Juliette l'ado (Un)

I'm going to lay out an apology in advance.
Well because by the end of Juliette's teendom, the only thing I was taking pictures of was her completing skills, lol, so here we go. I have this split into 3 parts, but I'm finished with the challenge. Considering I was working with triplets in a language I'm not fluent in... I'm satisfied with the points I got!
Let's start this off with a glorified genetics rant. Ready? BREAK!

So the first thing I wanted to cover was the fact that I aged the kids up and... they looked... nothing like their parents.
At all.
At all.
This annoyed me beyond REASON, especially because Tristan and Thomas were face clones... and not even face clones that had ANY of the genetics of their parents. See:

Tell me, which parent do you think they resemble most?
Me too.
So... I cracked and tweaked some coloring to at least have them VAGUELY look like their parents. It... sort of worked.



Here be their outfits! As for their sister... well I wanted to leave her alone. She had some of Lucie's looks... sorta. She was my wonder child so I was trying to keep her as untouched as I could. Well, as much as I could. I did tweak add freckles but only because those aren't genetic.

Here she is, and here are her outfits:

I'm going to apologize in advance because I've played through her entire teen years and all the pictures I took were entirely of just skill fests. Not very good for story telling or quips, but I'll do my best. Maybe I'll slap in a few.
Also I've been feeling kind of like I'm being suspended in flavorless jelly today. I'm a bit tired and blah and would like to be productive... ergo... humor and use of French will probably be at an all-time-low.
And no, I don't mean the fantastic band.

Yes, nom nom, Juliette ate some food and then I sent her off on her way!

So here's where we start our skilling in her teendom. We start off by finishing up that FISHING skill almost had before her birthday rolled in.

As she was doing this, I had put Lucie to work on making my life a little easier. Or maybe harder? I don't know. I didn't want to have to monitor 4 vampires, 2 of which didn't have the sun protection on them. So Lucie mixed drinks to turn the boys back to human.

J'suis désolé, les garçons. C'est plus facile pour moi si vous ne vous rôtissez pas au soleil. Roasting in the sun would be bad.  Especially because...
I was planning to leave them 100% to free will except for when I'm not with their sister.

Which is a lie because even on the times I wasn't with her I put everything on speed 3... So they were 100000% on their own.

Juliette has to sign up for a job and get to level 3, so I send her off to the Fast Food Employment.

We slowly start crunching through that pile of presents. It gives a nice happy moodlet to boost her skilling, plus hello stuff to sell for money.

Our first skill as a teenager that we work on, well, sans finishing up Fishing, is Logic. Logique!

Six hours and logic goes from 0 to maxed. Good start self, good start! While we've got the club set to "focused" I set her to work on handiness.

Which is a good thing because a few things needed repaired in the house. Honestly by the end of this challenge I hated this house so much. Beautiful house, but I was too lazy to fix it up or do anything with it. I just wanted to be done.

And why not she can clean while she's there too. Ah, what it is to be the only Sim I'm willing to control. Yes I'm usually a control freak but with this file I just... let go? Nutty huh.
This is probably the closest I'll ever get to an ISBI, and a huge part of that reason is because these kids genetics were such fail whales that I'm still upset about it.

Occasionally I remember the present pile and send the boys over to eat into it, usually around the time I send Juliette.

She works well with her moods high, despite the fact that I haven't let this child sleep - nor do I plan to. We've got enough sleep potions to last her all through her teendom. I came prepared, folks.

Wolfgang and Lucie usually rotate around each other. Just as I sometimes poke about the rest of the house when I get bored of watching Juliette repair everything.

As it's a holiday, I set everyone's resolutions and was pleasantly surprised to see Juliette already slap a complete on hers. 

Gimme dem good moods for skilling!

Onward we go. Bathtub. Stereo. Again. Again. Again.

BINGO! That's my cue! Handiness... 🗸

There's this cute teen gal that stopped by and I took her picture, but this was months ago and I completely spaced any phrasing/thoughts I had with it. (shrugs) I do what I can, you know.

Everyone gathers their way inside to watch the countdown at midnight.

It's about as chaotic as you'd think. I also used this time to look over everyone's needs and saw how in the absolute pits everyone was... haaa so... time to work on that!

And apparently Thomas thinks that means filling hunger by eating diet ice cream... should I be worried about your health, sweet Thomas?

Hope you survive on your own! Let's start by having your sister make some real food for you!

And three dishes in she'd had it nearly maxed. Hot diggity damn.

To the wilting ass garden! This is also the part I think that crippled me for points as I never really pursued Juliette's aspirations - I was in a mad dash to skill. I think I started and tried to do the plant one here but then just fell away from it as I was jumping about to all the different skills I could.

Slap some happy drink down your throat, darling, let's get this party STARTED! Or rather... continued? Hm, I'll need to ponder that one.
This actually makes a great cut-off point! HEY look at that! I DID IT!
(vigorously pats self on back)
Brain: you have to publish it first, Livvie.
Me: ohRIGHT.
Brain: Smooth.
Me: Thank you, I try.

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  1. LOL
    NOTHING LIKE THEIR PARENTS, my god TS4 genetics you are a mystery
    Necessary tweaks they were, also hi fancy gifs JUST FOR US? We lucky ducks

    "I'm not going to be funny this update"
    Says livvie
    ....one phrase later makes an All-Time-Low pun
    me: [x] doubt on lack of funny

    (Fanning self) My gods, that is exquisite french hello
    Just that alone made this an A+ update
    Lucie just OWNING it man