Défi Adolescent Immortel


A while ago (ok it was just November, but I'm challenged so it was a while ago) I created a challenge with itsjulie on Boolprop for the 13th Birthday Challenge titled The Immortal Teenager Challenge (TIT, if you will 😏). Julie and I worked for ages on this and I never had time to play it because we were already moving into the Christmas season and I was doing finals and trying to set up my schedule.

Well, here comes January, and I realized earlier today that I'd been studying French as a second language for several months and it was time to start flipping on the immersion switch, if you will. You know, where you start converting your devices and other things to the language so it starts to get more familiar. I realized this morning that I've been playing the Sims for a very long time - and that might be a good place to start in...

However I sure as hell ain't crazy enough to flip my TS3 game into French (that would require a reinstall, which would be painful) because I NEED it for my stories - so I need to know exactly where everything is.

The Sims 4, on the other hand?

That one was open, so I swapped everything over and... boy am I not as good at French as I thought I was! I played through the tutorial just so I could see what I would be up against and let me tell you - it wasn't IMPOSSIBLE, no, it just took me a while to decipher what it was asking... and to be honest I didn't recognize any of the menus when having sims try to interact with other sims. So I thought... what better thing to do than to throw myself into a challenge I've never played before and watch myself squirm? Hey, maybe I'll learn something!

C'est la vie, faisons le!

Disclaimer: I'm learning French, and have been since last October. I'm very much a novice, so to anyone who speaks it in any of its variations: I'm sorry for the butchering you're about to see. Also, I have a potty mouth and I use it sometimes.

Zéro: Comme notre argent
Un: La femme citronnée
Deux: Ado Romantique
Trois: Un feu ne blesse jamais personne
Quatre: J'ai fait don d'une poubelle
Cinq: Oups-un-bébé
Six: La Finale
Épilogue: Une nouvelle vie, un nouveau défi

Les Règles

  • Pas de tricherie! No cheats unless it's life or death. 
  • Pas de mods! Mods are not to be used to cheat or gain advantage others wouldn't have!
  • Vous NE POUVEZ PAS contrôler le gardien! You CANNOT control the Caretaker. Treat them like an ISBI.
  • Seul l'adolescent gagne de l'argent! All money coming in must be earned ONLY by the teenager!
    • The teenage can only earn money from their part time job, painting, writing, selling fish, collectibles and grown goods. No other means of income is acceptable.
  • Pas de tricherie, une fois de plus! NO acquiring money through "cheaty" means, this includes but is not limited to: 
    • The lottery (TS3/TS4), potions - including flipping the alchemy store (TS3), selling the ITF/University Kit (TS3), selling the Humble computer (TS2), genie lamp wish for money (TS2/TS3), Inheritance LTR (TS3), Orb of Answers wish for money (TS3), and any other easy-money hack/skill.
  • Trois jours de maladie! The teenager is allowed 3 "sick" days to skip/call in sick to school. Use them wisely!
  • Avoir de bonnes notes! The teenager must get good grades.
  • Pas d'animaux de compagnie! No pets allowed in this challenge other than your fish!
  • Rester employé! Part-Time jobs must be acquired and maintained throughout the entirety of the challenge.
  • Pas de charité! Your immortal teenager cannot eat any food prepared by the Caretaker.
  • Pas de mort! No dying!
Seems easy enough! Let's take a look at the 13 required tasks... and no I don't think I'll translate these into French, just the numbers! 

Les Treize Tâches de l'Immortel

Un: Max a part time job
Deux: Have a BFF
Trois: Have 4 BF/GFs
Quatre: Be friends with 13 people at the same time
Cinq: Earn $13,000
Six: Collect 13 different collectables
Sept: Catch 13 different fish
Huit: Write 13 books
Neuf: Paint 13 pictures to decorate the walls.
Dix: Cook 13 different recipes
Onze: Gain 13 skill points
Douze: Grow 13 plants
Treize: Throw 13 successful parties

Les Points
+130 for completing the 13 tasks.
+30 for no sick days used.
+10 for 22+ day completion.
+1939 for the net worth.
+900 for the LTHP.
+25 for Teenage Risk.
+50 for School Nerd.
+15 for Prestigious Callings.
+25 for Perfectionist Streak.
+10 for Hostile Home.
+20 for Jack of All Trades.
+15 for Well Rounded [TS4 only].

Total: 3,169

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