Chapter 79: Quinn-Squared?

This chapter is mostly Quinn spam. Sorry not sorry?
Quinn got potty-trained by Sheera, he's just too much.

As he was finished with that, I had a gift for Sheera, so I had her drop the darling Quinn off in the playpen while she took a very important potion. 

I had been hoping she would take it before having Quinn (for a witchy boy) but unfortunately once the chimes go off you cannot change a mother's lifestate. Boo.
"That's probably a good thing, watcher."
Not when you're me.
So Sheera went back upstairs to continue the long-haul towards her lifetime wish. 

And Quinn? Oh Quinn...

He's sooooo cute!
And look!
LOOK at this!

Here's a random picture from my Reaper's just for comparison. 

Quinn. Quinn. Quinn2?

'Moar' Quinn. I told you this was a lot of Quinn. The girls are in school and Dagan is painting (still) and Yolanda is sculpting (still), and Sheera is making potions (still) and Echo is not dying (still).

Hope you don't mind.
Of course you don't. If you did you wouldn't be reading. You'd be skimming and ignoring the pictures of the perfectly adorable Quinn.
Oh look, Dagan!

Op! Yolanda!

The girls went on a field trip.

This is the only boy in their class.

Normal skin... pudding face... (sighs) have we really sunk that low?

No wonder Arietty skipped the field trip in favor of ditching school to do... her homework?

Not sure how that happened. Sent her back into school and that seemed to count as another day, so she's officially been on the honor roll for 3 days, despite only going to school for 2? Whatever floats your boat, game. I'll take it.

Quinn got to learn how to walk in the walker.

Oh, and this is Sheera's 50th elixir. She just needs to reach level 10 of the Alchemy skill and her lifetime wish is DONE.


Oh, and Hipp and Kewl had a baby named... crap, can't remember it - Jane? I think?

Either way, I was hoping those two wouldn't leave me without giving me a wee little gnome-baby!
So that's all for now. Again, I know Quinn isn't the actual heir, but he's really just keeping me from boredom as I wait for Anastasia to age up.

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