20 - The Slow Period

Household Status: 
Liam Messorem - Daddy, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Adilyn Messorem - Mommy, Witch, Young Adult.
Blaze Messorem - Boy #1, Werewolf, Teen.
Brylee Messorem - Girl #1, Witch, Teen.
Bastian Messorem - Boy #2, Werewolf, Teen.
Bethany Messorem - Girl #2, Werewolf, Teen.
Bentley Messorem - Boy #3, Werewolf, Teen.
Benny Messorem - Boy #4, Witch, Child.
Belle Messorem - Girl #3, Werewolf, Child.
Brielle Messorem - Girl #4, Witch, Toddler.
Briony Messorem - Girl #5, Witch, Toddler.
Bianca Messorem - Girl #6, Werewolf, Toddler.
Beona Messorem - Girl #7, Werewolf, Toddler.

Apologies in advance, this is probably an insanely long chapter. You see I did my first playthrough and got about 60 pictures (I usually average 80-90 per chapter); I was unsatisfied with the 60 because nothing really HAPPENED in the game during (no birthdays, etc) so in an effort to not be boring I pushed it to the elder toddler twins' birthdays... and then my brain was like "let's just hang out until the next birth!"
So I did.
108 MORE pictures later...
Here we go!

What a CUTE freaking couple! Produce some good-looking babies too, which I'm prepping to put up for download. Unfortunately I don't think I'll get the bonus points for this challenge for uploading because (and maybe this is ridiculous) I'm just not ready to put Liam up for download (and likely never will be). He's a story character and therefore it's a very personal thing for me to share him.

The kids though? I'm more than willing - even if some of them are practically his identical clone (though I've honestly YET to see a TRUE clone). Adilyn I may put up, if only because this isn't her final form for the story, and I may tweak her name even, so I feel comfortable releasing her as-is. Just not my Liam.

One annoying feature of my game as of recently, whenever I load in, I go through my usual startup lag which results in everyone dropping their queue... even children at school. (Shakes head) I now have to find optimal times to save and exit and hope I don't mess up something important.

Baby love! Ack, this stuff never gets old!

I sent Adilyn to get a painting class - because why not; might as well reap the benefits of starting again in a new save file.

Seeing as a mini-challenge for this is to do all the LTW, I immediately started my countdown. Liam swapped over and insta-completed the Surrounded by Family LTW. Then both he and Adilyn took on the Swimming in Cash LTW that will be fulfilled as soon as these puppies grow and are sold:

Adilyn returns home and Liam rolls in the wish parade.

You and me both, buddy.

I don't remember who this is, but he was outside the school and is a teen. Doesn't he just have a purty face? This town has some surprisingly nice genetics, not that I would know, it seems like all my Messorem's are freaking HERMITS.

I'm juggling a LOT for Adilyn right now, my thoughts are to eventually get her magic high enough that she can magically upgrade everything in the house on a rampage... while at the same point I'd like her to go from level 5 painting to level 7 so I can start relying on her for portraits (thank goodness for Bastian) but on the TOP PRIORITY level, she's constantly popping out babes so... needless to say it's difficult to really focus on any ONE of those things, let alone all of them.

Oh, did I mention she's also the house keeper AND the gardener too? Lots of stuff on Adilyn's plate here... thankfully though the kids are more than willing to step up for her. Bastian, Blaze, and Brylee especially.

Liam just keeps his bees, haha.
Nah, he does other things too. He's our handyman and breadwinner. He also entertains and does most of the child-rearing, believe it or not.

Though with kids like these... who wouldn't sign up for that first!

It was about this point that I realized I had Adilyn tending to the garden with the sprinklers on... while it rained. (snorts) Way to go Livvie.

Oh werewolf children...

It's time to finally bite the bullet and teach the triplets how to drive. Adilyn took Bethany while Liam took Bastian and both Adilyn and Liam took turns for Bentley. Meanwhile, the oldest twins get to enjoy the last few days in the house.

So I decided to keep the Shrew. Brylee was smitten with him so I let the name generator randomize the name and it ironically started with a B. I cannot remember though off the top of my head so... here's B the Shrew joining this B family. XD
(ETA: Balt)

They were all spread out across the night, but I'll put them here for cleanliness.

Bentley is a favorite in that he's a loner but he loves his (insanely gigantic) family.

Blaze is a favorite in that he has single-handedly kept this family fed and the fridge stocked.

Brylee is a favorite because Brylee.
Also she broke the dishwasher here and pulled an adorable face.

She then mopped it all up...

...and fixed it ALL by herself. She also didn't get electrocuted, though that may have been her aim with her daredevil trait...

Benny is a favorite because he, too, can pull adorable faces about broken dishwashers. "Woah."
I recently rewatched The Incredibles and his face here reminds me of Dash. WASN'T ME.

This family just keeps getting better and better. At first I figured I would be so overrun by kids with nothing to do, but these kids really do help make this family dynamic work.

Bentley helps with the childcare and tending to some household chores. Brylee (as seen above) repairs and cleans. Blaze cooks. Bastian cleans. Bethany hunts and provides. Ack these kids are all growing on me in ways I didn't think was possible!
If we're being honest here - I was truthfully afraid I would forget all these kids' names and that they would all blend together cause I'd be pumping them out so quickly.

Werewolf fever!

Time to 'pack' it up! Get it?
Get it?
.... I'll see myself out.

Lol I love this, two vicious werewolf fighting over who uses the door.

LOL this just looks like a werewolf attack.
Liam: HEY! I do not have dad-jokes! Lists on the other hand...
You take after the best, Liam.

