Trois: Un feu ne blesse jamais personne

Lucie est belle. 😍

Lucie passe par une phase: She entered into the Rebellious phase... joy!

And she maxed out painting, just have to slowly get all the paintings we need! Masterpieces here we come!

Lucie gets a quick save before I attempt this then...

One potion of youth for the lady!

And it's successful! Oui! This means I can keep aging on for her! She gets a call right after this from Wolfgang asking her on a date, which I agree to... only...

He's OLD! He grew uP?! HOW? I thought I... *digs furiously through menus*
Damn! How did that get past me?! Ack! Well now I turn aging off for townies.

If my only option is to break-up that's just no deal.
But this date is going to suck if I can't actually have them interact romantically, so... ten minutes of fussing later:

One reload later...

Lucie: Salut beau gosse! Tu te sans bien?
Wolfgang: You're here to break up with me, aren't you?

Lucie: Ah, non! Non, bȇte! Bien sûr que non!

Wolfgang: *starts sobbing* that's a relief.

Wolfgang: *suddenly flirty* So about that date?
Lucie: Oui, merci. Nous appartenons ensemble!

After they had some fun, Lucie went off to make some new friends. It's a slow ride in this file to 13 friends.

*squinting* Hold up a minute is that...

Yup! I knew that roasting ass anywhere! Hey Lilith. Your brother still a mess?
Lilith: Duh.
Yeah well you ain't looking so hot either.

Lucie: *boit du the* Oui, mais je ne voudrais pas ces couleurs. Rouge et rose ne harmonizent pas!
Woman: Oh... I suppose you're right. I put on my outfit in the dark...

A hug for the road and the date ends.

We had a great MOMENT, Lucie -> Rough translation looking at it.

Well, that was great, ummm I'll call you soon? Or you call me? Something like that. appelle is one of those weird ones I always remember because it's "call" yet when you introduce yourself it's "je m'appelle Livvie" = "I call myself Livvie" so... yeah.

Let's attempt to make friends! For some reason Lucie has a real hard time with this.

The collection is coming along well, however I have one repeat that cannot be, but I won't find that for a few more pictures lol. I have 11/13!

Lucie heads back to painting.

....That says bears? The bar with a bear party... ummm... as curious as it would be to see... and I'm sure I'm missing out on a lot of that's my fetish moments, I'm gonna have to say no, Caleb.
Good god man I need to get you Lettie ASAP before you wind up a furry.

SO knowing that Caleb is suffering I had Lucie call a club meeting, also for the boost in mood. Caleb came right in and passed out in her unused bed.

Lilith, too, right on the couch. Sur le canapé!

I pull Lucie away from painting to focus on cycling some new people into the clubs to meet and befriend. I've also been trying very hard to complete her whims, however when they look like that...

Means I spend several minutes digging through menus and... AHA there's the bastard!

Ask him about his GODDAMN DAY.


Next whim is jouer in the leaves, so off she goes to play.

I have her stop to meet Taylor cause he's cute. New friend, hello.

Lucie isn't interested in him in the slightest, but I am. Let me have my moment here.

That's when I got alerted that one of his traits was "Bro," which, in French, is:

Member of a group of BROS. Wicked.

My husband looks over as I'm playing this part: there isn't a thing more Sims than this. A woman crying with a rainbow over her head.
Me: *snorkeling* Tell me about it.

Also, this is the run to calm emotions bit. "Run to empty your mind"

Mind emptied, turns out school left her flirty since someone complimented her. Sure wasn't Wolfgang, but I mean who wouldn't fall for her? She's a real dame!

Who's getting more and more popular by the day!

Why can't we be friends, whyyy can't weeee be friiiiiends, why can't weeee be friiiiends....

Here's a shift of her at one of her jobs:

Off to school she goes for some more French-practice chance cards for me!

She got her results back from a fancy test of her abilities and they weren't as good as they could be. I had her repasser le test (retake it).

Bien. She got the results she wanted - finir par obtenir le resultat qu'elle souhaite!

Lard-loving loser Lisa goes on an adventure outside while lovely Lucie is at school.

She bugged out and littered her glass onto the ground.

Then high-tailed her ass back inside.

I set Lucie to burn the leaves because I was hoping they would go away. They didn't. Worst of all they just remained burning while idiots tried to play in them.

Mortimer: This is fine.

Lucie had a wish to call someone, which pertains to her sadness. SOS Sadness? Like a suicide hotline? I dunno how I feel about that being in the game...

Like that makes me a little too uncomfortable, EA.

Job offer #12094512541. This one for Actress. We take it cause why not?

Lucie's phone is constantly blowing up, but I ignore it because it's more important to me to hunt down the last of her MySims collection.

Job offer #12094512542

Boom, nother masterpiece.

And again.

Pain. She already has this one! I sell it and cry. Je le vende et je pleure.

So from that last time I wrote something to here was the start of Harvest Holiday and the game crashed, or rather forced me to close it against my will because nothing would respond and I had to redo a few hours... ergo...

We redecorate the house. Reappease the gnomes, and repaint a picture.

I just take whatever deco the game spits at me. I'm too lazy to fully dec the house out.

The first gnome likes the gift Lucie gives.

The second dislikes, but at least it didn't strike her with lightning. She appeases him and goes back to hunting for her goddamn paintings.

Next celebrity star, thank you!

Man: Now that you're famous, you should give us money.
Lucie: Ahhh..... oui?

Our wall is slowly collecting paintings.

We're back to making friends for Lucie and it's here I realize that Caleb and she have the highest relationship, so that makes for an easy BFF decision.

Lucie: Voulez-vous être meilleurs amis?

Caleb: Sure, why not!
Caleb then turned around and got autonomously hugged by lard-loving loser Lisa.

Of which, Wolfgang threw a bunch of shade at Caleb for. Not pictured, but Wolfgang hates Lisa. He picks fights with her whenever he's over.
Sweet as pie to Lucie, but not even remotely tolerating of Lisa's bullshit.

Fuck and that ONE was enough to make him a romantic interest asldgkjdaslgkajsas.
Wolfgang was not pleased, but once again, he never takes his anger out on Lucie.

I think he just likes to be reassured of his place in her heart or something.
Anyways, I quickly send everyone home after that because I'm tired of playing OOPS ACCIDENTALLY CLICKED SOMETHING DEVASTATING. So Lucie goes back on the hunt.


More gnomes show up - likely for Loser Lisa but I'm terrified of leaving them unappeased and send Lucie to do it. Lisa can go fuck herself.

Then this painting... again.
Please anything else! I keep forgetting which ones I've tried!
The rest of this update is spent with Lucie making the rest of her required meals to check off the list.

With that done, she's almost maxed out in Fishing (level 9) and I want her to max that out for one of the mini-challenges, so I sent her out and she reminds me of exactly why I don't let her waste time fishing.

Oohlala, Lucie... et bien! Pourquoi?!

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  1. Snort, oh Lucie still with the Lemons

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    Also Wolfgang is a treat and perfect for Lucie XD