Chapter 93: Bringing Back the Pink

Amongst a fit of crashing, I'm left contemplating what I want to do with my file. I would really like to make it to the end of this challenge all in the same save file. Don't ask me why, I'm just stubborn that way.
So from here on out, I'm going to push it as much as I can. Which means... probably fewer points for the later generations and less pictures...
In theory.
*eye rolls* In practice I live on my pause button and take dozens of pictures every minute.
So I lost a tinsy bit from last chapter, but point of it is... I've got a plan.

I initially wanted to clean up Quinn's reputation and at least break it off with the other gals before him moving out. I had decided on this... then the game crashed and I realized time and space is precious so...

Bye felicia. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Hopefully you find Meira and your 7000 kids.

Zachary is dealing with some death. I don't like death. Death makes unhappy sims. I put Nessa to work and she knocks his -50 down to -25.

It won't matter for long though because...

Come to mama.
There's the good stuff right there.
So now I wait.
And wait.
...and wait.

Coolbeans, game. Now let's save.
I'll just do you this favor, readers:

Pray it won't take the full 10 hours...

WOO we're good!
Back in business, now mush! Get to skilling!

Ain't he a pretty boi? 
He's the prettiest boi.

There he loaded in! It's like a twisted, horrifying game of peek-a-boo!

Hahahahaha! What a career choice, Quinn.
See look I'm not even pressing pause when I come in to insert the pictures...
*breaks into an immediate panic and rushes back to pause so I can finish typing this*
... one of these days I'll get there.

Get it, little Nathanael!

If Nessa could just hurry up over this goddamn logic hump... then I can have her teach Nathanael to potty and read him those painting books. I was going to have Abe do it, but the man's so close to death I don't want Nathanael to lose him in the middle of skilling.

Well, sucks to be you.
I'll have NONE of this guilt trip you would like me to be apart of, game.
I just got a note I accidentally clicked out of that showed Quinn had gone to fix Chandra's toilet and she paid him for it.
Can you imagine that conversation they must've had?
"So how's our son?"
"Huh? Oh I moved out. He's with some strangers in a house I grew up in."
"That's nice... What?!"
"That'll be $34 for the toilet."

Here he is getting his cute on, instead!
Also Ana is plotting 100 ways she can kill me using this stick. She hates the outdoors, but you know, suck it up buttercup. This is the last skill you need to learn and I'll set you loose.

So close, so close, so close!

Bang! Onward!

Nessa: What, no 'good job, Nessa?' Sheesh!
Who has time for that? 

Nathan: I dunno if I trust this one.
What? Nessa is totally fine! She doesn't even dislike children! Don't worry so much.

Nessa: Let's learn to potty!

Nessa: Ahhh, it's grabbing at me! *does spin in place, being chased by her own hand*
Nathan: I told you she was doin' me a concern.
...I see your point.

Not too shabby!
To the library!

Zachary is hard at work on his lifetime wish.

I was doing a wellness check and saw everyone could use a pickmeup. So I sent Abe to start the motive mobile when I realized that Demetri was doing one of those "workout for x hours straight" wishes, so I immediately canceled Abe's non-started wish and redid it with just him and everyone else MINUS Demetri.
You're fine, right Demetri?

Yup. Seems fine to me.
Surely he'll last another 8 hours...

You good, Demetri?

... Demetri?


... I fear for you, boy. Good luck in 27 minutes...!

... and Ana says she's not a softie. Welp, Elders get free wish-attude, plus it'll give her a chance to cool off. Double the wish-granting fun!

Now, off ye go to woohoo and possibly die from overexertion... 

Thank you, EA. (for once)

Now someone please go pick up Nessa before she collapses... Please and thank youuu!

Hey look, the gnome family moved--wait...
*counts on fingers*
Where's Hipp?

Well, fuck. SORRY ahem I mean, flipflop.

I put him next to his mate Kewl. RIP little buddies.
So Nessa came back with Nathan and just like I dreaded she rolled right into...

*loud groaning*
So here's how this went down. First of all Demetri FLIPFLOPPING fails at life and got hungry!

So he and Abe go out to take care of that while I hustle Nessa back into the bedroom for some good ol' fashion pushing.

Nessa: Oh huh? Was I supposed to be doing something?

Nessa: Oh right! Labor! OWWWW!

And into the world came Inara; a light-sleeping, athletic little girl.
Yessssssssssssss. Played right into my hands. 
Only wait... I snort to myself as I see the game.

True story, I saw her thumbnail and got SO EXCITED! Yes, a blueboo! I really, really, really want a blueboo! I've only had green and varying shades of PINK. I was SO excited and then she was YELLOW. No mind, though, because of the potential for red hair, at least, right? Yellow and red would look flipping AWESOME!
Only... the game couldn't HANDLE her not being a blueboo, and it crashed right after this. Boohoo.
I launch the game up and do it all again.

Game: Ah, much better.
Me: *eye twitching* PINK. REALLY. PINK?!
Yes so, Inara... our eighth generation heiress... brings back the pink.
Hoo. Rah.
Is it bad that I secretly hoped my game would crash so I could get a do-over? Ok I more than hoped for it, I decided I'd take a peek at her in CAS fully grown cause if she had red hair to clash with her pink skin I might've just... uh... "induced" a crash... if you get what I mean.
But As I poked around in CAS I kind of really liked her a lot. So I made it out and saved.
Pinkboo it is. I guess it's kinda poetic you know? Made it this far primarily on the pink scale with a few green boos thrown in. Why not go all the way?
Maybe Nathanael will bring in my blueboo?
Uh, I don't know how long this chapter is right now, but I'll just leave it here. *shrugs* I didn't keep track of pictures. Oh, I guess we hit around 50? I usually like to go 100 for these sort of updates. Ah well. Just rollin' with it.

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