Juliette l'enfant (Trois)

Last one of the childhood then I'll be all caught up!

I have to keep Juliette showered and positively brimming with positive moodlets whenever she's not wearing that stupid bear costume.

Holdup Wolfgang, it almost looks like you love your wife. 😏

A scouts meeting later and Juliette is back onto her routine.

Suffering through the lack of bear costume, she succeeds.

Victory meal of champions: eggs and toast.

Time for her last childhood aspiration, but first I have Lucie start working on her portrait.


Emotion potions underway. Let's keeeeeep crankin' it.

That's right, still working on the aspirations of Tristan and Thomas, but they're not as important as Juliette, so they take a backseat... sorry boys.

Lol Lucie! What's the face for? You got a promotion!
Lucie: La douleur.
That's ok, I think Wolfgang might know how to cheer you up...

Tristan steps closer and closer to that aspiration finish...
Juliette is also sad because she can't be a bear.

Pls fix, Lucie.

Lucie also has la rhume - a cold, it seems.
If... colds are what case those weird animal stripes... cause we totally get those IRL.

The amount of times some sims get sick is ridiculous.

Look at us go! Juliette's skills are crushing it!

It was also some home improvement holiday so I think I bought something for the house... I can't remember anymore.

That next day after school we finally hit "A," completing the final child aspiration.

All that's left to do now is skill and wait for her teendom. Hit it!

Wolfgang snags up another promotion.

The boys simultaneously complete their aspirations.
Well... their one aspiration.
LOL if they think they're getting any more than that!

Juliette maxes the violin skill for funsies.

The fete de l'hiver (winterfest) holiday hit and naturally Juliette et al worked hard to destroy that present pile.
LOL Juliette also thinks she can play with dolls. HAHAHAHA.
Go back to skilling.

Piano mastered. What's next on the child skill list?

She made it to level 6 before I realized she wasn't skilling as fast as she could be, and I could spend my time elsewhere, so we dropped this in favor of the other skills.

Father winter fucked us over with a huge stack o' presents so we're still banging 'em out the day after and beyond.

It's season premiere day so everyone's chillin' watching the latest premiere. Juliette got lucky that I value gold holidays.

Hit the present pile, my children, then return to thou's skilling.
At this point I've left the ENTIRE family alone, and often find Thomas/Tristan on the verge of collapse/stinking up the joint.
Come now boys, learn to fend for yourself! No one else will teach you how.

We banged out singing next. That's 3 skills, and we're aiming for fishing too!

Thomas is a sweet boy who is cleaning up another kid's mess. Good lad. All autonomous too!
Their birthday is incoming and I really want to max fishing before it happens.

All the kids take the day off school - there's more important things to do!

Lucie throws a party because we're going for gold.

Zesty John over here apparently up and married Lilith Vatore (now Zest) so I invited him to the party because why not. Pretty sure Zest-man and Lilith met because of Lucie anyways.

So I came thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissss close to maxing fishing. I was literally a smidge away with Juliette when I realized she HAD to book it back to blow out the candles in time for the party... oh and she had to pee. Good combo NOT.

Anyways, she made it back, we snagged a gold on the birthday party!

I gave her the "immature" trait, or childish I believe it is in English. I did this because I read up some tips that childish gets a 2hr+ happy boost from watching kid's TV, something I know I can benefit from with Juliette. Plus in combo with Family Oriented she'll get at age-up to YA she'll be a good fit for the Name Game Founder I plan to pursue.

Lucie tosses out some confetti!

Then it's back to cleaning toilets. Ah, ain't life fun in a challenge?
So I rolled on the randomizer site until I got one that had the boys' traits already in it and went from there. Tristan gains childish as well as his teen trait because I cannot be arsed to look after a vegetarian right now.

Thomas rolled in smelling of stank...

Thomas gets music lover which feels extremely fitting for him given his childhood aspiration.

Ayyy so just as I'm about to wrap up this update, Lilith had to go and roast her ass on my back porch like... excuse you.

You do not have permission to die on this porch. GTFO.

So Lucie, literally the superwoman that she is, crawls outside and begs death to not take her...
Lucie: S'il vous plaît, non!

She won. Because she's Lucie.
Lucie is amazing.

She seems pretty happy to be alive, even if she is a little well done.
But yes that should do it for Juliette's childhood! It's time for me to tackle her teen years... (gulps)
I've got a plan.
Brain: what's the plan?
Me: We're going to play her teen years until she ages up.
Brain: .....
Brain: .......and?
Me: That was it.

See ya next time!

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  1. Weeze never fail to make me roll you do

    With just the perfect use of a Final Fantasy gif

    Weeeeze what, I didn't know you could beg for life back. Reminds me of...what was it? Sims 2?
    Lol, I swear most of the stuff I learn from TS4 is from YOU