Chapter 80: NotaFlanagan

Here's one for you, PeregrineTook.
So, we begin this chapter that I took screenshots for over a month ago with... Arietty playing chess!

Oh, and Quinn being adorable. HI QUINN!

Wait, my screenshots were out of order. Well, I've already started this chapter... so... we're just going to roll with it. We backtrack a few hours from Arietty playing chess and discover that Anastasia just got out of her school field trip and decided to see what this other pudding face boy had to offer her.

"Date? Well that's awfully soon, I don't know about that. You see I'm already engaged, but if you're cool with that then-Right. Ok. See you at the park." She ends the call. "He's a stage-five clinger. I can feel it."

At the park:
"He's coming straight for me!"
You're the one who invited him, love.

"Shut up! He's creepy!"
Right now he's our only option.
"No... please no!"
Don't worry, love: daddy Dagan is on the case!

"Hmm, do you feel suitable enough to date my daughter?"

"Well, I'm a townie sim, so does that count for something?"
No rainbow skin. No. I refuse to give up on this. Rainbow skin or bust. Quinn remains in the house, so we can't afford another close-call like you and Yolanda had.
"Sorry, mate, but we're going to have to pass. NEXT."

Back on the ranch farm park... family graveyard?

"And let's talk about our wedding."
Anastasia fakes a smile. "Maybe if I pretend to listen and nod he'll go away?"

Meanwhile her sisters are at home, doing homework.

"Why can't I be doing homework with them? Or digging my way to China with a chopstick? Oh! What about slowly gouging my own eyes out? All of that sounds funner than this!"

"And let me tell you about my favorite food!"
"How about we don't and say we did?"
Your dad is coming up dry, Anastasia... go ahead and use the potions.
"But... why?!"
Just do it.
Anastasia huffs. "Fine."

"I suddenly like you more!"
"The feeling isn't mutual buddy."

I send Anastasia home when Dagan turns up a lead!
Go Dagan, go!
"They're only distantly related! We can manage that, right?"
Let me check the family tree... and we're good! I can swing it! Let's take a look here!
Dagan arrives at their house and is let in by the potential suitor's mother.

"Hi! Welcome to our home!"
I know.
"Is your son adopted by chance?"
"Excuse me? Why of course not!"
I'll go get Anastasia.
"She's going to kill you."
S'ok. I'll take one for the sake of the dynasty. She gets a Flanagan later anyways.
"Is he a nice boy?"
I'm sure he will be. At the very least he'll be nicely dressed, lest the ghost spirit of their ancestor Quinn up and has a heart attack and dies... again...
"Oh, well that's a relief."

It was her son's birthday.
"Pst... Watcher!"
"What's his name?"
Psh, like I know. I took these pictures almost a month ago. For now we'll call him NotaFlanagan. Sound good?
"Right. Gotchya. Happy birthday NotaFlanagan! Woo! Yay!"

Well, he has the right attitude judging by his thought bubble! Worship her, darnit!
Alright, let's take a look at this guy here... OHSWEETMAKER.
Well... he's got... uh... nice... uh... a nice lawn. That's it. He's got a fantastic house. I'm sure he'll make a great husband.
"Watcher, he's going to move to our house..."
Shh, I was just trying to find something nice to say about him...
Anastasia shows up, ready to meet her future husband and cuts to the chase.
"Anything but the stage-five clinger."

"Hi! I'm-"
"Yeah, yeah. Just hold my hands, I guess? This is how we do this whole... dating thing, right?"

"You're beautiful."
"You're tolerable."
Dagan's face summarizes this event.

"At least he's got rainbow skin."
True story.

Hey, Anastasia... can you at least try to smile a little for him? You'll at least need one child.
"One. You're getting one child and that's it."
"Alright then. One smile coming right up."

That... looks painful.
"You didn't specify what kind of smile it needed to be."

Oh look! Quinn-joy!

So just as things were starting to warm up at NotaFlanagan's house...

"Oh, no! No! No! Not another clinger!"
He's just kissing you after you kissed him, Anastasia.
"Yes... but he's not a Flanagan!"
Yes, he is NotaFlanagan and not a Flanagan. How could you have ever surmised that?
"I'm going to bury him in the backyard if this keeps up."
"Uh... I'm right here?"
So long as you get pregnant first.
No other way around it.
"I'm still right here."
"FINE! Yes. One child."
Anyways, as things warmed up there to just a hair above frozen-over... Anastasia and Dagan were booted from the house.
Apparently 4am is a bad time to be trying to get a boyfriend in this town. How rude.
Never fear, Anastasia invited NotaFlanagan back with us to the Nix house to bind her life to him until one child do they part.

"This isn't so bad, right Anastasia?"

"Huh? You were talking? Whoops. I was purposefully ignoring you."

Here's a lovely, candid shot of Nienor's Arietty.

Much beauty. Such wow. Many grace.

NotaFlanagan: "She's so beautiful."
Anastasia: "If I look another direction and squint, he gets a little bit better looking."
You're looking away from him, dear.
"I know. So much better looking!"
Remember, you have to have at least one child. That means he has to like you enough to have that child with or I'm sending you back to the stage-five clinger.
Anastasia gulps. "You monster." She grits her teeth and sighs.

"This hurts. My eyes are burning."
"I'm so happy you're my girlfriend!"
"I'm happy I haven't gone blind yet."

Just go to your happy Flanagan place, Anastasia. Everything is fine.
"Oh I'm going to my happy place alright, but you're dead there."
You do you, Anastasia.

Oh, and I feel bad because Ambriel hasn't gotten a mention - she's just enjoying her potion making.

And Arietty is... playing chess!
(See start of chapter).

That's all for now, folks!
For a bonus, here's NotaFlanagan:

He's honestly not that bad when you clean him up and give him a different hair... but he's not a Flanagan.
I was mostly just shocked by his profile being so... smooshed.
Not too bad at all, though, and rainbow skin to boot.

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