Chapter 95: Apparently I Refuse to Let it Die

Apparently, I'm still here.
And I created this very post... a year and a half ago. 

Editing Livvie in 2022: hahaha sweet summer child~

I guess I can't let this family die. Welcome back to the longest fucking short dynasty there ever lived to be. I'm Livvielove, I'll be your host. I think I got pictures stored up in here? Who knows! We're just having a blast today. Hope you all are ready for the journey.

Don't ask where I've been, the answer won't satisfy you. 
Let's just pretend 2020 didn't exist, ok?
Editor Livvie: Chuck 2021 in there too. And since it's September, 2022 as well.

At least the gnomes are still here. I still... remember them. Yes. I do. (Clearing throat noises) 
What generation am I on? 
(record player breaking noise) 
Alright I'm back. I know who I am and where I've been. Man this file takes a while to load. Ah, it's good now that I got a better computer, the saving is still scary though. Ana and Sterling stole a wedding, life is good for them in their old age. Nessa is married off. We're prepping the next generation... all is good all is gooood. 
If I keep saying all is good, that'll make it so, right? Right?

Look at the cute lovebirds... d'aw at them with me.

There that's cute now right? I still got it. I'm not that old... even if this pandemic did age me 1000 years... and my students another 3000...

(Squints) Now, could anyone tell me why the fuck I took this picture? (coughs) I mean... Yes we have a coffin for bonehilda. I'm sure there's something important about that. Ooh, look, it's Abe and Ana.

Going... somewhere else. 
(scratches head) Hmm.
Oh look toddlers!
Be blinded by the pretty toddlers and ignore that I have no idea what I'm doing.

I zoomed out to look at the house and had this "what is that creepy dark room ---

Ohpoorsweetsprite. Stuck in a circle of horror... Oh wait. I did that. Right.
I'm pretty sure Felix contributed a large chunk to this creepy museum. Mostly the sprite and the dragon, and perhaps one of the dolls...

Zach...ariah! I got it. It's good. I'm good with names like that.
What do you mean I could just reread my last few chapters? Do I look like I've got that kind of time? LOL time is a construct, past Livvie. Nah, instead I'm going to waste my time waffling over who and what's going on instead. Good idea, right?

Oh, I suppose this lovely lady is my Nessa. Right, I'm remembering more... 


And apparently not enough, because here I am in 2022 now picking this back up. And I'm missing a lot... because my save file has one less person in it than I see here but I'm missing the pictures to show that and I'm trying to figure out where my pictures are...
Ok. I found... some? Of them? 

So let's see what I can do here.
It's Nathanael's birthday and Abe is confused. Which like, same, buddy.

Abe: Aha... now where did he go?
Nathanael: (baby giggling)

Yup he aged up nice. Now I put a hair on him, and apparently that got lost in a two year wash cycle or something? So like... last I saw him he was in a faux hawk and I thought that's what I put him in but apparently it wasn't. 

Listen, I went through the ringer last year so like... the fact I remember most but just not a hair is pretty damn good.

Did I show Inara aging up? I don't think I did. It was the same night as Nathanael so like... IDK how to really live anymore.
She's gorgeous though. Very blond. 10/10. Would see her age again.

Oh hey! Look, on a hunch I found the rest of my screenshots! Sweet!
Anywho, after the birthday madness, I'm assuming life went back to (un)usual in the Nix household. Potions were made, skills were worked on, and toddlers were left alone to fend for themselves.

You know the drill.

Abe's age bar is full so he decides to hang out at the pool and scar the neighbors. Thankfully his random swimsuit outfit is not a speedo.

We're so close I can taste the maxed skills for Ana... then all she has to do is max out her career. It's almost there.

Nathanael happily slaves away paints the afternoons and nights away.

Zachariah has magic but this is a whole other level...

Inara: Daddy you foiled my plot to go play with toys in the toy chest.
Zachariah: Sorry baby, not in this household. Those toys are just for looks. Pretty messed up, huh?
Listen... actually no, I won't justify myself. You get 26 days to live your whole life. You don't need toys.

(granny voice intensifies) 


Inara: Daddy I think she's crazy...

Zachariah: Oh, we all are. It's her fault though.
No, not all of you-

Nessa: Ohmygods I got MARRIED!
Nessa: (changes outfits) 

Nessa: Ohmygods! I'm still married in this outfit too-!
Well... that's just a bad example. She has the Insane trait. Literally.

