Chapter 81: Quinn the Genius

We start this chapter out with Quinn - a good omen, right?

Being adorable on his little xylophone.
His momma Sheera is so close to achieving her lifetime wish she can almost taste it.

Dagan is busy painting away on his easel. 

Yolanda went to work to bag her level 7 promotion. The triplets are at school.
Echo has officially been put on Quinn-duty. I figure this way I can keep her busy but not have to micromanage her like I did while she was at the library. Quinn finished his xylophone skill and moved on to the peg box in an adorable fashion. 

This boy is too much.
Incoming Quinn spam! 

As I was doing this immense amount of adorable spam... I noticed something rather frustrating. It seems Echo has gone senile in her old age... and poor Quinn is suffering for it.

Did she point for the circle block to go into the triangle hole?
Monkey-see, monkey-do.

"It no fit grandma!"

How is this teaching him logic faster?
"Try this one." 

Echo, that's the square hole...
"Forget you, grandma, I got dis." 

Thank goodness Quinn is a smart boy all on his own. 

"And I'm cute too!"
Yes, Quinn, you're very cute... and very self-aware, it seems.
Look at his happy clap when he gets one right!

Oh oh! Oh no! I missed it! Drat.

At least I got the subsequential wish to Max the Alchemy Skill... Congratulations Sheera on your Lifetime Wish!
"It's ok, have you seen my son? He's pretty stinking cute."
Takes after his momma.

Yolanda got her level 7 promotion to Mayor. She's got two more work days this week (assuming the work schedule doesn't change again with her next promotion) and then 3 days off in a row. She turns into an Elder tomorrow and with 3 more promotions to go she's making me nervous. She'll still get a large tombstone, but I want her to max her career and her lifetime wish.

I send her to the library to go wrestle out some campaign funds when guess who I run into?

Tell me Foxglove isn't the best mommy ever?
Sheera: "Hey!"
Since when do you ever take Quinn on walks in a stroller?
Sheera: "Since you never bought us one."
Right. Forgot about that. Everyone walks SO slowly with it...

So that's pretty much all I have today. The triplets got on the honor roll and their birthday is coming up in the next chapter. My game is starting to chug a wee bit more now so there's no chance of them traveling at all. Honestly I'm ready to buckle down and work towards the finish line! Woo! Thanks for reading!

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