Chapter 94: Ana Upstages a Wedding

Hey, uh, Nessa?
Nessa: hmm?
You... you gonna feed your child?
Nessa: Why would I do that?
Inara is crying...? 
Nessa: Oh so she is.
So... you'll feed her?
Nessa: But why?
Because... she's hungry?
Nessa: How can you tell?
Because she's crying... Why else would she be crying?
Nessa: Oh she's just hungry, let me feed her.

*distant sound of facepalming*
Nessa: There we go, all better. So glad they put that hole beneath the mouth so I know where the bottle goes!
I'm sorry... W h a t?

Oh... so there... is? I've had too much internet for tonight.


Zachary: Like REALLY REALLY want to!
Nessa: ...

Nessa: I like the concept. I suppose he'll do.
Works for me. Buckle up, kiddos, we're having a wedding! Yeehaw!

Nessa: *finally puts down Inara long enough to flip into her formalwear*
Ana: *sniffs air* I smell weakness...

Nessa: Come ON boy, for someone who says he's eager to get married you sure do like keeping me WAITING.

At least he managed to finish up all the potions he wanted to do in the meantime.
Nessa: *grumbling* Alright LET'S GO before I change my mind!

Nathan: Hmm, yes this family does seem quite like a nuclear reactor sight. Will proceed with caution. Or perhaps that's just my diaper. *sniffs air* Will check and then log it later.

Genius me said, "let's have a wedding at night, what could possibly be wrong with that?

Deer: fuck this shit I'm too tired to be here, let's bounce!

We have a beautiful wedding with two people to watch. How lovely.

Nessa: You're very average, Zachary, which I like about you. You're also not concerned by my mother's murderous tendencies and my own need to have discussions with people who aren't there. Also magic.

Zachary: You hit me like a train, it's almost like I wouldn't have been given a choice to be with you. Even if I had been given a choice, I'd still pick you.
Well there's sap if you've ever seen it before.

Ana: Hmm...
What are you planning to steal...

Ana: Her thunder.

And that's the story of how Ana upstaged her daughter the bride.

I can't tell if he's crying from happiness or boredom.

Nessa, being her mother's daughter, swoops in to follow in her footsteps.

Ana: *tossing rice* that's my girl.

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  1. The skintone changing from last chapter was crazy, man (I had to move on quickly!) I noticed that when having MasterController Instant Baby fun times in Dragon Valley too. Funny enough skintone is the one thing locked in at conception or before birth in a vanilla game. Take it from many a post-birth game crash...

    And I'm sorry the file's least there's only one more spouse to hunt for post-Nathan? The worst case scenario would be moving to Midnight Hollow or Moonlight Falls (where I know all the hidden rainbow townies) just for the sake of completion.

    Idk, who knows when any of this comment will become relevant! Glad to catch up on one more thing though!