Quatre: J'ai fait don d'une poubelle

Un. Deux. Trois. Quatre. Cinq. Six. Making progress!


Hello parler comme un pirate, let's talk like a pirate!

Success! She got really into talking like a pirate.

... the flour? Whyyyy?

Yes Caleb. I see you. I see that... cry for help.

Caleb: I'm sorry am I distracting you? I'd bother you less if I had someone here to keep me company.
Me: 😓 too lazy.

We're so close to friendship I keep pushing her at him.
And we're almost... almost...

Reputation increase! Weeeee that's way too much text. I would've noped away from that even in English. Have I mentioned I'm dyslexic? I am. Large chunks of text tends to freak me out.

Friendship friendship friendship!

Count 'em UP! 13. Not to mention she easily gains 4 more before the end of the challenge, so even if Caleb isn't meant to count he won't need to.

Lucie's in the art career now, btw. One of the random career calls. She can't actually go in to work because she's at school, so she takes a responsibility hit... wow game. Nice.

I sent the rest of the club out to fish with her so she wouldn't be lonely.


Yeeeeehaw! We've got Painting and fishing so far for her 5 maxed skills.

Then cooking.

Finally Vampire Lore.
We just need one more skill, which I figure will be writing when we go to crank out 13 books.

I wish this painting could've been a masterpiece, it's one of my favorites in this game. If only for it reminds me of Mahoutsukai no Yome (魔法使いの嫁).
I took a break to go after Lucie's parenthood traits. I didn't note every chance card cause of laziness.

The cupcake dilemma. Donner un cupcake a l'ecureuil. She gave that squirrel a cupcake... or uh what?

Lucie then tries to mediate for a couple of stupid kids fighting over some trash.

Only the bag gets dropped and everyone realizes it was dumb to fight. The end. If only most wars ended this way.

An old person asks to tell stories to Lucie about her jeunesse - her youth. Lucie agrees to listen to her.

And is rewarded for being a good listener. Good Lucie!

Wee! L'empathie is up!

We also snuck in another masterpiece. Neuf.

Three personality traits in the green for a trait. Check. Check. Check.



What's this? un RHUME? nonono NO GETTING SICK! Non bien! Le pire!

Ma fille... Ma pauvre fille! Growing splotches too. At least they match her dress? I won't buy her medicine until later. She toughs this one out.



...Quatorze? Yes! You read that right. Fourteen. I realized I had a duplicate. Anyways here's all 14 masterpieces, in no particular order:

Un, deux, trois.

quatre, cinq, six, sept.

Huit, neuf, dix, onze, douze, treize, quatorze! Time for the next thing on my list - the garden!

Trees are temporarily placed outside as I contemplate my situation with the furniture inside.

This is was the state of the house when I first put everything there. I'm too lazy to expand, and I need everything that I have so... I'm trying to make do.

I finally crack with poor Lucie's illness, she fixes her computer then orders herself some medicine.

Medicaments, that is.

It didn't take me long to break down and make this little unpainted, unfinished little underground nook for her plants. This, too, won't stay for long. This is just until they grow.

Lucie's feeling infinitely better with some medication, plus she's super energized due to the next day being winterfest or what have you.

Lucie enters the loud phase. DE HURLER. TO SCREAM.

Un livre.

Lucie takes the time to befriend Mr. Zest here who was still mas about that whole... not moving fast enough for the welcome-wagon eons ago. You know, back in spring.

I went to have her finish her next book and... wait... why can't I write?! God I hate this kind of stuff. I dug around like, "is she too socially busted?" So I sent her out to chat with Mr. Zest who was walking around. That wasn't it. Her fun can't drop thanks to the vampire trait... so I tried having her play a game to see if it was some invisible fun meter being read but nope.
Turns out, it's writer's block. 
doit libérer l'auteur = free the author.
What threw me was the last part "find something fun to do," which is why I went on this goose chase thinking it was her fun bar.

Writer's block. FML.

Happy winterfest. Have the decorations that EA spewed out of a few boxes.

I bought the smallest thing of presents, figuring we'd go through 'em. I never manage to completely go through all presents it seems.

Can I just tell you, I love the French "woah." Waouh! Waouh! She got a PC out of it.

