Deux: Ado Romantique

Bonjour, let's try round 2.

Lilith sticks around and helps poor Lucie to bed like a proper parent would, then she cleans up the house. I'm not even mad at her - she's not part of this house and it's CLEAR she was just looking out for Lucie.

I drag poor Lucie's butt out of bed really early so I can get food shoved down her throat when...

Finally! I'd miscounted what day she was on, so it turns out she didn't need to eat. Ah well.
J'aime Lucy, so I will take care of her.

Even if EA does not... JFC EA!
I don't bother to change it though because my theory is I won't be using her dark form (as I'm literally only doing this for reduced needs) and this challenge is short.

Here she goes just a learnin on the comp singing dooo a diddy diddy dumb diddy dooo.
That REALLY wouldn't work in French. Computer is ordinateur. 
C'EST UN ORDINATEUR! Muwahahahahaha!
Well, you couldn't hear that, but my accent was really on point. BEAUCOUP d'accent!

Teresa is a lifesavor ever since she explained how fast you got levels for Vampirism from the computer so... (gestures to Lucie)... C'est un ordinateur pour Lucie!

I send her off to scouts for her meeting, and get a familiar chance card.

This one was hard. I'm kinda grateful I knew what it was before hand because I had to pick this one apart. She took the goofy option.

No reward nor consequence, just saying "thankfully the leader has a sense of humor, watch your sleeping bag (sacs de couchage)."

Back home she be and boom. Sanity regained!

I allocate her points as such.

Wolfgang invited her out, so I decided it was enough faffing about, she needed to get this show on the road! And he...

Rejected her. Talk about an embarrassing moment. Slapped away from kissing him... eeeouch. Probably my fault for just grabbing shit at random, but I'm doing my best.
Well, given her embarrassment, I sent her straight home after that... and Wolfgang?

Called her immediately to ask her on a date.
Je pense beaucoup a toi - I can't stop thinking of you and I would like (even the fancy I WANT) to go on a date!

We're not here for the food, we're here for the kiss and the relationship seal.

... You know after Lettie and Caleb I thought I was all full up on dorks. Looks like I just inherited two more.

Oui... Oui...



I don't think he was ready for that powerful kiss either.

Lucie's in a daze. No time for THAT need to find... um... something... like un copain, but whatever word they're using for BF these days...

It had nothing to do with the hearts next to it either.

.......CALEB WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU. Good GOD Lettie HELP. Your man can't FUNCTION without you.

Wee! Wolfgang agrees!
Thank god I didn't botch this one up too.

Hello, Lucie's petit ami. 😉
(as I'm writing this, I went to put on my music... which is Japanese, so I get the feeling this chapter is going to get interesting)

Lucie drags her petit ami to the karoke bar where she and Caleb tear it up!

In a literal way. Pretty sure everyone's ears were bleeding by the end of it.

Lucie (super-off key): laaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaAAaaaaaaaaaa!

Then she sang by herself, and Wolfgang was the only one who appreciated. I just missed the old man next to him clutching his ears and screaming. It was quite fitting.

I had Lucie sit down and work on her friendship with Caleb when I heard this FANTASTIC singing and I look over and it's Wolfgang.


Time is passing and I'm having her do some painting and writing on the side. Now that she's a vampire I'm able to actually start working entirely on her requirements.
As you can tell, the only French I'm really confident in is just shouting various exclamations at the sky. FANTASTIQUE! MARVEILLEUX! ESTI!
*coughs* That last one though... uh... don't shout that just anywhere.

So I need the fitness badges, and I can't get them from dancing, and for some reason her jogging no longer counts so... I sent her off to the nearby Gym.

Caleb is hoping if he flags me enough while dressed like an idiot that I'll be forced to add Lettie into my file.
Caleb is not wrong, but I'm lazy. Anyways -- Caleb is asking her to come out to the Artistes jouent au marche - a festival for artists.

I head out, the only objective is to watch a performer so we find a guitarists and head that way when... wait...

*coughs* I mean, father winter.
who is still a fat fuck that wrecked up Ami's Christmas...

Lucie bailed and dragged Wolfgang and Caleb with her back to the gym so she could finish up.
Meanwhile Geoffrey is in his second trimester he needs to be careful about lifting weights with that baby bump... i'msomean.

Lucie, tu es très jolie.
Joli/Jolie = Pretty. Beau/Belle = Beautiful. Très = very. There you go all, go compliment someone in French!
TU ES ___ ___!

Good reputation alert! I got this on Lettie and she started making insanely fast friendships and--

Booooom. Marcus is now a GOOD FRIEND - un BON ami; not to be confused with the PETIT ami.
For women I believe it's bonne amie and petite amie.
Look, you're learning!

