Happy Halloween: Boolprop Events!

Howdy-do everyone!

Boolprop has some Halloween Events ongoing that I'm aiming to participate in, but I also did a poll recently to ask what kind of stuff my readers wanted on 5th Fridays for my upcoming schedule shift (which, by the way, is going swimmingly I'm really looking forward to this scheduling) and got back the idea to toss some sims in a house on free will... so I know it's not yet time for 5th Fridays, but it gave me the idea to toss everyone into a house and aim to complete the events that way!
Speaking of which though, first event on my list: a house.

So I made one for the Let's Build It. PERFECT!

Cool. Done. Built that up in Aurora Skies... because... it was the first town I clicked? PLUS Spooky! MUCHO plus spooky.
I'm winning I know. Now I gotta go get rid of the front door and replace it cause otherwise no one will be able to get in.. heh.

Muuuuuch better. Ok, now to just export that...! (Well you're not waiting for anything, but I am)
OK here it is for download:

Alright next TASK - the Halloween Daily Picture event! Here's the pictures we'll be collecting (I'll be checking them off as I go for my own sanity):

  1. Ghost Stories
  2. Skeletons
  3. Frosty Morning ✔
  4. The Dead of Night
  5. Autumn Leaves
  6. Broomsticks
  7. Scary Pictures
  8. Haunted House
  9. Hot Dogs
  10. Under the Moon
  11. Scarecrows
  12. Scared
  13. Cobwebs
  14. Dead Looking
  15. Pumpkins
  16. It is Supernatural
  17. Full Moon
  18. It is Broken 
  19. Ghostly
  20. Messy
  21. Evil Face
  22. Tombstones
  23. Black
  24. Skulls 
  25. Bad Hair Day
  26. Orange
  27. Zombies
  28. Black Cat
  29. Gothic
  30. Fire
  31. Red
Phew! Ok, long list aside, let's get to work! Who's our contenders? Forewarning: these are all story characters from my 4 main stories found in my sidebars: Reapers, Nightingale, Factions, and Willow. If you don't read those, you might not understand all the references. Sorry!

Heh, first choices are obvious:

Nia, Kefka, Aggie, Alec, and Sheoooo. 
For those who do not know their full names: Mania Keeper; Kefka Keeper; Agnes Reaper; Aleccas Keeper; Sheogorath Keeper.
Let's go add the rest!

Yea missing a bunch of people but, I'm rocking a pretty full sidebar over here:

And the heart-fart parade came to town. Lots of "ews" as incest occurred. That's my next order of business and---

I'm shocked and appalled. 
Shocked. And. Appalled. 

Mania, Kefka, Nova (not someone you would know unless you were following my Tumblr, but I grabbed the version of Olivia with Nova attached and said 'fuck it, why not?' I love Nova), and Agnes in the back.

Agnes, Bear, Aleccas (back), Robert (front), Sheogorath (back), Ezzie (front), Olivia (back).

Sael (front), Quinn (back), Majnun (front), Charlotte (back, peaking out behind Maj), Soliana and Agonin/Jack.
Now it's a wee bit too warm and sunny for my liking so...

Let's get spooky with it.

This lady is also probably unfamiliar (coughs, unless you follow my tumblr lol where I apparently post all the good shit). For those curious: 

Thar be here relationship panel now that it's all fixed up.
So next on my list is to clear out wishes so we can get productive wishes up in here since the BFF trained rolled through town and so now everyone wants to toss gifts around and/or pillow fight and/or text. Maj especially wanted to text Soliana who was right next to him. There were only TWO variations on the wishes and that was - 

Olivia being pure as shit (no shock) and wanting to congratulation Maj on his shotgun wedding I forced on him via Master Controller.

