Juliette le bambin (Deux)

Me (reading this straight): Lucie must give a serious evaluation to a colleague. How should she proceed? Be direct and honest or... something compliments.
I had her be direct and honest.
(also I'm having a cheer fest because I learned all of these words recently - specifically the verbs: yay learning!)


Thomas: Play papa! Play!

Mean (Mechant) Wolfgang has been reduced to this... everyone be sad for him.

How UPSET he looks! How sad and confused.

This is a man of true horrors.

No love or soul in his body.

Not even a little.

Meanwhile, I believe we have one skill left for little Juliette to master... so... (intense epic music often associated with space rangers doing some space walk to the rocketship)

She did it. She conquered that slide.
And she enjoyed it too.

Meanwhile, her brothers mess around with some dolls to stay out of trouble. I learned the hard way what happens when I only focus on one of them at a time... messes get made.

Queue up some slides...

Pop around to check on the rest of the family.

Tristan: *baby babbling*
Thomas: *giggles*

It's the 20th time going down the slide, and she's still surprised by the outcome... is she really my wonder child? XD

At least she's not afraid of it!

Level four! Go, go, go! I see the end, Juliette!

Thomas was a little cranky and causing trouble, so I put him down for a nap.

Tristan, though, sought out daddy Wolfgang to make faces at him.

kalsgjadsgsda these toddlers REALLY are cute though. I'm so weak for Independent tots. They always seem to be the most adorable ones. Reminds me of baby Kao from the Ghibli Legacy.

WE DID IT! That's all 5 skills baby!

With four days left to toddlerhood. WTF do I do now?

Lucie makes it home with a promotion, and it's about now that I realized I never took a picture of the gorgeous house I downloaded and what all I did with it, so here you go:

It's a really gorgeous house, the design works well for the family.

It was here I swapped eyes for ones used by Jenn on Boolprop: Glossy Eyes by Noodle. I'm giving them a shot for now. I like that they don't cause issues in CAS like mine do when trying to make a twin, but I was pretty attached to my other eyes.

So don't mind the nice close-ups of the kids, I just wanted to see how their eyes were. Strangely, in-game their eyes almost look pitch-black and it catches me off guard. I think it's because I'm not quite used to them yet.

I think I like them though. Either way, enjoy the close-ups! I took a lot, especially since I suddenly had a shit ton of time to kill.

The trio are really cute, and it was about here I started asking if it was against the rules to age up the kids earlier. Juliette was finished and four days seemed so long to wait.
Well, my perfectionist me got the better of me as I realized she had two big bros who still hadn't maxed skills, so I decided to do that instead while focusing mainly on whim granting for Juliette. The more Aspiration Points she can accrue the better she'll be.

Granted, her wishes only net her about 25 at a time, but it's better than nothing... and truth be told I was a wee bit afraid of the SHIFT to childhood and ALL of the traits and requirements unlocking. Especially given I'll have 3 kids to look after. Now see, Juliette will not be starting with Whiz Kid aspiration - that's about as much as I know, though.

Her eyes look so dark from this angle/distance.

It wasn't being canceled, I just hovered over it because I was suddenly alerted to wedding violins.
Alright... go ahead... get married right here right now. Not like I was planning a WEDDING for you now that your kids were finished with skills or anything... but sure you know what this is better...

in the fucking bathroom.


Happy wedding day to you.
*throws shredded toilet paper as rice*
You know, fuck that stupid writer and all her plans she had. Who needs em? Not you, clearly.

And thanks to the toddlers, poor Lucie was nearly murdered after her wedding moodlets kicked in.
You know, because she didn't fucking wait like she was supposed to, but you know I'M NOT MAD OR ANYTHING.
She calmed down and had a wish to start a group meeting, which I obliged.

Look at these vampire dorks all standin' round watching TV. Look at Caleb and Lettie practically holding hands. HELLO my sweet dorks.
Bonjour. I'd like to finish this challenge before swapping my game back to English for a bit of Ghibli time, but we'll have to see.

Lol Caleb is apparently a poser who just hates Lucie secretly. Lilith also had this popup for Lettie, and Wolfgang had this popup for everyone minus Lucie.
Oh by the way, I renamed the club:

I sent this to Blams to giggle over what it means in French, and she told me I made Bains plural ergo it would only be right if there were MULTIPLE baths for the room, so I fixed the house up to be accurate.

Or you know

I got hit with this all of the sudden and squinted like EXCUSE YOU GAME what did you just drop on me with all this French and no context? Then I realized I'd had Wolfgang take on an independent contract for programming and it all clicked. Ohhhhh I MUST HAVE this mechanic like something that I have etc etc... PROGRAMMING STUFF.

LOOK it's... um... one of the monster twins who I severely regret this choice of outfit now...
I mean I have pics of their outfits. I could go check right now.
I could.
I won't, but I could.

Off Thomas goes to start his thinking.
OH that was THOMAS
That makes sense.
Yay chronological order!

