Six: La Finale

Last one for the money!

This was us waiting for dawn at the one dance club. As you can see my MCCC was flaming orange due to the rampant vampire that was causing issues (or at least, I'm assuming that's why it was tossing up last exceptions).
Lucie made it home safe, though, and attacked the present pile once more.

Waouh! A karaoke machine! (wheeze) Now that's something - seeing a Japanese word in French...

So I tried to take pictures when she'd start a party, but honestly I started spacing as they were coming really fast, but I did catch the first few. I eventually got in the groove and figured out fete privee was the way to go, but it would take me a bit. I started from the top with a costume party in the scant hours she has before school.

Lucie dressed up as a witch, and Lisa, not missing a beat dressed up as a bitch-ohno wait she's not wearing a costume. She's going au naturelle, which is scary enough.

I took his picture so I wouldn't forget his name. Curse these full body costumes man.

Ahhhh cute! We got almost to gold but she didn't have time to carve a pumpkin before school.

I got hope when one of the party goers found the table, but she immediately abandoned it after starting and we took the silver.

Still a successful party, though!

Wolfgang stuck around long after it ended. He's just cute that way.

Lucie tried to throw another party, but it was immediately busted and ended because I forgot I put her in drama club and she needed to attend that as her second to last "job."

So here she is. That done, she starts the party again and quits her job to join the last career which is the fast food worker.

Party requirement says PREPARER UN GATEAU HAMBURGER.
Me: prepare a hamburger?
Party: GATEAU hamburger
Me: Oohhh Cake Hamburger.

So she does. Out of the corner of my eye I catch something and...

Console Caleb.

ohmygod. He's legit a sobbing clown in the closet. His life has hit rock bottom. He can sink no further.

Lucie heads outside to spend time with Wolfgang and her friends at the chess tables I slapped down for a temporary party or two.

Vlad wants to be part of the action, but he's a dick who's only allowed over if he plans to suck Lisa dry.

I did my best to get to gold, but everyone got tired of her complimenting their costume a dozen times... so we just missed it.

Another party bagged, this time with gold!

Lucie is such a small girl, it's hard to believe this is her third trimester. I wish more pregnancies looked like this in TS4 rather than the whole whale shit.

Wolfgang is basically just a member of the house without being a part of the house. He's always fixing all the broken stuff and looking after Lucie. Lisa can go fuck herself though, no one likes her.

This party is where it's at, man. Almost all the requirements are "kiss 3 times/flirt 5 times" I think this is a house party? Either way, I just keep Wolfgang and Lucie spamming interactions and occasionally thanking others for coming and it's instant gold in less than an hour.

We snag two golds in a row, then take a small break since I look down and her pregnancy moodlet is flashing at me. Sure enough...

She goes into labor. Teen pregnancies are rough man. Not only does she have school tomorrow but she also works a late shift as a fast food employee. Greaaaat. I'm already running through my brain trying to determine how we're going to address that.

I decided to invite wolfgang over so he could be part of the process. He blew a kiss at her, I'm digging this confidence...

Oh, there's the panic.

This house is constantly bustling with people keeping Lucie company. I love it.

The time rolls in and Lucie heads for the bassinette and...

We have a boy! Tristan!

.... and another boy! Thomas!

and... a....

So we've got triplets now. Tristan, Thomas, and Juliette. Oy.
Ahem anyways.

...welp we're gonna have to rearrange the room again.

Much better. I also finally deleted that fake greenhouse since the plants were grown now and counted for, so here we are.

No sooner did these triplets drop onto this fucking earth did they all start shitting themselves and starving.
Yeah I'm still laughing too.
So I start working her down the row when all the sudden she gets a phonecall...

Wolfgang: Hey let's go on a date to the Spa...
Me: *wheezing at this* god what a thoughtful boy though, asking his girlfriend who just gave birth to triplets to go to the spa and relax. Unfortunately we have to turn him down because the babies are all starving and Lisa ain't allowed to go into their bedroom, nor would I want her to, nor would I trust her to not break the game and smother them in her lard suffocating them.

Just as she made it down the row to feed them all, they start shitting themselves. Keep in mind I can't understand like 90% of the interactions that are offered to her. It took me forever to figure out which one was cuddle. 

Plus TS4 has a bunch of useless interactions given these babies are just cribs. Talk to? Play with? All seems about the same. Then there's bounce and rock... both about the same... then there's feed and change diaper... and finally found the snuggle, but it took way too damn long.

Lucie: Oui! Triplés!
Wolfgang: *nearly faints on sight*
Me too, bro, me too.

He's having such a parental meltdown that he broke his own face.

Lucie looks exhausted, but don't be fooled, she doesn't have a sleep need anymore thanks to vampirism and meditation.

MOAR PARTIES. MOAR. We're on a time crunch now! We need to get this done ASAP.

We snag another gold, Lucie rushes to tend to the babies once more, calls a nanny (which I double checked to be sure wasn't against the rules) and heads off for her long day at school.

The nanny is adequate. Lucie comes home with a devastatingly sad moodlet.

And despite that, I squeeze in another party before she has to go to work. The Nanny, however, bails out on us after 5pm like excuse me woman who said you could have normal hours. You work until I tell you to stop you bitch. This means the babies were left alone with Lisa, Caleb and Wolfgang... one of which isn't even permitted near them, and the other two haven't figured out how to feed nor change the babies, so they just keep standing over them and talking at them.
Lettie: Caleb! HOW?!
Caleb: I'm such a mess without you.
Meanwhile eventually everyone goes home while Lucie's at work and I'm just stuck helplessly watching them.

Lucie gets home, starts another party, fights off the guests to get to her babies and nurtures them, despite still having that insanely bad sad moodlet (+50 sad) just from being a teen.
Lucie deserves a goddamn purple heart at this point.
Caboose (from Red v. Blue): And next I'd like a purple lung... and then a purple kidney. Yes, one day I'd like to build my own, whole... purple person!
*wheezing as I remember it* god I miss that show.

One medal.


Another. I'm I'm not keeping good count but I can swear to you I did do 13 parties!

Babies... parties... babies... parties. Bébés... soirées... Bébés... soirées.

Caleb: You're doing GREAT Lucie!
Caleb your outfit is still exceedingly ridiculous.

I believe this one is dix we just completed.

Lisa managed to snag a passerby to annoy.

I snapped this picture then realized what their thought bubbles were and snapped another because I found it funny.

Lucie: Les bébés!
Wolfgang: ahhhhhhhHhhhhHHHHHHHhhhhhh!

Another bum present. Poor Lucie! That Skinny Sucker left her a bunch of useless boxes!

Sorry, I don't have much to offer 'cept more party completion.



Look at this loser. She gets a good reputation because she sleeps. Ya hear that, Lisa? Sleep so you can be a good person! Just... keep... sleeping *smothers her with pillow.*

This is the last phonecall for a party...

We're so clooooose and....

Boom. Our Immortal Teen challenge en français is finally complete. Fini!

+ 3000 for 2 potion of youths used.

+130 for completing the 13 tasks.
+30 for no sick days used.
+10 for 22+ day completion.
+1939 for the net worth.
+900 for the LTHP.
+25 for Teenage Risk.
+50 for School Nerd.
+15 for Prestigious Callings.
+25 for Perfectionist Streak.
+10 for Hostile Home.
+20 for Jack of All Trades.
+15 for Well Rounded [TS4 only].

Totaling: 3,169

However, I'm hardly done here with Lucie... but this is where the challenge ends. So I'm off to play her an epilogue and maybe... maybe start another challenge with her. We'll just have to see.

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