Chapter 77: Triple Teens

This chapter is mostly pictures of birthdays. In fact, that's just what we're going to do and if we've got room for other things - then we've got room. The cakes were prepared as midnight came closer.

I sent Dagan and Yolanda to a party hosted by Foxglove (the beautiful, pregnant Foxglove). Echo went for a little walk around the block and I sent Sheera to the alchemy store to make elixirs using their alchemy set.
Really I just didn't want to deal with the hassle of everyone dropping their queues to celebrate three birthdays.
Anastasia, as per her age, went first after midnight struck.

She's such a happy child.

I forgot Sterling was still over and he graced us with his swimwear that he was sleeping in.
"I'm part of the squad now!"
Yes. Yes you are.

Anastasia aged up without ever going to school, so the game gave her the Mean Spirited trait to accompany Grumpy, Hates the Outdoors, and Evil. Woo! What a winner - but she's a gorgeous winner. My heiress is the only one I gave a formal wear to. 

Arietty was next, and I've spelled her name six different ways now. Two Ts. One R. Forgive me.

She gained the Social Butterfly trait to slowly kill me with her incessant need to talk to the people she wants to kill to meet. She adds that to Loves the Cold (she can watch other people die from hypothermia while laughing), Absent-Minded (what was she doing? Oh yes, killing people), and Easily Impressed (look at all the ways people can die)!
No, I'm just joking - but I still go for a Femme Fatale look for her

Finally it was Ms. Ambriel's turn.

She gained Star Quality to add to Unlucky, Loves the Heat, and Light Sleeper.

Just because I wanted to check their faces next to each other, I had them all try on Anastasia's hair.



I go to check on everyone and of course, what do I find?

Oh Sheera.

Her smile though.

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