
You've also got two romantic interests and a girlfriend.
"So? I like living on the wild side."
Looking through the family tree, Abraham's girlfriend is actually one of Dekit's grandchildren, as discussed in the last post. They basically had all girls though. Looking at the family tree has been enlightening. You know, you and your girlfriend have a lot more in common than you and Ana... yet you're in the red with your supposed girlfriend and promised to father a child with Ana.
Yeah, so why in the world did you agree to come with Ana?
"The world may never know."

I tried to bring the two future love birds together by putting them in close proximity. Alas, Ana didn't take well to this.

"He's messing up my... whatever it is you say gets messed up."
"Yeah. That thing. Whatever."
You're the one who picked him, you know. No complaints.
"Just because he was the least bad option doesn't make him any more appealing."
Abraham smirks. "That's not what you said when you kissed me and I rejected you."
"Remove him from my sight or I will break all your dynasty rules and I will kill him."
The Watcher stops eating popcorn. Oh fine. Come on Abraham.

International Super Spies need to be fit. Get to it.
Oh, and because he admits to rejecting Ana, let us have a humiliating montage of him attempting to make progress! Laugh with me, everyone!

So he DID reject you!

"You see this painting, Watcher?"
Yes, looks rather dismally not like Fenris.
"This painting is my promise that I will destroy every attempt at Fenris you get."
Hsssss. You really are evil.
"Now leave me alone."
Touchy, touchy.

With Fenris now on the line, I needed to appease my Heiress. It is a give-and-take relationship, after all. Take a little, give a little. ABRAHAM. COME HERE.
Show Ana your happy little Bluebird!

Look Ana! This man comes fully complete with rare bird!
Ana yawns without looking away from the easel. "So... impressed, Watcher."
Bet some of the other men can't compete with that. The Watcher laughs deviously, should we name the bird?

(Cue laughter from both Anastasia AND the Watcher).
"Ok that was pretty good, I'm not so mad at you anymore, Watcher."
Woo! I'm in the clear!
Abraham grumbles and retreats upstairs to return to working on his Athletic skill.

So, it's been a rough start. 
"You don't say?" Abraham grumbles as he does some more chin-ups.
Hey, at least you're getting buff! I'll go buy you a treadmill. Can't forget leg-day!
"I'm fatigued. Oh darn."

Oh that's fine, look what I brought!
"You are so lucky that was in my inventory already."

"I feel sleepy."
CRAP. Again! Quick!
Six attempts later...


The "buy me things" wish parade came to town, so I obliged for the sake of happy sims.

Ana finished her painting and...

Hmm... me thinks you and Abraham are a lot more compatible than I once thought.

Yet DURING the time Ana was painting... someone snuck out.

Ana had just started a new painting when Abraham returned back, gift in tow.

"Hey, Ana, I got something for you."
"Really? We usually save exchanging pocket lint for after weddings, which we're certainly not having."
"I think you'll like it. Besides, it'll go bad if you don't take it now."
Ana huffs and turns around to receive the action.

"Oh boy! You brought me... food. Cool. Thanks."
"Not just any food, but Crepes. I got some too. Let's eat."
"Do I have to?"
Yes. Yes you do. Go eat.

"You know, just because you bought me food doesn't mean I like you any more. This is ridiculous."
"Well it doesn't. It means nothing."
"Of course."

The market didn't have Crepes when you went yesterday, did they, Ana? Say thank you.
Anastasia goes back to painting.
Well, I think she's happy about it.
Abraham cleaned up the dishes and went back to his room to workout as the Watcher watches in amusement.
This is turning out to be quite fun. 

So the Watcher puts away the idea of romance for a while and hardcore focuses on skilling for several solid days straight in game.

Unfortunately I missed the first one of her completing her Lifetime Wish, so this'll have to do.
Congratulations, dearest.
"Thanks... I guess. Feels a little weird to be "done" with such a big goal. I guess we keep moving forward?"
Yup. Let's go see how Abraham is doing in the other room.

And congratulations to you as well, Abraham. 
"Thanks! This is great!"

Don't get me wrong, these two definitely have some mutual attraction and tension when in the same room together. While they were usually in separate corners of the house (minus the one skill point I got Ana in Athletic so I could complete a wish to train someone for Abraham)... they did occasionally pass each other.

Well, I once got up to get a drink and Abraham decided to sneak away to talk to Anastasia when I wasn't looking.

Hey... what's going on here? Where are you two going?
They marched right outside and onto the lawn.

Autonomous star gazing? 
Well, I guess there's hope for you two, yet. 

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  1. Good job, Abraham! Looks like the shirtless approach is working for you!
    Anastasia, good job to you, too! Make him beg for it!