Épilogue: Une nouvelle vie, un nouveau défi

Three babies to look after is quite a lot, yet Lucie does it thanklessly, as all mothers do.

She bakes herself one last thing in this house, it's kind of nostalgic.

Of course, the completion of it is interrupted by the babies all going off in disjointed order.

Candles lit and cake made, time to get our dearest Lucie all aged up.

I give her the perfectionist trait, it just seems fitting for her.

Lisa... oh don't worry, I've got an epilogue portion for just you... you tub of lard.

First things first, I reduce the house down to the bare necessities. I save the pictures and the collectables and anything else sentimental to Lucie from her room and I sell any other unnecessary stuff. The house looks like any normal base-game starter at this point.

Right Lisa, go ahead and drop those fancy headphones over there on the ground since I can't drag them from your inventory. Let's take a look at you shall we?

Useless Lisa managed to max only the dancing skill, though she did get close with the cooking skill... as you can see by her wideness.
Yes, Lisa, let's get you your proper reward...
Just let me sort through this French here...

Ahhh, there she be. Tuer le Sim. You know, I usually think Google Translate is bullocks (and it is, at least right now) but it got this one right.

Hmm, I'm feeling so ecstatic tonight, how about you Lisa? It's almost... electric.

I hope this sparks your curiosity, Lisa.

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. You know I liked that so much, I made it into a goddamn gif.

I didn't even swap the images to make a better quality gif. She's not worth that. Nope.

Grim: *arriving slowly* Who left this hunk of lard on the lawn?

Lucie: Oh non...

Lucie: Qui a laissé des écouteurs parterre? Et bien, ils sont à moi maintenant.
(Why are these headphones on the ground? Ah well, they belong to me now.)

Lucie: Oh salut! Enchantée, monsieur! Ne vous blessez pas en soulevant cette baleine!
(Oh hi! Nice to meet you, sir! Do not hurt yourself lifting this whale!)

Grim: *grumbling* stupid kids leaving their whales on the ground for me to clean up. How the hell am I going to carry this thing home? I'm not paid enough for this.

Grim: *grumbling* I am sooooo taking that vacation next week. Pencil myself in a massage to work out whatever dragging this hunk does to my back. Just you wait.

Lucie gets the last of the triplets put to bed and then she heads off to get a makeover for herself - a proper, young adult makeover!







Hot Weather

Cold Weather.

And I finally gave her vampiric Dark Form a makeover and she about blew me over with how fucking gorgeous she was helloooooo.

Lucie had a new housemate to tend to, anyways - a temporary one, plus the other important thing being that it's Love Day.

The grim reaper actually came over to flirt with our new houseguest, which I found deeply amusing.
I tended to Lucie first, as she needed a break, while our new housemate watched the triplets and did some research for me.

 Lucie invites Wolfgang to go on a date for her Love Day requirements. I'm actually a little nervous because I know these requirements are super finicky - especially with the "give a flower," as no one actually likes the flower they're given.

Wolfgang came with the action to give her a gift, but it canceled and I'm sad because of it.

They go on a date that's wildly successful, and I keep hoping that maybe Wolfgang will propose to her, given their relationships are maxed and I know it's possible in my file to do so.
I just like knowing that I have a good enough pair that even THEY want it autonomously!

Lucie seems fine with how things are though, so I'm not about to complain. I debated having her propose here and now but it just didn't feel right.

Wolfgang is surprisingly romantic with Lucie. I can often leave them alone and they'll be all over autonomously cute, just no proposals.
Probably fitting, he's a better fit with Merry after all. I'm just borrowing this dimension's variation of him.

She bought him a tulip because I think he liked the last one she gave. He took it and seemed so happy until...

That made me really sad. They ended their date and Lucie's mood fell into the blue for a while, so she sought out counseling from her new housemate.

Yes that's right, the housemate is exactly who you think it is. I caved and went to great lengths to add her to my French game, which let me tell you, was not easy, as I don't have her shared on the gallery. I had to find an instance of her in the hell that is TS4 folder.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my darling Lettie Ghibli as she is/will be in my OWBC I'm doing with her (but currently not posting).

She's by far my most expressive Sim I've had for TS4 to date and I love her to pieces. She's my second generation heiress in my Ghibli Legacy. She also sparked so much inspiration in me with her love story to Caleb that she got herself a glorified spot in my serious stories in my hush-hush under-construction future story: Under the Shooting Stars. So to say I'm attached to her feels a bit like an understatement.

Time to call over the sad clown and have him get hit by the freight train that is Lettie.

I'm wheezing in anticipation. Also nervous because you know, what if this doesn't go right? I mean it has gone right in all the times I've tried before but what if it doesn't this time.
With that, I grip my desk and let it roll.

Lucie: Bonjour, Caleb! J'ai quelqu'un tu devrais rencontrer...

Poor Caleb was registering as très triste - very sad. He has this lost, listless look in his eyes like he knows the challenge is over.

Lettie came busting out through the door and did an amusing greet. Like, hold her shit, she's got this.
Lettie: Watch me work, Liv. I know my husband.

Lettie: Good afternoon, my designation is Lettie Ghibli and I've been on this planet for a short while now and the food has already made me sick.
Lucie: Ah, Lettie... tu es un vampire...

Lettie: Well that explains why that chili didn't work out so good.
Lucie: *waving* S'amuser!
With a puff, Lucie was off to take care of the triplets and go write her novel as part of her New Years Resolution.
Meanwhile, I clicked on Caleb with Lettie and the first recommended interaction?