And Rob wanted to learn something. SHOCKED. APPALLED. My studious Rob wants to KNOW something. *snorts* 
Also one other noteworthy thing - I have all relationships fixed... except Kefka and Olivia's. They're just besties right now which is more me seeing how long it takes for them to gravitate towards each other.
After combing through all wish panels I've discovered all of the Keeper boys EXCEPT Kefka had a wish to pillow fight with Olivia.
... I'm either going to love this or super regret this. LET'S MOVE IN.
*squeezes eyes shut and presses play* 

Bear: Fuck this shit I'm out.

Agnes: *reflecting my own inner turmoil* oh gods, oh gods, oh gods!


Aleccas: I dig these flowers. These flowers have a nice aesthetic.

Agnes: Meh. I've seen nicer flowers.

Sael: WHY are there no COLORS on these flowers?! *sobbing*

Agonin: *unleashing conspiracy theories onto Kefka* IT'S ALL FAKED I TELL YOU.

21. Evil Face
Ho god this was a mistake...
This was a horrible mistake.

A+ Quinn has his eyes on the prize. 
1. Ghost Story
Also thank you Aleccas for nearly peeing yourself: 

12. Scared
29 more to go! 

It's like he sniffed her out. We've only been going on free will unpaused for an hour game time...

...and now we're both slayed. This girl pulls the cutest faces I swear to god.

Yea good luck buddy. Try to keep it together as best you can!

Hey Agnes, you seem jumpy... almost like you're afraid of some explosion happening or--

Bear: beep beep need to bring my master a paper. 'Scuse me. 

2. Skeletons
Slow progress here. 
I would like to finish this relatively quickly... 
hahahaha as if.

Doesn't this house look so Gothic to you?
29. Gothic
MOVING FORWARD. Once the festival hits town things will get easier.
I hope...

Sweet Nova waits for time to pass. 
26. Orange
While wearing the best, brightest orange ever. Perfect boy! 


23. Black
So time is scrolling by here on fast as I practice my language and the fair finally opened up... only Nova had to go to school ofc! Poor baby I'm sorry I forgot to destroy it before starting up this town! 

8. Haunted House

22. Tombstones

15. Pumpkins

11. Scarecrows
WOO finally seeing progress here!

13. Cobwebs
You'd think I woulda just added some of these to the house but nooooo. I couldn't possibly think ahead, could I? 
I sent all those with wishes off to start filling them, as the festival is a hot-spot for wishes. Sure enough on my first shot: 

19. Ghostly
Thanks Quinn!
Ezzie a few minutes later: 

Yeah I imagine you would be... 😏

Kefka: Excuse me I've suddenly gotten a wish to go into the Haunted House now for completely unrelated reasons and to give that mummy a reason to need the bandages it wears.
*Snorts* Seems legit.

She's still too freaking adorable.

Heh, way to go Liro!

The rest ran off for the Pie Eating contest.

Sheo got a pumpkin painted on his super cute face. 💘

And... hey! What are you two doing?
... ohhh.

Mhm of course she did. She had the wrong last name for y'all, so I very casually blurred that out. Safe and sound. Mhm.

20. Messy

Don't worry he's quick to share the mess.

9. Hot Dogs

*snorts* welp guys, my secret is out. Maj wears contacts. XD

Agnes: SEE! Just like that! I'm just playing dead.

Agnes: I only try to look dead. Got it?

Agnes: Your turn!
14. Dead Looking

Rob, Sol, Charlotte, and Kefka all collected as many pumpkins as they could, and we thankfully had JUST enough for everyone who wanted to carve one!

Off to work they go!

17. Full Moon

Aleccas got some facepaint too... *chuckles* I swear to god he turned 16 and then never matured any further.

Majnun: Poof. I made an apple. Does this count for one?
Me: Eh, I'll take it.
16. It is Supernatural
I mean, it is. No? 

Liro: Wooooosh!
6. Broomsticks

10. Under the Moon.
Self-explanatory cute is self-explanatory. 

Pumpkins finished! And all turned out... well...

Except poor Nova's... but we put it out proudly anyways.

