Rousseau Enfant Étonnant

Hey everyone! Hooking off of my recent victory of the Immortal Teen Challenge, I've decided to do a Wonder Child challenge with Lucie's daughter, Juliette. I'm not following the rules to a perfect T, in fact mostly what I'll be following is the scoring... everything else can kinda "get rekt" for all I care. Pinstar has good ideas for challenges, but he way overdoes the rules on all of them to the point where they're not fun.

The goal for this challenge is when Juliette grows, she'll start a Name Game challenge... ideally. Name Game challenges are pretty long term, so that's probably going to get backburnered, but for now I'm just enjoying the ride of the Wonder Child Challenge right after my super fast Immortal Teen run.

Anyways, this will pick up right where I left off the Défi Adolescent Immortel, so I highly recommend checking that out so you can get the full circle of everyone involved. I'll try to do a quick once-over when doing the Introduction and what not.


Juliette Rousseau
Enfant Étonnant

Les Points
  • 1 point for every skill point earned by the Wonder Child.
  • 3 point completion bonus for every skill that reaches level 10.
    • Makes for 13 possible points per usual 10 point skills.
  • 10 points for every trait the Wonder Child possesses, including reward traits.
    • Business Perks earned and purchased from a family business do NOT count for this.
    • 10 points will be earned if you are able to earn one of the bonus Toddler Traits.
  • Extra 5 bonus points earned if you are able to max all Toddler Skills.
  • “Clean Diaper Club” bonus worth 2 points. Don't soil the baby's diapers to the point of green cloud/needing a change.
  • As a child, the moment the Wonder Child becomes an “A” Student in school, see now many days they have until aging up into a teen. You gain a number of points equal to the number of days left as long as you remain an ‘A’ Student. 
  • As a teenager, the moment the wonder child becomes an “A” student in high school, see how many days they have until aging up into young adulthood. You gain one point equal to the number of days left as long as they remain an “A” student. 
  • As a teenager, the moment the Wonder Child reaches the top level of any of the teenage careers they earn one point equal to the number of days left until aging into a young adult (so if they reach the top of a teen career and still have 6 days left until adulthood, you gain 6 points). If they are ever demoted, fired or quit, these points are lost.
  • 5 points for every gold medal birthday party thrown for the Wonder Child

Les Règles

  • No cheats or mods that give you an unfair advantage over players who do not use them. Cheats and mods used for strictly visual purposes or to remedy bugs in the game are allowed. This is essentially the same No-cheats rule as the Legacy Challenge.
  • You may not use any form of age-extending item on any of your sims. No potions of youth. You may grow a cow plant, but you may not drink from it to extend any Sim’s lifespan.
  • You may not resurrect any dead sims, though you may plead with the reaper to save a dying sim.
  • You may not move in, marry in, or merge in any Sims to the household. The only way to grow the family is to reproduce. WTF is the point of this rule?
  • You may move any family member out besides the Wonder Child. WTF is the point of this rule?
  • You may NOT adopt children. All children must come from pregnancy. WTF is the point of this rule?
  • You may choose and change the aspirations for any Sims in the family at any time, this includes any children born in the family. When children age up, you may choose what traits they gain.
  • While the Wonder Child is your main focus, you may control and give commands to all Sims in the household. (How generous of you, Pinstar.)
  • The potion of youth is the only aspiration reward selection that is not allowed. Both the wonder child and other members of the family are free to pick any other rewards and use them as they see fit.
  • The challenge MUST be played on “Normal” Lifespans.
  • You may NOT purchase or use the mood-aura plumbob lamps. Really dumb. My money. I do what I want with it. Also parties are a bitch.
  • The parents may take the new Scientist, Doctor or Detective careers and you may follow them to work before the wonder child is born, but once the wonder child arrives, you may not follow them to work. Neither want it, but still a dumb rule.
  • The family may start a retail business, but if the wonder child has been born, they must be among the sims who travel to the business lot when you open it. This is dumb.
  • You may use fruit/music to influence the gender of your Wonder Child (and any subsequent children as well) if you so desire as the gender of the Wonder Child does not impact your scoring. Doesn't matter, already done.
  • When your wonder child ages into a toddler, you may select which toddler trait they receive. Or if you want to add some more difficulty you may use the Toddler Trait Generator.
  • If you own the Parenthood Pack, you may influence your wonder child’s manners however you wish. Growing up and earning upbringing traits (positive or negative) count as bonus traits per the normal scoring rules.

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