Juliette l'ado (Deux)

Holy crap guys I might actually get this officially finished! Wouldn't that be something. I've had all month, too! This was part of my goal for SimNaNo this year, however I've just... fallen apart when it comes to writing anything at all these last few months.
Let's try not to think about it, I've been doing really good today, so that's a positive thing and I'm going to hold to it and hope it gives me life!

Juliette's in the middle of gardening. I probably could've split this into two big updates, but I already planned to have 3 so these chapters will just have to be shorter or weirdly dispersed.

Ah, yes, as I might've mentioned last update, I did put Juliette into the gardening/plant aspiration and attempted it before promptly just spacing out on it and not doing it.

Also hard to see but Juliette was sweating leaves here and I was very confused by it. Seeing as we've done all we can with the garden this morning, I sent her back inside next to our never-dying fish to work on some programming.

Well, that is, when her father wouldn't be coming in to bother her all the time.

"C'est bien, papa, mais je suis occupé." GTFO, sir.
You know, abbreviations don't help my word count, self.
Self: Too LATE.

Lucie had a bad day at work and Wolfgang is surprisingly nice to her about it. He's hit or miss with the rest of the family I've noticed, but no with Lucie, thankfully.

Might as well crunch out the last of this skill and a few others. Oh and right, presents! Everyone line on up!

Wolfgang decided he wanted to nitpick on his daughter. A+ parenting bro. Father of the year. 10/10 would parent again with him.

She told him where to get off, at least.

Which was with his foot in his mouth, then she promptly was shuffled off to work on some Charisma. I don't actually remember the method to my madness. I don't think I had one. I think I was just shuffling her about slapping down skills wherever I could. You could *certainly* do this challenge more efficiently.

Alas, efficiency is not my middle name, though. It's Katherine.

I love teenage cellphone faces. Though Lettie's are much better.

This was during the part of my picture taking when I was still trying to avoid the fact that I was only taking pictures of her skilling and wanted to spice it up. A+ camera work, self.

Charisma's going slower before I figure out why - it benefits more from being happy than confident. Confidence seems to only help when talking to someone.

So let's have her open some presents and get the happy juices going.

Wolfgang trolls the forums when I leave him alone. Which is always. He's always trolling the forums is what I'm saying.

It was here I learned about the happiness mood part, so I sent her off to make use of her confident mood while she had it and had her learn dancing.

When her mood flipped back into happy we piled another present on there for maximum happiness and slapped her back on that mirror! Go, go, go!

(Slaps this picture down with a roaring battle cry)

Lucie is crushing it with her celebrity status, somehow. I also think she earned herself the emotion bomb trait. Fantastic.
That was heavy sarcasm, but that can't be conveyed over text easily.

Wolfgang gets an empty box like he deserves for being the little troll he is. Hilariously, Juliette never gets an empty box in all of this file that I'm aware of. Guess I got damn lucky.

She has to go to school, unfortunately, so I slap a few peppers down her throat and send her off on her merry way. Go get that A, babe!

Lucie and Wolfgang man the fort at home while I wait for the kids to crawl home from school... and crawl they do.

...everything SEEMS fine here! Off I go back to Lucie! (completely ignores poor Tristan's sobbing)
I'm a great sim parent, ok? Sometimes you have to let them cry it out. (nodding)

Lucie brings home a school project... and one of the boys brings home a friend.

He's... passable. He's trying really hard too. Look at that open shirt and smug face. He's like begging Juliette to love him.

Yes, I certainly don't mind the genetics. Hmm well she is due to start a Name Game challenge (eventually)... Maybe you'll be in it, sweet child.
Probably not, but you can dream. Dreaming is free.

Juliette seems... moderately amused by his presence. So maybe?

Lord, I think he's got it bad. Poor sap.

I took this foot picture, probably accidentally, or maybe intentionally, but it's here. Les pieds. Also, good to know I gave Lucie and Juliette the same shoes. Speaks wonders to the options available in this game sometimes. (snorts)

Booyyyy does that sweet child have chubby cheeks. I wish I could remember your name child, but alas, I cannot (does a shrug).

Weee, I believe we decided to smash out Gourmet Cooking, which is insanely long in French, but thankfully in Sims it only takes a short while.
Get it? Get it? Name length comparing to time length? HAaaaa. I know I'm not funny. (awkward turtle rolls out)

Point is, it's COMPLETE!

And Lucie tries to merge with her daughter to congratulate her.
No but in reality, this is a very lonely challenge for Juliette. In hindsight, I probably would've given her the loner trait, or the TS4 equivalent for it that I cannot remember.

We bring in the next time the plants need help and Juliette crunches through to claim victory on another skill!

Isn't this just invigorating? All this skilling and no wit or anything in between? What? It's not? Well...

Lol I swear Lucie and Wolfgang do not know when it quit pestering their child who's trying to skill and only skill. So what if she's lonely? Tough toenails, sweetheart, this life is one you walk alone. Until you don't.

