Chapter 82: The Runaway Heiress

Welcome to the new format, readers!
(crawls in, breathing heavy)
(confetti throw)
It only took me... like... 6+ months? Something like that?
Anywho, yes the Nixes LIVE. They always will it seems. I'm the writer who just can't freaking quit. I may disappear for a couple years, but I'LL ALWAYS COME BACK. Now that I've gone off the forum I can have a little more freedom - as many screenshots as I want in a post! Woohoo!
Shall we get started?
WELL BEFORE WE DO, full disclosure needed.

The last chapter I actually wrote was in October of last year. Directly following that chapter I went and got screenshots for the next chapter (this chapter) and then ultimately left it in pending hell as I moved everything over to this blog.
I ALSO remember this was a chapter of huge changes to my ideas. 
GREAT IDEA LIVVIE, let's leave that one hanging for a YEAR. 
Right, so anyways, I apologize if this chapter makes no sense whatsoever. I'm here. I'm caught up. Maker be praised. I have ~50 screenies to fit here. LET'S DO THIS.

We start the update on a fantastic note, MORE QUINN.

Who's that, you all say?
If you don't know Quinn, the door is that way. Pfffbbttt.
JUST KIDDING not really.
Echo continues to destroy help our darling Quinn learn his skills faster.

Anastasia: "Oh come'on grams. You can fool him better than that. Make him work for it."
(Watcher gasps) NOT MY QUINNIE YOU DON'T.

So Yolanda is out fetching... political Campaign Donations? I think? She's at the library and 9/10 times I ever sent her to the library before were for the Campaign Donations from our distant relatives...
Speaking of, I got a picture of Sims fighting at the library. I'm sure I had something witty to say about it being some distant family member and blah blah, but you know what? Have this picture with no context.
It'll make as much sense to you as it does to me.

Let's go collect money from everyone! Away!

So Yolanda goes to beg for campaign donations and... oh-ho? What's this? My Watcher-senses are tingling.

"Someone who's about to pay me to run for office."

(The Watcher digs into the family tree, laughing maniacally).

Let's return to the Nix abode where Anastasia is painting Not-Fenris.

"It's been, like, a year. How are you not over this?"
Fenris... I will find you... I will...

Quinn almost maxed the peg box. This is noteworthy because everything Quinn does is noteworthy apparently.

Who am I kidding? Of course it's noteworthy!

The sun sinks below the horizon and --- yeah no, cut the dramatics. It's BIRTHDAY time which means Watcher-Hell ensues.

I get ready to begin when...
Lala, where you going? 

Well BAI. Jeez. Where's she going in such a hurry? 
(The Watcher Snickers) Oh that's right, I'm not telling you!

Echo has buried her grief-driven (or possibly senile) self into alcohol, the best place for that. Clearly.

"Still alive!"
Yeah, yeah. Don't remind me.

Let's begin by reverse order of births!
First up is the last born, Ambriel. I did take notes once. Once. A long time ago. They're long gone. Do not ask me what the traits are. I do not know. I DO remember that Ana's is Great Kisser.
Why do I remember that? Because she's such a freaking GEM with her Mean-Spirited, Grumpy, Hates the Outdoors, Evil self that SURELY I will remember the ONE decent thing the game gave to her.

She's so puuurty.
Following her is Arietty, whose name I am correctly spelling!

Femme Fatale forever.
Finally we have our heiress, Anastasia, who, as previously discussed, got one redeemable trait out of five.

"I'd argue that's 5 redeemable traits out of 5. I'm perfect, Watcher, and you know it."
Wai-Wait, when did you get the Stuck-Up trait too? I mean... sure thing Bradan-I mean Anastasia.
"How's mom doing on her mission?"
She's been successful so far.

With heavy hearts, we say goodbye to Ambriel and Arietty to make room for the next generation of Nixes - generation seven.

Anastasia makes a gagging noise.
Oh hush you. 
Yet, with that, Ana marches her rump right out the door and into a car.

Perhaps I shouldn't have moved the other two out so fast if my heiress was going to bail like that?
Also SHAME SHAME Watcher left the walls down.

Across town, a favorite of mine is getting something she's always deserved.

"Look, Sterling, I've completed my lifetime wish, I've had our baby, and now it's time for us to just make this official."

"Anything for you babe - but wait?! Am I still part of the squad if we do it this way?"
(The Watcher sighs heavily) Always and forever, Sterling, will you be part of the Squad.
"YES, I should tweet this. #squadlife."
Oh maker what have I done.
The couple had the most unceremoniously romantic wedding on the lawn beside Sterling's house.

It was bittersweet and adorable.
Sheera was sent on her way and... oh fudge... oh FUDGE. I LEFT ALL THE INGREDIENTS IN HER INVENTORY. 

(Ahem), so, after moving Sheera BACK IN and back out again through... perhaps less than legal means... (coughs don't kill me, but there really were over 1000 ingredients in her inventory. 6+ generations of ingredients! THAT'S A LOT OF INGREDIENTS TO LOSE SUDDENLY and the game is supposed to give you the items in their inventory ANYWAYS upon move-out so... it's legal right? Please?) We have our ingredients and... OH! OH MY.
It's Quinn's birthday.

Annnnd I missed his cake.
"You even set up a cake for me and sent me to it."
Yes but your mother was causing problems, as she's known to do.
Quinn smiles deviously. "Oh just you wait, watcher."
Oh lord. Well at least you're a cute menace.

(Coughs) Quinn-style away!
Quinn makes an escape to Dagan, who's earned his right to play video games at the ripe age of Full Adult.

And before everyone gets all up-in-a-tizzy... Quinn does NOT get any special treatment here, oh no sir!

To wrap up this way-belated update... let's go find our run-away heiress, shall we?

By the gods, she even heart-farted with him...
Anastasia: "You're passable."
Abraham: "Well, you could be worse."
Anastasia: "Hmm, one second, Passable."
Abraham: "Is that my name now, Average?"

Anastasia tilts her head slightly, sighs and nods. "One child agreement?"
Abraham's face doesn't change. "In exchange for?"
"Your lifetime wish completed."
Woah wait now. I don't know how old he is and I can't-
"It's a deal then."

Ana? Anastasia Nix what are you doing? This is not what we agreed...
"Beat it, Watcher. This is my Dynasty now."
Abraham smiles slightly. "Well, this should be fun."

"Now let's get this over with."

"Very fun, indeed."

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