Juliette l'ado (Trois)

Alright, this should be the final stretch according to my picture divvying! Then I'll slap down my score and call this finished! Eeeeeeep!

CRUSHED that programming!

Fuck. It's Love Day. Goddammmmnnnit. Try doing a date for 5 people on a normal work day? PASS! Ack!

So Juliette went to school and got absolutely crushed when she decided to ask someone special (or well, I encouraged it, hoping it might spawn a RI for her to pursue a date with tonight before she runs off to work as fast as humanly possible).

Only they decided to stomp on her heart instead. Tristan had more luck with his opportunity, as his was just to decorate the building and he apparently did a fantastic job. A++ Tristan.

Thomas got the same thing Juliette did, and I told him the same thing, and he also got shot down. Makes me wonder if there was even a point to taking that or if he should've gone alone.

Anyways, I rush Juliette home and crank out the romance stuff on this sappy boy here that was giving her googoo eyes earlier. I think she just made his whole life.

He even liked her flower! That's unusual I've noticed for TS4 flower-giving. I also brought over that gal that looks like Juliette earlier.

The boy arrived first, so Juliette snagged him, and the two boys get to fight over/share this gal. How lovely, right? I'm such a nice writer.

This boy, probably:

Tristan came out first and swapped flowers... but she hated it. Booooo lady!

Ah well, that's close enough right? At least he gets credit for giving it.

We cranked out enough flirts on Juliette before she had to go to work, but alas it wasn't enough to gold her holiday, so she'll be dragging him back after she finishes work.

The boys lined up to share the festive love with their mother because... isn't that what every teenage boy does with their mother on Valentine's Day? No? Well, alright then. If you insist, but... I'm pretty sure that's how that goes. 😉

Wolfgang gets home and I bang out the double date that would count for Lucie and Wolfgang first:

For once they liked each other's flowers, too! Shock! Awe! Incredible!

Lol TS4 routing always cracks me up.
Well, when I'm not ripping my hair out, you know?

This girl is annoying AF, but I need her. She interrupts Lucie and Wolfgang's date.

So Tristan invites her on a date, they chat a little bit then I end it.

Hi, it's Thomas's turn. Look at my efficiency. And just then Juliette got home so I called back poor what's his face that made the googly eyes at her previously. Mister open shirt.

What a friendzoned hug. My god. He's even got hover hands and everything.

They crank out a date and everyone hit gold. Somehow. Amazingly.

Video Gaming skill: crushed. Next up: Baking!

Baking: Mega crushed!
Weeeeeeee! Lol I'm so verbose. Gold stars all around. ⭐🌟⭐

Alright, you can eat one of them, but honestly baking is such a wasteful skill in TS4. I really don't get why it's there. The food doesn't fill the Sims, and given it's its own skill... dumb.

Lucie brings home some bacon and goes to hug her daughter who's out crushing Mixology now.

Like BAM. Lol yes I can feel my burnout happening as I look at each of these pictures. The next one in here is a picture of the skills which just screams "help me I need motivation... oh look how close I am. I gOT THIS"

Much skilling. Wowzers. Very impresso. Though to be honest this is pretty damn impressive for me, so yes GOOD JOB SELF YOU DID GOOD LET'S FINISH THIS!


Gifts! As you can see our pile is only barely made a dent into!

Damn gal alright, next?

Oh right, her turn for a gift. Gotta keep that happy mood up to increase those skills. I've not used like... any French this chapter. Let it be symbolic of my struggle to the end.

Thomas: Dad, we're so ignored. I'm starving 75% of the time and smelly the other 25%
Wolfgang: I know son, it's almost over. There, there.

It's the useless holiday, Prank Day. FML like what is the POINT of that skill?!
Mischief is stuuupid. Change my mind.

Juliette gets a break to gold the holiday, but fuck this holiday in particular.

With that we can finally do something useful. Like crushing this Organ skill!

Ahem, is Juliette good, or is she good? (eyebrow wiggle) Oh she's very good.

Now it's time to paint! Paint, paint, paint!

Tristan: Dad... please, help! Everything is falling apart. I just want something to eat.
Wolfgang: I know son, it's tough.
Me: (points to the fridge) You're a big boy. You can handle finding the big cold rectangle. I believe in you.