Whoop! Let's go shower you up.

Wolfgang also took the chance to get showered, despite not exercising...

She had to go to Scouts though, and so I was teleported back to the house, were Wolfgang arrived later and stood looking lonely. Boi you are supposed to be mean! Méchant! Lol which translates more to bad/wicked, but still!

.... dat booteh tho.

Lucie made a club, a-la Lettie from Ghibli's past. Ado Romantique = Romantic teen. I grabbed the first 4 teens, even though I only needed 3 and here we go!

Me: *digging through menus* now where is that damn petite amie option!

After 3 attempts at finding it, I found it, and partner #1 agreed. Now with Lettie I was smart and sent them home the second I got them to agree to be bf/gf, kicking them from the club. I wondered if jealousy would factor into it when it was just club stuff so...

Hello Cassandra Goth!

Yea... nope! Time to break up with her!
When I find... that option.

Resigner? carriere?
Brain: Let's resign from being romantic.

Oh... asking about... CAREER ohhhhhhh... Carriere! Career....
How would you like to be promoted to Friendship, Morgan?

Ohhhh there it is! Pretty sure... very sure...!


Lucie puts her woo-pants back on and braves Cassandra Goth.

It's very successful.

She and Cassandra seem to have some decent chemistry, but fat-fingers me over here has trouble configuring these damn petit French menus

So just finding the right options to get them to become petite amies is difficult.

Found it!

Cassandra: My gods you're so gorgeous!
Lucie: Moi? Merci beaucoup, Cassandra!

I actually felt a little bad breaking them up, considering she and Cassandra seemed to REALLY like each other.

I was actually pretty sad that this might damage their friendship.

They even have the cute cheek-kiss thing going on.

So I dug through the menus and thought of Wolfgang for her as I had Cassandra promoted to Friendship.

Yet Cassandra took it super well!
If I wasn't counting her for the romance I should BFF her.

Lucie tried her charms on Sophia but it just wasn't working, so Yuki stepped in and I sent Sophia home.





A picture for the road!

Then a promotion to Friendship for Yuki and life goes on.

The club gets cleaned out and repurposed - but kept because all those points are not going to go to waste.

Club de Lucie

She's only got a small few badges left to gather.

And now that she's a vampire I can actually have her attempt her homework and school projects! The struggle to just stay alive has passed!

Dem BRUTES! Bullies are picking on Lucie!
As if she don't get enough shit at home--
so I have her confront them! LES AFFRONTER!

Lucie smokes 'em. And gets a performance gain to boot! 
Caleb *coughs* as usual calls up Lucie to invite her out to the festival of Jokes and Pranks. Thus...


We join the jokers hoping telling jokes will get us a badge, but she ends up hysterical and I spend most of the night calming her down.

The fireworks were at least nice.

Here's another plate of food. I had to work around Loser Lisa you see, since she intended to keep Lucie from ever getting her clean-up badges. I had Lucie make a set of 4 gummy pancakes. She took a plate, I'd cancel the interaction, drag it to the garbage, and then order her to take out the garbage. Rinse. Repeat. Run out of plates and do that with the final plate for the last of the cleaning badge!

This nets her official celeb life. She's also very playful right now.

Anyways, incoming more plates of food for the 13 different cooked recipes!

 Making headway on all these requirements and then some! One complete school project. Homework done. Skills flying... I can smell the end of this challenge! And for some reason my pictures are all out of order now... yay.

Lucie's an A student now!

She paints her first masterpiece which gets hung up on the wall.

Now the countdown for the rest of the different masterpieces/brilliant paintings begin...

Lucie heads to the park to make use of a telescope that's been placed there for her scouting.

And those should be the rest of her badges! She's topped the Scouting career!

She gives Wolfgang a little love and heads to the neverending round of fishing for days. Jours!

13 fish here we come...
Pictures get sparse here.
Especially because they're all freaking out of order... how?

The fish tanks start coming along nicely.

Wolfgang aged up because I can't read the menu settings well and I picked the wrong ones... dammit.
*loud groaning*
Despite this, he's still rocking those booty shorts.

I was clicking around trying to do club options and apparently Wolfgang things very highly of Lucie. FANTASTIQUE work with this club. I hope she stays longtemps LONG TIME.

Lucie repairs her computer broken by use of the club then heads back out to do a long travel for fish.

Proof. 9 + 4 = 13. 13 types of fish caught. She finished in the uhm... vampire neighborhood, so I had her catch a new person to try and make a friend.

He decided he'd rather run, but still, a net-positive chapter, I'd say.

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  1. Heheh i love seeing you work out the french stuff

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