I also found a random camera in her inventory that definitely wasn't there before, so... neat!

Lucie finishes book three in time for royalties:

Un. Deux. Trois livres!

Have one more! Quatre!

Lucie: Pour toi!

Lucie was given a tablet, so she regifted it to her boyfriend.

Wolfgang: This is so neat!

He then snuck in and swiped a present of his own from the stash just as I called Lucie over to open presents again with everyone... including Loser Lisa.

One postcard from Appaloosa Plains... nah. Non merci.

A small statue thing for Loser Lisa.

Look at that, this might be her first holiday she doesn't bomb.

That's the thing she was given. I tucked it back into her inventory and won't sell it. She won't be opening any more gifts, that's for damn sure, but at least she got one. A useless trinket... just like her.

That seemed to do in the presents, so I sent Lucie back to work.

No surprise, loser Lisa doesn't like my poor, Sweet Lucie. And Wolfgang doesn't tolerate that Loser Lisa isn't the nicest she could be for my dear, sweet Lucie.

With Lucie's holiday golded, she heads back to write for a while until Father Winter shows up... and hey! It's not Fat Fuck this time! It must be his cousin. Skinny Sucker.

Lol, Loser Lisa dug herself into a hole with Skinny Sucker, Lucie to the rescue for presents and a good holiday!

Lucie: Bonjour, Skinny Sucker! Ça va?

Lucie: Un cadeau, s'il vous plait!

Lemme just say I took too many close shots because she's pretty. I have no shame admitting that.

I'm a sucker for freckles.

1 Affiche pour enfants... a light for children? Nice...

I went digging to find it in the family inventory and LOOK AT ALL THIS STUFF.
Look at all those chickens...

So here's the stupid light. Useless and cheap. Stupid Skinny Sucker.

And he restocked the pile! Here I thought I'd finally gotten through a stack! Aghhh!

Welp, time to start burning them down. I won't let these gifts go to waste when I can sell 'em proper!

Yay gifts.

Back to writing. I kept perpetually losing track of how many books she wrote, so I'd end up leaning hard on the royalty reports I'd get daily.

I think this was four or five? Quatre or Cinq?

She gets yet another star just for her awesome publishing work. Then she heads off to school like the little trooper she is.

NIGHT OF REVISIONS. Yes that was so easy to read I was so proud of myself. I told her Faire une activite ludique: don't cram.

She does well thanks to that and gains performance. Weee, we're on fire Lucie! Well, not literally, not like Morty was in that last chapter...

OOHLALA Sacre bleu! I was way off. Sept! Seven books! Also sacre bleu is mine and Robert's favorite French phrase. Surprised it's taken me this long to use it.
Also that one's pretty safe to shout wherever. 😉 See look at me keeping it PG.
Goddamn knew it couldn't last long.

Loser Lisa has a really boring life. She talks to the trashcan, likely thinking it's a mirror.

She makes out with invisible people in the doorway.

And she talks to the televised clouds. I usually don't follow her much and keep it on speed 3 while Lucie is at school... with good reason, I see. She doesn't even do anything interesting or funny for me to talk about.

Lucie gets home enraged. They sure like making teens live on the edge in this game. Always a step away from death. Jeeeeeez.

We crank out another few books.

Look! Loser Lisa left the house a fucking wreck like her life.
And since Lucie has been stuck with a "real life" job that conflicts with her school she's been "missing work" thus tanking her responsibility which is one of the 3 traits I need... which means I'm forced to waste time on getting her homework done so she can earn it back.

Garden is almost fully grown: 13 different plants. Plasma, Lemon, Cherry, Onion, Carrot, Tomato, Chysanthemum, Begonias, Daisies, Crocus, Sage, Strawberry and Green Beans.

Gift counter ran out, so back at the present pile.

I believe this is a tea maker? I'm feeling the laze though and won't look it up.

A munch on some plasma... and back to writing we go.

Don't ask me what number. I can't remember.
I had Lucie cleaning up the house when I clicked on the trash can to have her take out the trash. I hastily picked an option and the trashcan deteriorated into nothing.
Confused, I went looking through build/buy mode and her inventory... as I'd once accidentally had her pick up the easel before and...

It's not there... what happened...

Um... I think I accidentally donated the trash can... Whoops. Well, that happened.

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