Chapter 24: Graduation, Birthdays and Plotting

It was a quiet day at the Nix residence. The morning rose hazily, as it usually does. Everyone was quietly skilling or taking a ride in the Motive Mobiles when I was prompted that it was graduation day. Graduation day usually means a fair amount of lag for me, but I simply couldn't put it off any longer. Reid and Steph needed to graduate, along with half the rest of the town.

So everyone trooped across the road to the City Hall, wearing their Sunday-Best-Dress (well, not really, as I didn't design anyones formalwear, except for Stephs and Reids, and they're wearing gowns). They ran into some familiar faces at the graduation, including the girl who didn't win Reids heart (who was heavily pregnant) and Julius Orlando Nix (what a strange name, I've just called him Orlando, and in the beginning - Julius. Either way, he's Rose's husband).

For anyone who can't tell, Julius Orlando is a Pleasant-Hooley. He's the grandchild of Jennifer, John/Marian, Robin combo.
I severely regret not getting rid of Jennifer and John Pleasant-Burb, as they've had so many babies that they almost single-handedly dwindled the rainboo population down to minorities. They just. Won't. Stop. Breeding.

The girl who didn't become Reid's wife (I'm horrible, her name just isn't there in my mind. It starts with an A, but I'd rather not get it wrong) was beaming and glowing, happily showing her pregnancy off.
Graduation is always a hectic day for me.

So this is where the group split up and went about their day. Sam took Cordell to the library to study up on books, that didn't go so well, as he eventually got stuck and was force-reset by Overwatch, which left Cordell all alone.

I had left Reid in front of City Hall to perform for everyone and to get his tips up, but he eventually had to leave to get poor Cordell. Prior to that though, he had a fan out of his Aunt Franny.

For those who were worried, Cordell was never alone, in fact, I went to check on him and Reia was watching over him carefully - which is weird, as her final trait she got with her Honorary Degree meant that she would Dislike Children.

Back at the homefront, Olga was aging up to be a beautiful teen.

I never told you her traits though, did I? She's Insane, Grumpy, Genius and a Vehicle Enthusiast (as of this birthday).
Here she is with her mama's hair:

And here's what I settled on:

I have her saved to my bin, as she's completely stunning as an adult - I mean, if you think she looks good now... just wait.
Ima and Steph were getting some Mother-In-Law/Daughter-In-Law time together, mostly, we just took time to figure out the gender of her baby.

Wait, what? Nooo! You were supposed to have a girl! You can't have a boy! Noo! Now it's set in stone! You had all 10 of your watermelons! Ahhh Why!? Why?! Why!?
"Chill out Watcher, I love my baby no matter what gender they are."
I NEED A PLAN B! I NEED A PLAN B! Quick! Olga! To the Bat-Mobile!

"Hi, I'm Olga, you fit all the qualifications my Watcher was looking for in a mate, and I think you're cute. Wanna be my boyfriend?"

"You're pretty forward, I like that in a woman."
"Dang straight you do, now we need to practice making babies."
"Wait, what?"
"I need to have a baby ASAP."
"Don't worry, I'm still a teenager, practice just means making out."

"I guess..." Snogging noises. "Trying for a baby..." More Snogging noises. "Won't be so bad."
"Stop talking."
"Yes my'dear."

I had to send Sam over to grab Dekit and save him to my Bin, so here are his two beautiful children: Morgan and Sheree:

Now that Sam and Ima are getting even older, I've switched into "Wish-Fulfilling" mode.
Ima wanted to learn all the other potions, so I obliged her.

The "Wish-Fulfilling" mode stretched even to young Olga, who wished to learn to drive.

Reid taught Cordell the rest of his skills that Sam didn't finish.

Then he went back to rocking out for him while Cordell read himself toddler books.

Now my readers, I am one screenshot away from the cap - so I'll leave you with this picture as I prep the next update - I've still got another 70 or so screenshots to go through before we're all caught up. Stupid Mediafire.
I'll leave you all with this:

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  1. Oh Olga is worth the kidnapping charges for sure! Was she part O'Reilly?