Ahhh, shit. (Saddles in and reads it) A friend of Juliette did not study for the exam today. Should Juliette help them?
Do not jeopardize your grade for someone else, missy! Especially not some hypothetical friend who does not exist in your friendship panel!

Now that friend will never help her ever again.
Well... pfffffffbbbttttt you!

Also had a confusion (yes just a singular confusion was had) when we got investments in? Until the sweet wonders that is Boolprop's discord reminded me that this happens when you complete one of the money aspirations, which Lucie had!

Magic, the game works as intended! (gasps)

The children come home from school. Juliette is doing beautifully, as you can see. 👌 Mwuah. That red is a beautiful color on your panel.

BingO! (shouts it and all the old folks I'm with groan) 9 days left til she's an adult, slap that bonus on my score please and thank youuuu!

Alright, time to work off some steam, Juliette.

She looks so happy...

Girl you really need to work on your emotional control. Just a suggestion.
What? You mean we're doing that right now? Ohhhhh.

Hiiiii Lucie is gorgeous. That's all. Elle est vraiment belle!

Juliette goes to work and I try to help out my boys in this family before I give up and toss it on speed 3 and leave them to their fates.

Wolfgang comes home with a promotion. Not a good one, but I mean it's something.

We got some pretty teens in this town, if I do say so myself.
Though truthfully she looks a lot like Juliette, compare?

Same lips, nose, and face shape; also same coloring. Curious. She's an unrelated townie, but I'd bet my left leg that something stupid happened to the genetics in my game.

Ah well, she's miserable and tired so let's play video games!

A+ face making.

(stares at this picture)

Yeah I have no idea either. Why did I take that picture??

Gods, if this doesn't date me on when I was getting pictures for this chapter. I spent hours working on this fast sketch art piece and my SAI froze up on me and I realized what true fear was.
Moral of the story, always save and save frequently, kids.
This was months ago though.
Livvie you've been mega slackin'.

You know who hasn't been slacking? Juliette.
Fun fact, you know.

Time for another present, I clicked the wrong button first (curse you FRENCH) and she only peeked, so I had to have her open the present next.

Would you look at that? Walls down and everything. (snorkeling) I'm an A+ picture taker here, it seems.

(it dawns on me) oh duh! I had that earlier picture because I wanted a picture for the wall! I feel dumb now, yes it took two tries before I was satisfied with Lucie's painting and slapped it up with Juliette's child and toddler. I hate that TS4 makes duplicate pictures of pictures done in game in my screenshots folder. It's so messy! Especially when you're just smashing out pictures to get photography maxed.

She's so cute, even if she is a horribly genetically mutated child. I suppose there are worse mutants to be.

Part of me was slightly tempted by the idea that I could see if they'd actually have a genetic kid who'd look like them... buuuuut I also couldn't be assed to take care of the other 2 they have besides Juliette so... I end up saying no.

This random teen came over to tend to the garden and Lucie raced out to befriend him purely because he's cute. Juliette's busy at work and I'm checking out potential spouses... assuming I stay in this borked file at all.

She dropped a BURGER and now she's left with do you make another... or do you just slap it on the bun and serve as-is cause you know... 5 second rule? I had her make another in fear that she'd lose performance if she slapped it on the bun.

Turns out her boss didn't like how slow she was. Thankfully she didn't lose any performance from it... and managed a promotion!

Her final promotion.

Yeah she's looking real proud of herself here, and she should be... she should KEEP that grin on her walk all the way to the back where she'll begin working on another skill.

She crunches out insane skills on the Rocket, but has to break for a few needs.

Like... brushing her teeth while eating a lemon? You do you, Juliette. Oh right, and school too. Probably slapped her out the door for that.

The next pictures I have for her (scratching heads) are from later that night when she's got another opportunity thing at work... which...

Bit her in the ass.

Perte de performance. 🙁

She gets home and I slap some happy potions on her to make her needs more amiable and crunch out the last of that rocket!

Another skill bites the dust! And I'm calling it for this update too!
HA! Look at me GO now!

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  1. (I think I accidently called Juliette Lucie in another comment now and I feel DUMB lol ignore it)

    L o l, sweating leaves?
    I learn another new thing about TS4 today (snort)

    LOL JULIETTE has such SASS, I love it, tell your dad to lay off there.

    "Alas, efficency is not my middle name, though. It's Katherine."

    (snorts a little too hard at this elaborate I'm dad joke)

    Lol, I love how you just had a pile of presents there like KAY TIME TO UP YOUR HAPPINESS, CHOP CHOP PICK A GIFT.

    "She's miserable and tired so let's play video games!"

    Weeze its amusing watching you figure out your own pictures, it's like a walk-in behind the scenes. We VIP FOLKS up in here.

    Weeeheeeeeeeeeeeze you know ain't that much of a fan of ts4 usually, but you always make me want to play it.