Lettie: Someone incredible told me a great joke once, you want to hear it?
Caleb: Sure, let's hear it.

Lettie: What's black-and-white-and-black-and-white-and-black-and-white-and-black-and-white?
Caleb: I don't know, what?
Lettie: *snorting* A penguin, rolling down the hill. What's black and white and laughing?
Caleb: *smirking a little* I don't know, what?
Lettie: The penguin who pushed him...!

Hello yes, I would like to order a side of Imweak with my Imslayed order today...
I shit you not, everyone, Caleb went from VERY SAD to - no, not PLAYFUL but - Flirty.

It was all downhill from there, folks.

Caleb: I was so worried I'd never see you again.
Lettie: As if I'd let you have all the fun without me!
I did some checking and Caleb is - yes indeed - single. I'd later go to move Lettie in with him and discover he'd been purely single all throughout. Not a single romantic interest, I was flabbergasted. It's been 4 weeks in game!

I took so many pictures of them, but I'll not clutter up Lucie's story with it. I'm naturally incredibly drawn to them, obviously.

Lucie just spent most of the day writing her book as her New Years Resolution. It was rather slow going for her, and I had to stop her a dozen times to take care of the triplets. Lettie came by to help quite often, and Caleb was attached to her at the hip. I even gave him his usual makeover. Much better indeed.

He got Lettie a flower.
*glares at Wolfgang*
Then again, holding other Sims to Caleb standards around Lettie is an impossibly high feat no one will likely be able to compare to...

Keep in mind, he's NOT moved in, lol. I left them to autonomy and watched the triplets as they'd go off on a romp in the closet.
The look of pure joy on Caleb's face though makes me melt, especially considering this was the closet he flippin cried in as a clown.

Lucie: Oui! Je l'ai fait!

Lucie: Un peu plus...

Resolution complete! I had her call Wolfgang back over so she could address why the morning didn't seem to go as smoothly.

It seems he's sad - very sad as well. What in the world is plaguing these poor sims?!

Now that the challenge is over, it's time to properly BFF Wolfgang. It's long overdue, really.

But what was also long overdue was the fact that the babies are due to age up soon - it's morning of a new day... and since Lucie is finally done with her resolution, she can leave this old house in peace.

Say hello to their new house in another part of Oasis Springs! I ended up deleting most of the back furniture, but I kept almost everything else. It was just the right amount of furnished for my taste. I love it.

On getting there and before planning to move Lettie out, I had Lettie help with the Triplet's needs as Lucie slowly aged them up one at a time in order of birth.
I rolled for each of their toddler traits!

Tristan rolled independent.

Next came Thomas, who rolled Clingy.

and finally came Juliette, who rolled Silly!
I think it's my first time rolling Silly/getting to play with it. I've not yet rolled Clingy either, but I have played with it when I was testing my toddlers out in the very beginning (see gen 1 of my Legacy - I took a small break to test it out when Howl was born).

With them all done, I sent Lucie to the mirror and had Lettie call over Caleb to fool around with until I got the kids sorted, then she could move in with him.
So... I aged the triplets up in CAS and... wasn't really that happy with the results.


They're SUPER cute kids, don't get me wrong, but their genetics/coloring seem WAY off considering their parents and that frustrates me. Wolfgang has gray eyes and blond hair, even if he's dying it - which the game shouldn't be able to recognize. Lucie has blue-green eyes and red hair... so why did all the kids get the same black hair/brown eyes combination?


Also the twin boys are exact face clones. Both are vampires, and you can flip between the two of them and there's only a VERY super slight difference in the top eyelid, but that could also be because when I checked them older one of them was wearing glasses.
Juliette though... she was different, and also human. So I decided she would be my Wonder Child and heir to eventually become my Name Game Founder.


I was kind of hoping for Thomas, as his name would be much better suited (no repeat letters) but... here we are! Yay genetic diversity?
So with that decided, there was only a few loose ends left...

It was around here I heard some violins start playing and I nearly jumped out of my skin. WHAT, EXCUSE ME, HELLO!
Or would it be SALUT in that case? 

as;gja;dslgkdaslkdgjlaskgja THERE HAS NOT YET BEEN A FILE WHERE THEY EXIST that he has not autonomously proposed. PROOF:

He's not in this HOUSEHOLD. And his pure love for Lettie kills me every time...

I have them get married right there on the spot, and move 'em in with his sister and her son. (Ya apparently she's got a son?)

Me: *reading this in French* Ah yes, exchange the baguettes... Oh rings, sorry. RINGS.

(that's the sound of me kicking Lettie out)
Go live a wild and crazy eternal life, you two! Baiiiiii!
Finally, one last item on my to-do list...

You know as soon as he got here, he made himself useful and cleaned out the potties autonomously.

Lucie: L'action a plus de poids que les mots...

Lucie: *gulps*

Lucie: Wolfgang...

Lucie: veux-tu m'épouser
Gods he was jumping out of his skin to say yes it's cute.

Lucie then had him move in... his poor... uh... brother? I think that is... had an unfortunate accident with a closet.

Turns out Wolfgang was so sad due to a death... that's terrible to hear. I have no idea who even died, but apparently it really did a number on Wolfgang.

Then it was time for Wolfgang's severely overdue makeover that nearly killed me to do because I struggled so hard to find something that suited him while also looking good/like a father of triplets.

Apologies for quality of the gifs. My gif maker does not like PNGs and I'm too lazy to change them. I did for the one of Lettie but, as I explained, she's a bit special to me. 😉
So this is where Lucie's chapter ends, but the tale is not yet over, oh no. There's more to tell, if you're willing to join me.

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