Chapter 5: Becoming a Widow

It was the morning of three wonderful birthdays.
The twins were aging up into children and Ara was aging up into-
"Don't even say it."
Is there something wrong dear?
"I refuse to get older."
Oh dear, you're not getting older.
No, you're getting OLD.
"Really? Don't talk to me right now, because I'm not talking to you."
Well, at least you're training Sam so he can get a heads start in logic later on.

"Hmm... hmmm... not listening to you."
Doesn't that hurt your back? You know... being clipped through a wall?
"Wait - what? How did that happen?"
I thought you weren't talking to me?
Moving to Aiden, who is working hard on logic to attempt to become a Grand Master at Chess.

When your brother ages up you'll have someone to play with.
"Oh good! I can show him my moves and maybe if he's lucky I'll go easy on him and let him win once or twice."
You're a great sibling...
"I know!"
That was sarcastic, but anyways it's Dekit's turn at the cake!

Then as with most twins, Sam aged up shortly after.

Dekit gained the Light Sleeper trait which is more or less useless while Sam gained the Workaholic trait. Do I sense a doctor here? A Genius Workaholic? Yes, I think I do sense a future surgeon, better start studying... oh and make sure you supermax logic because... why not?
"Gee, that doesn't sound intimidating."
I believe in you!
"Uh huh."
Here are their makeovers:

Sam immediately sat down with his older brother to mess around at the chess table.

"I believe that's checkmate, brother."
"What?! How?! You're just a kid! You were drooling an hour ago!"
It's ok, didn't you LET him win Aiden?
"Oh... yeah... erm. Of course I did. I'm a great brother so I let him win."
"Uh huh, I'll let you tell that to the girls at prom, but you and I both know better." Sam smiled.
Dekit, with no real traits pointing to skills, was chained to the easel encouraged to paint.

Later, of course, Ara got a chance to celebrate that wonderful time where she got old.

"Yes! It's my birthday! Oh wait - Oh watcher! No, please no, not my birthday!"

Look on the bright side dear, at least your portrait was done while you were young.
"Oh... so many wrinkles..."

The museum is now set up for the next 10 generations. I'm hoping Izzy will make it until Sam ages up, but just in case I have Dekit on the move with his painting skill. I see no reason why Izzy shouldn't make it, oh, except for the fact that she's dangerously PLAYING WITH ELECTRICAL THINGS.

"Hmm? What? I couldn't hear you, I was too busy trying to figure out how to upgrade this dishwasher."
You better not get yourself killed, missy. We need you.
"It's really a shame my skills don't count, right watcher?"
Don't remind me. You've maxed 2 skills and supermaxed another while already nearing the top of your career. I'm insanely jealous of how many points I could've accumulated had you been Ara's spawn.
"I'm just fantastic."
I think you've hung around Tessa too long, dear.
Really it's just skill-a-palooza around here.

"That's checkmate again, brother."
"Ahhhghhhh!" Aiden threw the chess table over.
"Hey watcher, can you buy me a telescope or something? I get the feeling that playing chess with Aiden any longer will be detrimental to my health."
Erm... right away dear.

Ara, I see you're enjoying the perks of being an elder with completed everything.

"Wooosh! No, turn, turn, turn!"
"Oh huh? Yeah, it's nice to have Izzy taking over the garden for me. NO! Not the police! Floor it! Floor it!"
Like husband like wife? Anyways, I should check to make sure Sam is still alive.

"That's an Giant Orange Star! I'm going to name it something!"
Don't look at me, dude, my creativity is at an all time low today. Just name it "One."
"Aww, can't you think of something better than that? You were a Latin student for three years!"
Fine then. Una.
"Oh, what's that mean?"
"You're such a party-killer."

So you're off to Prom Aiden? My one and only child to likely ever go to prom, you better have fun!
"Of course I will! It's going to be the best night of my life!"

Erm, insert: rejected for a dance, kiss, got in two fights (and lost both to the biggest nerd at school) and he was flying solo the whole night without attracting any other person to his side.
"I did win Prom King, you know."

Well... you always were ambitious.

"Oh look, another Giant Orange Star!"
"What's that mean?"
"You're so lame."
You wanted something exotic, and I'm also prepping you for doctor-hood. Latin is key, mate.
"So you're teaching me to count to ten?"
No, actually I forget the rest of it, so I'll likely switch to English now.
"So you're telling me that after three years, you only know how to count to two?"

Uh... that was three years ago as well, and I spent more time in that class using google translate to figure out why Jason and the Golden Fleece always translated into something involving ears or other nonsense rather than gold/the way it was actually supposed to be translated according to my teacher.
"You're hopeless."
Hey, my bestie in that class couldn't figure it out either. Besides, I'm your watcher, I don't have to explain anything to you.
"No worries watcher, your secret is safe with me. Oh, Satalite."
Tres? Something like that. Oh, whatever. Three.

Uh... whatchya doin' there Izzy?
"I'm upgrading the toilet to unbreakable."

Woah, woah, so you upgrade it to never clog again by hitting it with a hammer?
Then have I been doing it wrong all of my life.
"What did you normally use?"
A plunger? I don't know, we can't seem to prevent clogging.
"That's a shame."
Isn't it, though?
"Anyways, you should probably tell your readers you're out of screenshots now."
I know, but I haven't come up with a clever way of wrapping this up yet.
"How about just saying 'the end?'"
No way... that's not right for an update of this stature!
"Uh huh..."
Err... well... The end.
"Oh watcher, you're impossible."

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