Cinq: Oups-un-bébé

Neuf livres! Four more! I'm actually totally finished with this challenge, finished it yesterday, I just need to write it up. There's two more chapter's worth of pictures... then I'm going to do a little Epilogue for her, which I haven't yet played so... let's go!

School's boring, y'all hear that? No surprise really.

Loser Lisa is taking a shower... in the rain... Nice.

She's so ugly even her knees get blurred.

Depending on if I took all the right pictures, this book would be Dix (ten).

She had a wish to plant a plasmafruit, only it wouldn't let me pull it from her inventory to count, no no. She had to put it down herself, then I had to click it to plant it. Stupid technicalities. Baka!
Whoops, wrong language.
I find myself doing that more and more these days, blurring all three languages together. I'll be tiredly leaning on my desk being asked if I'm going to bed responding "Non, merci, hitotsu arimasu, almost there!" which is just a giant blending of "no, thanks, there's just one more, almost there."

Still slowly whittling down those presents. Maybe one day I'll see the end of that pile.
I won't.

I let Lucie have a little free reign between her books, hoping to prevent her from getting too burned out and being stuck with that dumb writer's block again.

Wolfgang is happy to keep her company. Honestly after how Wolfgang handled Merry too, I have to wonder if this guy's mean trait is just a fluke.

He'll come in and paint while she's writing, which by the way, that's level 10 writing and officially finished with that mini-challenge.

Ayyyy-yaya, Lisa! Put yo damn clothes on! Ya nassstyyyy!

Faire crac-crac avec quelqu'un? Have woohoo with someone? Sounds like fun.

I think I might know a someone up for that.
Lucie: Voulez-vous faire crac-crac avec moi?
Wolfgang: *already halfway towards the door to the only crac-crac location* LET'S GO ALREADY

There was no other room in the house so...

Away they go! Avoir le crac-crac dans le placard!

Loser Lisa made of Lard is super gross and inappropriate. She wakes up from dead sleep to watch it... naked. 

Oh COME ON Lisa!

Unfortunately this made Lucie hysterical. So I went to calm her down in the bathroom but the mirror wasn't working. It didn't change it at all. She had to wait out the 4 hour moodlet very carefully at her computer.

Annnd it's safe again!

Might be livre onze, but I can't remember and I was really bad about taking pictures/recalling the books even as she wrote them so I just waited for the royalty recounter.

Shitty gift, probably empty. She gets a few of those, though I think this one was a cube of answers?

Mhm, yup there it is! I had her try it out, but unfortunately it's not as fun as TS3 orb of answers. She "asked it a question" and it gave her an answer. I wasn't allowed to determine what she asked.

Obviously, "not today" was not the answer she wanted, so this made her sad.

Cinq skills! Coutumes des vampires (Vampire Lore), Cuisine (cooking), Ecriture (writing), Peinture (painting), and Pêche (fishing).

Op, the shitty holiday house decor is up, you know what that means? New Years holiday!

Ooh yea I'm good.

Douze livres.

Everyone likes to hang out in my Lucie's pièce, but I mean I decorated ti so well. I actually have grown extremely fond of how cluttered and lived in it looks.

We spread some holiday cheer and made some resolutions to get her holiday closer to gold.

Caleb's outfit only gets increasingly more concerning.
Lettie (somewhere in my head): *snorting and rolling with laughter* That pink collar is a good look on you. Matches those bright green headphones and orange sunglasses. Did you get in a fight with a wardrobe and lose?
Caleb: This is my 'my wife's not here' protest, you like?
Lettie: *still laughing* oh indeed, very much so.

I took some close-ups like mhm this is book thirteen. The big 13. We've got this.

And there she be! We'll have confirmation when the royalty checks come in the next day.

This is my checklist so far. All that's left is 13 parties... and we should have that in the bag easily.

I booted back into game to finish this challenge up yesterday and got greeted with creepy Loser Lisa, who (I checked) has doubled in width since I started this challenge.
I got the notif that the love fest was in town (what a perfect time of year, when it's balls to the walls freezing/iced over) and of course one of the many people Lucie knows called her to invite her out.

Naturally, fearing it might turn into a date, Lucie dragged Wolfgang along with her. Good thing she did, as the group outing required her to kiss someone.
Embrasser quelqu'un.

When looking for the option to kiss I noticed she had one other--

She's a teenager though?! I mean I suppose I did turn on romance, but I didn't think I enabled marriages? Oh boy.

No, I definitely didn't go that route. Instead they just kissed and literally everyone cheered them on... it was weird.

I decided once that was done that she'd done her due-diligence and she could go home to paint a little until the holiday was over and she could start throwing ranked parties again.

Wolfgang fought with Lisa who's becoming a drunk despite not having a bar.

You don't say, Lisa. Are you just now figuring this out? God you're useless!

At 23 heures (11pm for us non 24 hour clock users) I sent Lucie out to watch the countdown with Wolfgang and Taylor.

Right at 00:00 (which was the most hyped I've been for a countdown in literal years btw), Wolfgang hauled his ass across the room to get his New Years kiss.

Wolfgang: Happy New Year, Lucie.
Lucie: Bonne année, Wolfgang!