Raconter une histoire idiote.
Tell a stupid story eh?
A GOOFY story I know but I'm still wheezing.

Meanwhile sweet Tristan wakes up and I check his skills. He's SO close to mastering imagination! Then I can dump the rest into thinking.

*documentary voice* bienvenue à la vie de Wolfgang.

C'est une épave, mais c'est son épave.

I spent the day following Juliette's wishes as her brothers went ham on their skills.

Like Tristain getting level 5 in imagination here.

Wolfgang: I feel inexplicably sad for no reason whatsoever.
No reason? Not even those toddlers that are swarming you? Or that your computer is busted?

That's level 5 thinking for Thomas! All that's left is that short bit of imagination...

Tristan is officially all in the gold now.

And sweet Juliette is still whim hunting. This time to dance:

Hello future title card! I knew  I took something with the intent of making a title card... gawsh she's so cute!

We are Triumphant!
So now what?

Whim time? I guess? Hello Lucie and all your beauty...

Tristan and Thomas have a chat.

alskgjasdgas I do love le bambins in this game.

I'm granting whims for everyone!

Look at that he had TWO he satisfied just by getting to hug his wife. That's pretty damn cute.

Lucie started some pictures before work so she could have portraits of Juliette at every age.
I mean, this is a wonder child challenge!

Lucie has engaged a model for the derniere oeuvre of her portfolio, but after 2 scenes (?)/sequences (?) they must quit the house for a family emergency. Lucie needs to finish it either by memory or start over.
I had her go from memory.

POIFECT. She did a gooood. For some reason the first time I read this I thought she had done bad? Was I blind? Maybe...

Ah yes, here is a toddler left to their own devices. These days cannot go soon enough.

A wish-granting dip in the toddler pool. Her eyes still seem so DARK here. All dark.

Beep BEEP traffic jam on the i-90 exit via stairs. Police reports say there was a case of diaper rash.

Tristan's turn!
Thomas didn't wish to go out in the pool, so Thomas didn't get a pool turn.

'nother promotion for my Lucie!

and enough playtime for Tristan in the pool. No, Wolfgang is needed elsewhere...


Ah, just your typical family. Mother Lucie painting a child worshipping picture of her daughter the special child while daddy Wolfgang hacks into the government to steal their funds.

Have some safe crac-crac, why not?

Three babies is more than enough, thanks.

But damn would I like more of her genes yes please! Especially because these kids all got completely shafted when it came to the genetic mashups of a blond and a redhead... with gray and blue eyes...

Lucie also finally hit four star Celeb status. She also *knocks on wood*  hasn't received a quirk of any kind yet.

Granted, she hardly uses her fame. I had to fumble around the menus to turn off the shine lol. Hard when I don't know which one does it..

This felt really meta watching Wolfgang play the Sims in my Sims game. I know it's always been there in each game, but the fact that I can see it so clearly... and that he's SO BAD AT IT. Look at that red need! Boy I never let your needs get that low!

I get the notifs that it's one day away from the triplet's birthdays... weee! Almost there!

and there's our sweet Juliette's notice of aging!
Thomas had one too, but I didn't need to take a pic of it. Just attach him to Tristan, that's what I usually do.
Thomas - the unsung hero... who will remain unsung.

Whim filling.

Whim filling.

Whim filling.

It was some free meal holiday? Shows what good that did Lucie and Wolfgang, considering they're both vampires with withered stomachs.
Also 10000% sure this restaurant hates them.

They're that family. The family that brings all their kids to the restaurant on free meal days as their kids run around torching the place and they ignore it because *free meal* and then complain because of shitty service because the servers are fed up with their goddamn kids...
*heaving deep breaths*
YES I'm perfectly ok. I HOLD NO UPSETNESS.

Then they order food they don't eat and DITCH leaving a mess on the table! ;dlksjgalsgkja WASTERS.

Wolfgang takes a career in the Tech Guru track.

And Lucie is working on her logic via painting while focused as Wolfgang works on his aspiration.

The next day dawns and I'm ready...
Bring me the children!

I rolled for the babies traits on this website. Tristan went first, by order of birth (and to save some excitement for last being Juliette - plus I wanna maximize time with her. I'd be wasting time waiting on her brother's to grow up... see PLANNING I AM).

Self assured and a Social Butterfly!

Next comes Thomas who rolls:

Well, that's different.

But it works! Artistic Prodigy and Klepto... WHY NOT? You know it kinda fits. Middle child would want more attention, especially considering I've given him fuck all cause he ain't the oldest boy and he's not the wonder child so... poor Thomas. Let's have a moment of sad for him.
Moment over. Ok now to Juliette.

And our sweet Juliette - our Wonder Child is Cheerful to start! We're also going to start with Rambunctious Scamp. I can dig that, as it doesn't require her to get an A right off the bat. She'll work on her grades and, more importantly, her scouting.

And we end on Wolfgang, missing having three toddlers around already...

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