Chapter 83: Let's Play Catch-Up

Alright, now that I've gotten my things fully moved over to a blog, it's no longer 3am, and I'm digging into my Nix file once again, let's play catch-up, shall we?
I know I certainly could use the refresher. If you're just reading straight through, you probably don't.

Also, I got really, really sick of staring at that obnoxious font after transferring over so many chapters, so we've swapped. If there are any issues/text inconsistencies and you spot them, please let me know so I can fix them. Thanks!

Right now the Nix household is on generation 6 out of 10. The previous generations were as follows:
  1. Ara and Bradan Nix
  2. Sam and Ima Nix
  3. Reid and Steph Nix
  4. Felix and Echo Nix (as if you could've forgotten them)
  5. Dagan and Lala Nix 
  6. Anastasia and Abraham Nix
We got a brief introduction to our newest spouse to this ridiculous challenge, but we don't know much about him yet. 
No worries, I'm off to give everyone makeovers and have a little chit-chat about them because I've sorely forgotten. We're going oldest to youngest because that's how the family is laid out on the side. I'm also going to put everyone up on my SimFileShare for download (as YAs)! I can't promise they'll all be dressed appropriately and I'm not going to take off the CC unless someone specifically requests it to be so! Granted, I only use .package CC so most of this stuff won't transfer to your game (likely). It's plausible, but not likely. Onward!

M = Maxed Skill | SM = Supermaxed Skill | C = Completed LTW 

Echo Nix; Age: Elder - 30 Days (Maxed Bar); Loves to Swim, Loves the Cold, Nurturing, Light Sleeper, Frugal. Widow of Felix Nix, our Gen 4 Heir. She's quite STILL ALIVE and kicking. 

Not much is changed on her outfit, I just recolored her shoes to actually match and gave her a fresh hairstyle because I've got way too much CC to just leave her with what she had.

Skills: Fishing (M), Gardening (M), Handiness (M), Logic (M), Painting (M), Mixology (M), Writing (M), Alchemy (M), Photography (M), Scuba Diving (2).
Lifetime Wish: Master Mixologist (C).

Where I found her when opening this file: Working on making a crap-ton of friendship potions. 

Can I download her? Yes, click here.

Yolanda Nix; Age: Adult - 0 Days to Elder; No Sense of Humor, Sailor, Rebellious, Unlucky, Excitable, Savvy Sculptor. Wife of Dagan Nix, the Gen 5 Heir. The game is registering her as already an elder though (heavy sigh) and she's at work so I can't reset her. WE'RE OFF TO A GOOD START, EVERYONE.
So I'm going to live dangerously and set her age to Adult in CAS because... what could possibly go wrong? 

I couldn't decide what to put on her really, and she'll be getting another makeover (maybe even in this update) when she *truly* ages to elder.

Skills: Sculpting (M), Charisma (M), Fishing (1), Social Networking (4), Photography (M).
Lifetime Wish: Leader of the Free World

Where I found her when opening this file: At work.

Can I download her? Yes, click here.

Dagan Nix; Age: Adult - 0 Days to Elder; Couch Potato, Genius, Loves the Heat, Heavy Sleeper, Dog Person. Our Generation 5 Heir with cheekbones that could cut somebody.

Dagan now rocks a man bun. Yes. He gets a man bun. It'll be changed here in like... a few hours game-time. Just watch. Also, just in case people really didn't get my memo about his cheekbones:


Skills: Cooking (M), Fishing (M), Logic (M), Handiness (M), Painting (M), Gardening (M), Writing (M), Photography (M), Social Networking (1).
Lifetime Wish: Illustrious Author (C).

Where I found him upon opening this file: Searching for Fenris Painting Ana's Portrait.

Can I download him? Yes, cheekbones included.

Abraham Clements-Shepherd; Age: Young Adult - 4 days to Adult; Neurotic, Couch Potato, Good, Charismatic, Dog Person. Roommate of Anastasia Nix, Gen 6 Heiress. May also have made a deal for a child? His relationship panel is a crazy mess right now. 3 different romantic interests and a girlfriend, and no, none of those are Ana. So much for that "Good" trait, sir.

He got a bit of a Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them look without me really trying. It was just laziness and I realized at the end how he looked. Ah well.

Skills: None. He's innocent as a babe... 'cept in his love life, apparently. You know, why have skills when you can collect STDs?
What? Not funny?
Lifetime Wish: International Super-Spy (oh god whyyyy).

Where I found him when opening the file: At work.

