Juliette l'enfant (Un)

(comes in doing a little dance)
Heyoooo, I'm on my spring break whhaaatttuuuuppp!
Yes I'm actually somehow... surviving? Minorly? Barely? Scraping through? Anyways I started and got through 95% of Juliette's childhood at the beginning of like... February, or sometime in there, and then haven't had time to open my game until just yesterday to finish off that last 5%, so pardon if I remember zilch of this.
Juliette l'enfant will be split into 3 parts (Un, Deux, Trois) to accommodate the 300 pictures I took. D'accord? D'accord.
So we start this with Juliette getting her childhood makeover:

Also here, have some low quality gifs of the outfits going in circles because I can't be arsed to put them all in here and label them and I also can't be arsed to make the quality of the gif any better.

Her brothers. Tristan first:

Then Thomas:

Tristan and Thomas are complete face clones. Not only are they face clones but all of the kids look nothing like their parents in any way, shape, or form.
I'll tackle that more when they're teens, for now I'm just peeved and wanting to loudly bitch about it.

Ah, oui, this sounds like le PARFAIT trait of a parent. Emotional Bomb... great.
I'm too lazy to swap it, or more like I forget, so she stays with it. I think it only even rears up once. (Shrugs) I can't even remember.

The very first thing I have Juliette do is start for Scouts. We're crunching down for that scouting aptitude trait! Gimme dat skill boost! 

Juliette then began the Whiz Kid aspiration, so she got put to work on the chess table with her brother to start earning those creds for the four aspirations she's going to kick ass with. Thomas comes up to bat first.

This also doubled as a way for her to work on her scouting badges.

Productivity is productive.

Tristan, on the other hand, is making friends and working on his childhood aspiration.

Tristan: Ma... ma... ma... ma... maaammmannnnnnnnn!
Lucie: Tristan! Tristan! Tristan! Arrête!

I... believe... Juliette is working on the "giving back" badge.
I think.

What? I've slept since then, ok?

Juliette is going like hell and she starts making progress towards her scouting aptitude trait.

Dancing gets her the fitness badge and it's time to call it a night. I'm not ready to start dumping points into sleep replacement potions yet, so instead she just gets nice beds.

Does anyone actually know what this thing does? I took this screenshot so I could dissect the French, but even in English I don't have a clue. It seems pretty useless.
On a quest to fulfill Juliette's need for scouting they wind up at the park.

As you see here, Juliette is being studious and has already hauled ass to the telescope there.

CRUNCH TIME BABY. What's next?

Caleb looks much better when he's not left alone to dress himself every morning. Wolfgang appreciates this.
Wolfgang: Yeah, no I can't dress myself either.

A storm hits and sends the kids running for the hills.

But you know, scared or not you're still gonna do yo' homework, gurl.

I've also been lowkey trying to work with the boys on their aspirations, but the Social one always annoys me. Either way, Tristan is doing his best to make friends where he can.

Juliette, too, has been flipping to the social aspiration to start hammering out each of the base requirements as she naturally does the stuff that'd be required.

LOL See I solved this one already but it's been so long I forgot so lemme just break it down again...
"Selling cookies is part of the activities of scouts  ! Something something...
Dans le quartier = in the neighborhood.
"un peu plus" = a little more?
The troupe essaie to collect des fonds for new cannes a peche afin que...something...
I chose the second option.
If I remember right this was where she could increase the price of cookies to accommodate for something or she could just turn up the charm and sell more, so I said turn up the charm.

Juliette a bien fait = Juliette did a good.

Also, rule #21039532 why you never ever trust google translate:

(wheeeeze) You know, just sell your family to the neighborhood. NBD.

She looks proud too! She should be!

Time to get that creativity badge.
I'm STRAIGHT, I'm on my wave, I'm on my wave, get out my WAKE I'm running LATE what can I say!

I'm sorry I've got nothing better to do and I'm legit on a pumped up song hype. Watch me crush these obstacles with Juliette!

... except the monsters.

We leave those for Lucie to conquer and squash.

Ah, peace at last.
My grandma's smiling down on me like WHOOP that boy's got bars! 

(squints) oh goddammit Wolfgang. I almost called him Lucifer. I have no idea... oh yes because he kinda reminds me of Malfoy? Lucius, Lucifer. Whatever.

Anyways, I don't need to read it because I need dat resolution de conflits. But reading it, it says:
Another kid is bullying Juliette.
I remember though lol that Wolfgang didn't like me wanting to pick the resolution de conflits one because he wanted to run the bully over with a truck. Shame that wasn't an option. ;)

(squints) ho god round two all over again... let's try it:
Juliette is (about?) to finish her controle lorsqu'she realizes what she has missed a question. All her responses are WRONG now. Lol well it actually says, "Toutes ses responses sont donc decalees d'une ligne  !" (those extra spaces at the end before the ! are important ok) = "All her responses are therefore decalees of one line."
It is just for the statistics of regional scholars or something, because her results won't influence her grade poorly or something. She can either admit the mistake or make a copy.

I THINK I had her admit the mistake... lemme skim this response here and... she gets chewed out for being careless and has to make it up during her recess. She's pissed so instead of taking the test seriously she makes a pretty pattern and doesn't even read da questions.
Good gal.
Seems legit.

So poor Juliette was enraged when she came home, thankfully maman Lucie was there.

Lucie: Donne moi ton âme.

Juliette: Ah, je me sens mieux.
Not je sens mieux, mind you. Though she does smell fine. The important me makes all the difference.
Je me sens mieux = I feel better.
Je sens mieux = I smell better.
Ah, French.
(Thank you Blams for ironing that one out for me... and every other French phrase)

Wait... whattup here?
Pap 1: OMG Celebrity and child interaction!

Pap2: OMG the back of yo head is ridikulus.

Wolfgang, the avid father, helps with homework.
Or rather he stands there trying to look helpful as his daughter crushes her homework single-handedly in like 10 minutes or less.

Do you smell that progress? I smell it good.
Je sens le meilleur!

Have a hug from two angles because why the fuck not? I spoil y'all.
This is why I never get anything done in a timely fashion if I'm constantly taking pictures at a slug's pace.
Shhhhh. Quiet you.

Yes, let us all cram into the smallest room in the house. That sounds like a great idea.


She'll only eat "excellent" quality food. Neat.
I mean it's not really a problem, everything her ma cook's is excellent so... parfait.

Wolfgang finally maxed the programming skill. Woooot!
Waouh! Beaucoup de compétence!

The monster strikes again and I'm getting annoyed. I'm thiiiiiis close to hiring Geralt to come witcher yo' ass monsta.

Ah oui, la carotte. C'est très magnifique! And it's somehow a masterpiece?

Weeeeeeeeeeee did it! We did it! Oh yea, yea, yeah!

And that's a wrap! I'll cut it here and see you in the near future avec chapitre deux.

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  1. I am made of french breadsticks and am glad to be of use

    THAT'D BE GOOGLE FOR YOU *lets all go sell our families down the street y'all*

    Lolol u know some would consider making GIFS of outfits instead of putting them down to be the opposite of lazy. Quite prefer it when you do it like that too

    XD Juliette's doing FANTASTIC, look at all the POINTS SHE'S AMASSED (cute obligatory hug pics are obligatory)