4. The Dead of Night

7. Scary Pictures.

27. Zombies

30. Fire

25. Bad Hair Day
Chugga chugga chugga chugga! Choo Choo! Almost done!

24. Skulls

31. Red
All this leaves is Black Cat, It is Broken, Autumn Leaves, and Frosty Morning!

My file is starting to wheeze from all the sims + SP + free will + mods, so really lazy finish time!
5. Autumn Leaves
Just gotta hold out for morning in the game (fingers crossed for a frosty one). Now where to find a black cat... Ooh! I have an idea!

Bear: Meow! I'm a kitty. I'm totally a kitty! 
Agnes: What did you do to my dog?!
Me: I don't know what you're talking about there's no dog here. There is only this wonderful black cat...
28. Black Cat
Maj to the rescue:

Agonin: *premature freak-out*

Majnun: My, my. It seems to be broken. Don't you think?
That it is, Maj. That it is.
18. It is Broken

I have zero clue which trait/moodlet/idle makes her react this way, but I kind of freaking love it. She looks like she's ready to be the paranoid guardian I know she's meant to be!

But no, really, you want to know why I picked Agnes Crumplebottom for this? Cause she's freaking gorgeous. Hands down.

Yeah, fix that sink to pass the time Maj! Do it! I've got static needs on now to last the sunrise. I think this is giving me ideas for how I want to do my 5th Friday free-for-alls when I do them... I'll probably stick to 8-12 Sims max for a longer session. This was hella fun though. Once I get the last picture I can comb back through to show you the spoiler-free images I caught that were irrelevant to my Boolprop Picture Event!
The clock strikes 6am and --

One frosty morning comin' right at you!
3. Frosty Morning!
BINGO! Wait... let me reverify... 100% Completion! Wooooo!
Some honorable mentions from the play session: 

Agonin: ... what do you mean I'm not the fairest of them all?

Only $2?! How cheap! (Picture shown later)

Olivia, winning the hearts and minds of the people through tag.

This is the day Aleccas almost died.

But I mean I can see why he got a crush. She's pretty fucking adorable.

Sol: omgomgomg it's HER. It's Agnes.
Me: Hey why did the house suddenly lose money--?

Kefka: I'm wooing my woman, dammit!

Liro is totally not up to something right now.

I dig this son/father back-to-back picture so much.

The chess table got a lot of use.

And to my dismay, much did the fortune-telling table.
So many Sims had an unlucky day...

skdgljasdklgjals;k I'm goo please come back again later. 
Still weird that they're the same height here

Bear and Aggie got their playtime.

I. Have. Such. Pretty. Characters. I'msoblessed.

The aforementioned 2$ painting. We hung it up anyways.


Nova snatched Olivia for some rock-paper-scissors time!

And... we somehow hatched a dragon that I didn't realize I had put down...? Lol! I don't have a name for him, I'll leave that up to anyone who wants to toss in a name for fun.

We'll end this honorable mentions and whole random update segment with Aleccas doing what he does best and mooching for food from his brother's mother.

Anywho, I hope you all who read this enjoyed it! Sorry if it wasn't as entertaining as you hoped it might be, I was just testing some things out. I had a blast and look forward to doing things like this in the future!
Happy Halloween!

Lots of love, 


  1. Hahahha that was guh-lorious!

    The house is absolutely GORGEOUS
    And watching everyone free will themselves for a few hours kept having me snort XD
    I PARTICULARLY adore your CAT lol
    Your characters really are so PRETTY and BEAUTIFUL
    I'M very very down for this kinda 5th friday amusement hahaha

  2. I vote for Vinteron as the dragon name. For no particular reason, just popped into my head.
    So many gorgeous sims, cannot believe your game survived without EXPLODING from the awesome.
    The fact that the couples found one another again is just TOO cute. They are obviously MEANT TO BE.
    Cannot wait to see the next 5th Friday shenanigans!
    Pretty sure Agnes' Loner trait is making her freak out - too many people around!

    Daaamn, that house is amazing. Can write, can pose, can build, is there anything Livvie can't do?

  3. This was so fun! And such beatiful characters.