Can I download him? Why not? Spread ALL the STDs love around!

Anastasia Nix; Age: Young Adult (6 days to Adult); Evil, Hates the Outdoors, Grumpy, Mean-Spirited, Great Kisser. Generation 6 Heiress, known for just how happy she is ALL the time (that's sarcasm, intense sarcasm).

I'm getting intensely lazy at this point so she gets a new hair. It's fine, she's adorable anyways, we all know this.

Skills: Logic (9), Painting (8), Photography (M), Writing (4).
Lifetime Wish: Renaissance Sim.

Where I found her when opening this file: Searching for Fenris unsuccessfully.

Can I download her? No. I mean Yes. Click Here.

Quinn Nix; Age: Child (2 days to Teen); Can't Stand Art, Genius, Excitable. Generation 6 heir of Quinn Flanagan's lips being genetically passed down. Son of Sheera Nix, sister of Dagan Nix (the Gen 5 Heir), cousin of Anastasia Nix (the Gen 6 Heiress). Perfect reflection of his namesake. Golden Child. Many titles here.

Quinn only gets a minor hair change because he was perfect anyways. Now let me just age him up to YA to export him and --- (GASPS) Eeeps he's so wonderful. Ooh I'm so excited.

Skills: Nothing here yet, but it's fine because he's perfect.
Lifetime Wish: My Quinnie will decide when it's right for him, stop judging him!

Where I found him when opening this file: Searching for Fenris, duh.

Can I download him? Yes. Yes you can.

General family stats: we got a crap ton of everything going on, money, ingredients (despite Sheera's best effort), food, etc. Here we go with some stats.

Funds: $935K
House Net Worth: $350K
House Layout:


Sectioned Skill Rooms.

Art Cave, Nursery, Kitchen, Living, and 8-beds-smashed-together-so-they're-unusable-but-still-counts-as-having-beds-so-I-don't-have-the-game-yelling-at-me-when-people-ask-my-sims-to-move-out.

Basement Theater and Museum.

Museum up close. Portraits totaling: $8,150 currently.

Family Tree: 

One convoluted mess with red dots to denote my heirship. This will likely be the last time I can do that and see all the way to the top, as mine only displays so many generations.

Motive Mobile Count: 6 + the Bat Mobile!

Somehow still alive and functioning...
Properties: Heart and History Art Gallery (2), Mol Beach (2), Traigh Mhor Beach (2), Cladach Beach (1), Consignment Store (2), McCafferty's Pub (Offline), Aleister's Elixirs and Sundries (3), Crios Pond (3), Feudal Fishing Spot (3), City Cairn Memorial Lot (2), Practice Pit Gymnasium (3), Sudsy Time Laundry (3), Freedom Books (3), Swimmer's Safety Practice Pool (1). 
Buildings (all full ownership): Garada Police and Military, JRA International Equestrian Center, Like Minded Individuals Inc., Miser McCann's Restaurant, Mithrilen's Madmen Hideaway, Myth Legend Lore and Fact Facility, Slainte chugat Harmony Hospital, The Local Grocer, Tome Traders, Tourney Tent of Novices, Ubiquitous Unity Day Spa, World's Theater.
Apologies, it's not easy on an American keyboard to do special characters and I'm just not up to the task. Pretend I spelled some of those correctly, kay? 
Vacation Homes: China ($73,886), France ($69,757).

Let's begin with Anastasia paying the bills, shall we?

Life is good at the Nix house, and after some confirmation, I know for a fact that Anastasia is not pregnant... so I didn't miss much. I know I ended on the note that she kissed Abraham-
"Or did I?" Anastasia smirks.
Yes well you're not romantic interests, he somehow moved in anyways... so me thinks he either rejected you.
"I would've had a moodlet from rejected first kiss."

Touche, but regardless, you're not Romantic Interests. He's actually got 2 or 3 of them he's sorting through and he's got a girlfriend in the red!
"That's unfortunate for him."
And for you... you have to marry him!
"Nah. It's not in the rules, watcher."
It's... not? (Fumbling and reading). By the gods, it's not!
"I told you so."

What's with the face?
"I have many plans."
So long as they don't break the rules, we're good then.
"I have my ways around the rules."
I don't like where this is going...

Ana went back and finished a brilliant painting while Echo churned out 3 friendship elixirs for the price of one. I got struck with a beautiful notice:

Ahem, I'm calm. I'm collected. 
(Internally) YES, YES, YES.

