Zéro: Comme notre argent

So this is just the intro post for my Immortal Teen challenge, done with my game set to French because why would I ever want to make things easy for myself. Meet our teen: Lucie Rousseau!

Lucie is Adore la nature (a Nature-Lover) and Extravertie (Friendly) with the Sim aux multiples talents (Jack of All Trades) Aspiration.

Here's her outfits:

Her guardian is Lisa Martin who I randomized a million billion times in CAS then gave preset outfits to followed up by the traits: Deteste les enfants (dislikes children), Imprévisible (Erratic), and Egocentrique (Self-Absorbed). Her Aspiration (that won't be completed) is Incroyablement riche (Fabulously Wealthy, I believe).

I set them as "roomates" through the top menu, as per the rules.

Fun FACT, "colocation" in French is a "shared apartment" which is what I used to figure out this would mean roommate. Oohlala, I'm smelling my good French coming in. Anywho, I dropped them into the world together.

And Spring was chosen for this, too.
Here's their house that I bought and gutted for this from la Galarie:

margaret_2016 here did a fantastic job on this and then I went through and absolutely trashed the beautiful insides so I could scrape up the bare minimum for what I'd need.

Gave the lot these traits:

I'm taking pictures of them cause it's easier. I am learning French, but I do not have a French keyboard, so ergo writing out anything with any sort of accent is a very, very painful process for me. If I ever miss an accent it's probably one of two things:
1. I'm too lazy to dig up an accent in the accent menu
2. I didn't know the accent is there.
I can say with certainty that #1 will happen FAR MORE than #2. I value my time and sanity (what's left of it) thank you.
Anyways, as we start this challenge, there's only two things left to do:

"Bloquer" dis bitch from getting into la pièce de Lucie (Lucie's Room - and yes getting that one accent WAS painful).

Set the funds to zip, zilch, zéro - just like the name of this chapter.
Let's hope I can do this without dying!

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  1. Hohoh this should be FUN
    Yes show me how it works lol, I wanna do an immortal teen later