Oh my god look at those SHOES.

Now, allow me to introduce you to the horror of this file...

Glitched children.

Ghost judging other ghosts.

Nessa not skilling.

Quinn's atrocious outfit after all I did for him-


(Sees there's a "more" option in my album)
Oh so I didn't have to go digging through all my drives for my pictures?

AND there's... 114 more? 
That's.... that's a lot of photos for me to not remember.

Well... it's time to...

Please Blams hear that in my voice when we play Out of Space.

PICTURE SPAM INCOMING NOT SORRY. The sooner I get through this the sooner I can know wtf is going on.

This is Demetri. He do the run boi run. Good boi.

Tag team the poopy potty.

Skill skill but... no skill bar? So...? Level 10? 


You know I can always tell every time I open the save file after a while because I always take a picture of either my gnomes or my creepy museum room. 

The all-but-barren garden.

Grandpa being an amazing teacher.

Good boi. 

Zachariah: YES! I LOVE doors!



A.b.e. D o n ' t.

Well, shit.

I mean I had been wondering when he vanished cause when I loaded into my file he wasn't there but goddamn... 

Ah. Ahem. Ha. Hey uh. Demetri?

Yeah like congrats on all that cool lifetime-wish achievements! 
Your prize is a dead dad!
Demetri: What-? 

Ana cried so hard I actually had to check to see if her traits got changed.

They didn't. She's just a sentimental sap for Abe apparently.
As if we didn't already know that.

Ah well, someone has to teach the little one. Good thing Demetri finished his LTW. 

Ana starts producing terrifying pictures to mourn her lost lover.

And this teen boy got saddled with full-time care of a toddler. 
There's no stress at all in this household. Nope.

Oh no wait, it's just another teen suffering through parenting their not-child. 
Hey Demetri, you should go wife her.

Oh hey, she's got a normal face! Let's make her over.

Puuuurfect. Go wife her.

Look she even put her not-child down! Go go go!

Demetri: (too busy trying to read a toddler book) And uh... what's that word?

I guess two days of school in your life doesn't really bode well for reading comprehension... 

As you can see, our family tree is starting to become more of a family wreath.
I'm making my CK3 saves proud.

Well ok, game, way to be depressing. My A triplets are dropping like hot potatoes. Or whatever that saying is.
It's late. I got like...


Ah, young love.

(Fart noises) love that too.

She's got Sackholme genes in her. I smell it.
Even after all these years I can recognize that nose anywhere.

I had to send backup to come get Inara and finish her books.

Look, a parent actually parenting! Gasp!

Lady: Ew, you're charismatic?! 
Demetri: Ew, you're a loser?!
Welp, one way to fix this.
Listen kiddos, this town is all a big ass wreath. If you're not close enough to be related, then guess what? That's your spouse-to-be! Deal with it.

Both: wow I'm wildly more attractive and like you more now.
And that's the art of alchemy.
First let's-


Ask her again... I guess?

Let's get this show on the roooooad.

Now watch, as these awkward teens perform their mating dance...

Y'all know I can't travel in this file no more. Damn you. Take a makeout instead.

Now... what the fuck is going on at home?

Good lord.

Ana: And this is why he married my daughter. 
Y'all are fucked up.
Ana: Thank you!

Yeah... all of you for sure.

I'd like to think this, instead of being her blue period, is actually just her horror inspired by broken-heartedness
Coming soon, to a dumpster art museum near you.

Ah...ha... whoops. Sorry buddy. (innocent whistles) I guess... I may have had... a slight hand in that. Maybe...

Demetri snuck himself a girlfriend right before his birthday... so...

Meh, could be worse.

Handsome boy finally grew into his face! 

That makes both of Generation 7 fully grown... I can't believe I'm almost done... wow.

Generation 8 is well underway.

However I'm still going to milk as many points as I can, travel or no.

And... this is where I came into my file!

And now. 
I go night night.

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  1. I want the rest of 2022 to be our year (since something broke a lot of brains and I'm thirsty for content) I thought you'd have to move towns to find a wife for this guy! Though the Dragon Valley genes all blur together into a default elf face for me unless I actually get familiar with them.

    Anyways the glitched child (probably teenager?) supposedly and according to legend might be tied to your default skin if it predates Late Night. I know it was brought up for a similar issue with elder sims using child animations when actively using a cane. Though don't go switching up things just because of a rumor you heard.