I've been hovering around the lot for a bit when I see the light on the kitchen sink flashing like there's a prank set there and I feel like I've seen that prank thing there for ages and I was sick of it... so I sent Echo to wash her hands.
I think the sink is broken, Echo. Test it and give it a wash with your hands so I can see if Dagan needs to come fix it.
"I can fix it too, you know."
Yes, yes, but you're getting up there in age and... it seems you forgot how to even sink properly.

"What do you mean? I always become one with my sinks before using them. I can tell you if it's broken right-ooohf!"

(Snickering) Thanks doll, looks like it wasn't broken after all. 
"Ack, I can't believe you'd sink this low!"
Well, YOU'RE the one in the sink darling.
"I hate you so much right now."
Worth it.
After short investigation, it did not take me long to discover who placed that ridiculous prank.

Looks like I wasn't keeping that close of tabs on her after all during her childhood...

Dagan was found wandering around, enjoying his hair no longer being on his face. WATCH OUT FOR THE CHEEKS, HE'S TURNING HIS HEAD.

"Oh hush, you."
I'm just teasing.
You all may think he's wearing makeup, but he's not. His cheeks are just colored that way naturally (shrugs).
Wait, why are you walking around? Aren't you working on Ana's painting?
"All done."
All done? Yipee!

It's a little dark, but it's perfect! Let's pop it down into the museum!

Six generations of Nixes. Kind of hard to believe... Yet here we are.

You guys ready to take a journey with me down the family tree? Well here's a funny story, and it starts with Lala at the library. She popped in to grab some campaign funds after she got her promotion to level 8 at work. Everybody cheer for Yolanda.

"Well, watcher, they finally dropped that ugly skirt from the wardrobe."
In exchange for hotpants... Ah well, you got a nice bod. It'll be fine.
"Yeah you should see one of my coworkers."
I'd rather not.
Anyways so Lala went to the Library as per usual to mooch of distant relatives gather campaign funds. There she ran into this girl, Elaine Nix.

Elaine looked familiar but it soon began a hunt for "find this woman on the family tree."
I mean it was pretty obvious to me that she was one of Dekit and Franny's girls - she looks like Franny to me.
Ok being completely honest I had a moment like "you look familiar" and couldn't remember how so I dug for her in the family tree and discovered... something even more interesting. So we have our  main lineage of the Nixes:

You're most familiar with this one. Ara, Sam, Reid, Felix, Dagan, Anastasia. Yes? Well... I decided to pop over to Sam's sister, Tessa to begin my search and what do you know...

Ara, Tessa, Elias, YOLANDA, Anastasia. WELP this just went full circle. I'm laughing now at how well this family's got around... and then I went over to Sam and Tessa's brother, Aiden.

HEY LOOK IT'S QUINN. Ara, Aiden, Precious, Sterling, Quinn. Holy cow you guys.
Finally I peaked into Dekit's lineage - which is quite expansive, and I've realized Dekit is the only one (minus Izzy, but Izzy technically wasn't "related" - adoption, you know?) of original line that hasn't married back into the line at some point.

(Ahem) *Goes into CAS with Elaine to stare at her and OH MY GOD SHE'S PRETTY*


So, we need to talk about babies.
"Do we?"
Yes. We do.
"Do we really?"
ANA you're getting knocked up today, like it or not...
"We'll see."
Anastasia ignores me.
Anastasia snorts and continues ignoring me.

Where did little Quinn run off to?
To read Inappropriate Manor.

So cute.

So ABRAHAM starts off on the wrong foot coming home from work without a promotion...

Why are you so happy about this? I'm very not.
"But look how close I got!"
We're going to be lucky if we make it to level 5 in your career before you die boy...

Well, given the state of everything in the house with Ana being rebellious and Abraham being a pain in the butt with his career... that left only one thing to do...

Yes, dear?

Teach you to try and take over my Dynasty.

Abraham: "This just keeps getting more and more interesting."
Ana: "I swear I'm going to-"

Let's get our ducks in a row, shall we?

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  1. It's taken forever for me to get caught up in your story of the Nixes, but I'm here at last!
    Still in love with the Nixes, and still in love with your storytelling!
    My mind got boggled a bit, trying to keep up with all the names in your family trees, lol.
    Doesn't keep me from loving Anastasia and her sass, though! I do question her taste in men, on the other hand.
    On to the next update!

  2. Thanks for the uploads! Will I use them? Probably not, though they'd fit into Twinbrook with a family tree like that. Paddle faster, I hear banjos!

    But Elaine is worth it. Is she on the yellow slider or a mere imposter?