Chapter 78: Quinn

Well, you're all reading the title like "Quinn? He's here?"
I wish!
But he is!
Hush now, I promise this isn't Majnun speaking. It's just Livvie fogged over with heavy allergies. She left the safety of her warm... concrete... low-pollen city and stepped into... nature. Yuck.
Just kidding. I love nature...when it's not trying to kill me.
So here we are again! What were we talking about?
Nixes. Right!

Foxglove gave birth to a little boy named... Ronald.
I have no qualms with anyone named Ronald... but really game? Really? I give you Foxglove, Leif, and Meira and you come up with... Ronald?!
(Sighs) So, here's for you, Nienor:

He grows up quite handsome. Shame that Leif's genetics seems to have taken hold of both the babies Foxglove and Leif have had thus far. Hopefully we'll see more. They both just aged up to Adults and that leaves 6 prime baby-making days left for them!

For the record, Meira turned into a teen during this chapter, and here she is with a makeover I gave because... I've been really bored in this file...

The Triplets learned how to drive. Echo got Ambriel, Dagan got Anastasia, and Yolanda got Arietty.

Sheera is working on her Alchemy and mixing all of her potions she'll need (AKA 50 Bliss potions she'll drink to help speed things along).

Like so:

(I've got 3 pictures like this one throughout these chapters, so... just pretend like you're seeing 3 other variants of it? We have a lot more ground to cover...)

Our triplets aced their driving exam (and unfortunately didn't kill Echo...)
What?! All you do is harass the world and cry about Felix! Sheera wants to marry Sterling! You're taking up prime space, missy!
Echo: harasses world again.

Anyways, the triplets went back to skilling and painting. I really shouldtake them on a vacation and take advantage of how many points I could get from them... but...

No. We're leaning on a no there.

The big news happened though!

"Thanks, Shia Labeouf."
Actual-cannibal SHIA LABEOUF!
After much laboring and many pictures, Sheera brought into the world a perfect baby boy.

This boy gave me a good feeling. There was something special about him. I got to select his traits (which isn't actually allowed in this challenge, but I got to randomize two traits afterwards).
What's this special child's name?
His traits he rolled by luck? Genius and Excitable.
Two traits of Quinn Flanagan. Yes. I'm still in shock. It was destined, and because I can't wait until the end of the update to show you:

He has Quinn's lips too.
Six generations of Quinn's lips on little Quinn with Quinn's traits. My sweet little Quinn is officially my favorite child from this dynasty. I've seen him all grown up. He's perfect.
But anyways, his birthday didn't happen for a day, so with the remainder of the allotted slots... let's rewind.

So Sheera just gave birth and she's glowing and adorable.

Wow. She's too pretty.

And she loves little Quinn almost as much as I do.
"Almost? He's my son!"
I know, but you don't even understand...
"Pft. Whatever, Watcher."
Still have no idea how you're mean-spirited.
"Did you not see me insult every vendor you've left me alone with?
"Wow, are you blind or something?"
"Oh. Well, that's awkward."
I don't know. I got hit by a train called nature. Nothing really makes sense for me right now.
"What? They name trains now?"
Yeah, we'll go with that.
"Alright then..."

Sheera went back to work until it was light out enough to call Sterling.

She has three wishes right now. Max the Alchemy skill, Marry Sterling, and Marry Someone.
(Glares at Echo).
Echo: harasses the world.

"I ain't dead yet!"
When did you suddenly get a drawl and start talking like my grandmother?
"I've ALWAYS talked this way."
Uh... no, you haven't?
Echo grumbles.

Sheera and Sterling are heartbreakingly adorable.
Thankfully, if Echo continues to be stubborn, the girls age up in two days and we'll have space then. I just hope Sheera can hold out a littlelonger.
Until then, Sterling continues to prove useful towards the Squad.

"Thanks handsome."
"No problem, beautiful."
Can we just talk about how these two are always spamming romantic interactions?


(Glares at Echo.)

Finally, I'll end on a pretty pictures of the teens who have accomplished very little that's noteworthy (just kidding, they've each maxed at least 2 skills and are each done with their LTWs, it's just boring to watch them when Sheera is being fun and Quinn is... QUINN!)

PeregrineTook's Anastasia.

Nienor's Arietty.

And my cheerful Ambriel.
And that's all folks.

Bodyslam superstar SHIA LABEOUF. Legendary fight with SHIA LABEOUF. Normal Tuesday night for SHIA LABEOUF.
I need to sleep and just... not wake up until the nature-attack is done.
(Crawls back into bed).

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  1. In an allergy haze too and tickled over Quinn 2.0: Electric Boogaloo: Origins: Die Harder. No jankyness, just lips! Will he be a journalist? Only time can tell...