What a beautiful... um... picture. Lol no but she got to level 8 on one painting. That's phenomenal.

Her next painting was significantly better, and it maxed her. Two painting skill maxing. Wickkeeeddd.

You know what this picture is? It's garbage.

JK it's the pic that had her maxing photography. Trololo bet you feel silly now. That garbage picture is probably worth more than a meal somewhere and it's important to know.

Lucie's back recruited again for the writing skill boost from mentoring.

Double fisting them drinks to stay afloat... what kind of habits am I instilling into this young teenage girl?
Maybe I should reconsider...

Back to CRUSHING SKILLS like the crushable cans they are.

Lord these sims are so needy. Feed me. Let me sleep. Bathe me. Whine. Whine. Whine. Just because I ignore you and leave you for death you act like I've committed some great offense.

And don't get me started on you.

Juliette: (staring at the glass of juice she about to consume) What if I don't want to be this person... what if I want more for my life than just potions and skills?
Well that sucks. Chug-a-lug, babe.

Juliette does some jogs to work on her emotional control, or something. Then I use that to springboard into working on her Athletic skill.

Wolfgang managed a promotion on his own, since I don't care much for him or anyone else unless they're named Juliette.
Speaking of, Juliette needs to fix her conflict resolution and I've got the purrrfect candidate for that...

Vampire Hipster Wolfgang will fight yo' ass, lady!

Vampire Hipster Wolfgang: I was fighting since before it was cool.

Juliette: Hey dad, don't do that.
Wolfgang: (gestures) Wise advice.
++Conflict Resolution.

ONE LAST PUSH FOR THE PRESENTS EVERYONE! It's almost Juliette's birthday!

So we crushed out acting, thanks to her mother getting up high enough to buy that fancy mirror which ++ the speed of acting skilling.

And we worked up to the wire on flower arranging, unfortunately we didn't succeed.

The party rolled in - it was time to take this wonder teen and make her into a WONDER ADULT.
Or well, just a normal adult, as she'll suddenly lose everything special about her. Also love how Thomas is solving his problems in life by screaming curse words to the sky. Sounds accurate.

And in a whirlwind of a party... or rather a whirlwind of a life...

It's done.

Bet y'all didn't see that one coming out of nowhere, because I sure didn't. I thought there was more to tell. Joke's on me, I guess.

Juliette Rousseau: Enfant Étonnant.

So that's what we accomplished. 
After calculating...
Total: 607

The Smol Epilogue: 

Tristan aged up after his sister and gained the last of his traits.

He's pretty cute, despite being a clone of his brother that I had to tweak coloring wise to make him have any semblance of a relationship with his biological parents. 

Thomas went next, aging up and being the last birthday of his household!

And what a perfect way to celebrate than by finally killing the present pile? Ha! I win!

This also cute boy, despite not resembling his parents at all whatsoever genetically, joined up with his siblings and we wrapped up another gold birthday party.

Thanks for sticking with me on this way too long adventure of Lucie and then Juliette. I fully would like to do a name game challenge, and while I love Juliette, I'm not entirely sure I'll use her if only because her genetics disappointed me so much.She's incredibly skilled though and I did put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into her, so... maybe.

Now, before I fully say FIN and close the curtain... there was one, last thing I wanted to share with you all. 

Lettie and Caleb had twins. Twin girls! 
I left the Rousseau household and hopped to my favorite couple.

So... C'est fini! Merci beaucoup, tout le monde! I can't believe I finally did it! 
And by it I mean got this posted.
Thanks again. Lots of love,

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    Lord that's a start, poor Juliette gets REJECTED.

    Weezenoooooo the married couple with 3 kids accepted each other's flowers? CRAZY

    "He's even got hover hands and everything." (laughing hard)YupThatsTheFriendzone

    LordYou're really crushing this my god SO MANY SKILLS

    (snorkels at the poor ignored sims dying in the bg) Yup usually how that goes

    "You know what this picture is? It's garbage." (hard wheeze)
    PleaseLivvie have mercy. I am a simple human.

    ++Wise advice

    wowwhat a RIDE----ooh we even get an epilogue, lol the forgotten Family, hi and lettie and Caleb!! Haa!!

    Lord this was a ride, hello thanks to YOU for dragging us through it lol