That was the last of her traditions needed. I then decided she had two whims saved for Wolfgang that I wanted to pursue, and one of them I struggled to find because the hints I use to help me search were off. It was a "be mischievous" with Wolfgang one, but it said "due to having near-friendly relationship," so I assumed the words were a friendly interaction when I went to look.
It wasn't until I pieced it together that I finally was able to complete it.

She pretended to be in the criminal career and they both got a laugh out of it.
To be honest, I don't really get the mischief skill in TS4. I don't get the reactions it elicits. I don't get why the skill correlates with the career it does... I don't get anything about it. It's such a useless waste of time and it's been driving me nuts in the French game because I really have never used those interactions before, besides the harmless ones like the electric shake hands they do for giggles. Lying about careers? Inviting people to fake parties? Why do other sims react positively to that? That's stupid.

Lucie went for another present to add to her collection. Still haven't burned the pile down.
I sent her back to her painting when suddenly...

Manger... pour... deux...? Eating... for... two?!

What the fuck did I click?! How did you get pregnant?! Baka! Bête! Merde! Tabarnac! Chikushō! Esti! lsdkjgadslkgjasd;lgkjasdlgkjas;lkga

Ok so in my haste to fill the woohoo wish, I clicked the closet and grabbed the first option I saw (and only option, mind you!) with the woohoo heart on it! Lucie's a teen, Wolfgang is a YA. I only enabled teen/adult romance! I didn't enable Teen/Adult marriage or Teen/Adult proposals, or teen pregnancies either! I was LITERALLY living with this idea that Lucie was at most having sex/woohoo with him, but figured it was more like the "mess around" feature for teens!
TURNS OUT what I grabbed was actually the Try for Baby function and I didn't even notice. If I'd looked at the option for longer than half a second it would've been painfully obvious, because despite me only being a babe in this language, baby is bébé in French, and that was clearly written in the option that I didn't read. I just saw one option for woohoo and clicked it assuming she was a teen and that a try-for-baby option wasn't viable. I'm also used to the Sims 3 where you literally have to go through hell and back just to get a teenager pregnant and keep them pregnant.

Proof taken after I finished the challenge.
SO! What I'm saying is... this was the first (and likely only) pregnancy in the history of all my time on the sims that has ever truly caught me by surprise. As even when I set woohoo to risky I'm doing it willingly knowing that pregnancy will be a result. ALSOALSO mind you I definitely did not have risky woohoo enabled from Woohooer either. I could not stop laughing when I saw the pregnancy notification, and for a long time I thought it was just an accidental fluke before I investigated the closet.
No, so if I were to have clicked on Wolfgang to do the interaction, the only interaction that would've come up is the safe, normal, protected crac-crac dans le placard. The only option on le placard was to try for baby.

So now Lucie is pregnant, and I suppose I could spend 20 minutes digging through MCCC menus trying to terminate the pregnancy, but part of me really liked it? So I decided since we were almost done, we'd keep the child.

She went off to tell Wolfgang the great news.
Lucie: Je suis enceinte!


Hey look Lisa put her heart and soul into these pancakes...

Lucie's computer broke, and I had her set up to fix it after she finished her painting, but Wolfgang decided he'd rather not have his pregnant girlfriend fixing something electrical and did it for her. Sweet garçon!

So instead she went out to stop her garden from dying.

She's very proud of herself you know. 15 plants she hasn't killed... that's 15 more plants than I've ever had survive my touch.

Another empty present that makes her sad. 😦

I make room for the crib in Lucie's room, because no way in the ever-loving fuck will I let Lisa near the baby.

Her room somehow still manages to fit everything she needs in it. I refuse to expand the house because I'm too lazy to have to readjust everything. It's perfect as it is, and we're literally in the final countdown here.

I expect to have this finished before the baby is even a toddler. Also this Prank Day hit... (gestures up to the rant I had earlier about the Mischief skill being useless) blah blah repeat that here.

Treize! Treize livres en le rapport de droits d'auteur! Weeee! Confirmation received, let's go ahead and finish up this challenge with 13 parties!

STILL haven't broken through the present pile completely! Damn son!

Hey let's go out to a dance party!
Well, Lucie's got a limited time left free of parenting so... sure, why not?

Nice weather. Great day for ducks, as my mom would say.

I was just letting Lucie do some dancing and relaxing, chatting and flirting with Wolfgang when  I saw the option come up and I took a picture of it to show people what I thought I clicked on when doing the original woohoo that knocked her up.

Faire crac-crac dans le placard! Alas, it wasn't.

The party ended, but I couldn't send Lucie home until after dawn broke due to the fact that the game got borked. I was really afraid I'd be losing a big chunk of the night. In reality I couldn't really read what it was saying.
Something about a vampire trying to enter? And I saw Lilith, and I knew that Lucie was a vampire... and this notice reminded me of the one that I would get when a vampire was trying to break into my house and suck someone's blood when I would try to go into Buy Mode and find it grayed out... but this is a community lot.
It also wouldn't let me save to reload in and try to fix the glitch that way. Thankfully waiting for the sunrise worked and she was able to go home and I saved.
The next chapter thus ends my Immortal Teen, but likely isn't the end of Lucie's story.

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