It was time to accept the inevitable that this Shrew was here to stay, at least until Brylee left. Look how happy she looks over it!

Ode to morning routines and a beautiful skyline!
Today is Brielle and Briony's birthday to become children! I'm so excited!

The kids got shipped off to school so the toddlers may play! For some reason Briony is determined she wants to go sit out and cry in the rain.

I have no idea why but she marches her butt out here several times to throw fits outside. She's gonna be a handful, I can feel it.

Handful or not, she's still cute as pie when she toddler hugs her sister.

I title these photos: Liam to the rescue. Tending the garden, fixing the garbage... you name it, he'll do it... all in the name of 'family.'

After what felt like a few dry days, I'm suddenly getting SLAMMED with easy wishes left and right. Snuggle, chats, top off relationships, interact with... it's almost overwhelming! Then the skill wish parade rolled into town right after and I thought I was going to lose it!

ACK! YOU'RE HOME? ALREADY? IS IT REALLY 3 ALREADY? Eep it is. Time sure flies during the day.

Bethany picks up the driving certs from the mail and I sell them, because who needs all that extra garbage filling up inventories.

Adilyn proceeds to tell me she's had enough Kids TV by turning it off EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I turn it on until she broke the television.

Well, while that's down... WISH PARADE!

Benny: Hang out with Belle.

Blaze: Increase Cooking Skill.

Bastian: Paint a picture worth $150.

And in the midst of all this here's Belle in all her perpetual weirdness that we adore her for; she's waiting for her turn to fulfill her wish to talk to her mother.

Who's fulfilling a wish to eat cheesesteak that her son promptly prepared as part of his wish to gain a cooking level. See, this is a well-oiled machine... run by a lunatic named Livvielove.

One of the Tiberium spires grew so we sold it and...

Ahem... I'm good. I swap Liam into The Tinkerer (Logic/Handiness max) and Adilyn into Visionary (Photography/Painting).

So away we go! Two easels seemed like enough at the time of building, but then Bentley and Bastian both claimed dibs on them 24/7 so I had to place a few more down for those casual painters like Bethany, Belle, and Adilyn.

Speaking of Bastian, I got a late notif that he finished his painting and popped over to find him doting on his little sisters. CUTE.

So I had him get them dinner

And he decided it was a great time to howl...

Which he's JUST as good as his papa at that one.

Really great, obv.

I swear Bastian is secretly lovesick for some girl. He only ever paints pictures of women and hearts.
(adds mental note to find him a girlfriend somehow).

(Camera pans suddenly) Birthday time! Briony went first, despite Brielle being the "older" twin (I think? My memory is a bit fuzzy right now).

She ages up and gains.... the Diva trait.
Well she did like crying in the rain so...

As I'm waiting for Brielle to pop and grow, I jump around and see Liam... (coughs)

Would it KILL you to put some clothes on first? I mean... I'M not mad but like... you got... shit how many kids now? MORE than enough for one to come barging in. Hell I lived in a household of FIVE and we had that problem. You've got a household of like... 13... and only ONE of that 13 wouldn't mind seeing you in your birthday suit.
I just ranted about his nudity for a paragraph... Livvie seek mental help.

Brielle was next!

She gained the Bot Fan trait!

ISN'T SHE JUST THE CUTEST? I just wanna pinch her little cheeks!

There's something really striking about her, I'm not sure what it is.

Benny decided to corner his mother for some mom-son time!

His twin sister Belle finished her painting of the Kraken and autonomously cleaned up the house. I'm so proud of her! (sniffles)

Newly sprouted Brielle helps her sister out.

And slowly... everyone minus the werewolf teens head for the routine sleep.
Until Blaze accidentally got pulled away by my own fault and set the kitchen on fire.

You know what? I'm not even mad. Yea it just wrecked up my routine, but I'll get it back (snorts).
Brylee's face is priceless.
Insurance gave them $405 to cover the $1000+ stove (heh - just like real life) and I braced myself for the fine I was certain I would get from the fire department.
What? With 13 sets of hands... 11 of them USEABLE you'd think it wouldn't be hard to put a fire out.

Here they come and...

Huh? That worked like it was supposed to? That's-

(Squinting) OH I SEE YOUR GAME FIREBOY. You better run before I sick a pack of wolves on yo' sorry ass!

By the way, mother and child(ren?) are resting fine on the couch with the FIXED TV set to kids channel once again.
As the gods intended.
Adilyn: I hate you.

Try two works like a charm and gets Blaze his level! He's at level 9 cooking now!

Bethany is bringing home the goods. I swapped my hunts from gems to metals (now that I can specify) for the chance of picking up Supernovium. These little beauties are worth $5k a pop. Totally worth it and a massive chunk in how she'll make this LTW.
I also got painstaking and literally calculated every single gem, insect, and metal in her inventory and found that the tally was 100% accurate, so, good on you Sims. I had to admit I had figured it was just pulling numbers from it's butt... but this doesn't mean it's going to be any less buggy!
ALSO I've discovered "pack" hunting does not actually benefit her. Only things SHE picks up while hunting "in a pack" count. Anything Liam or Bastian find never count for her unfortunately so... YE BE WARNED, those who wish to take this LTW on.

Poor Beth... what is WITH all these goddamn aliens?!

At least she didn't cry. I honestly don't think I could handle another child crying over being abducted. I'd be out searching for a mod immediately if that happened again. Bentley was enough to SHATTER MY SOUL with his tears.

Speaking of Bentley, LOOK AT THIS CUTE BOY. ACK he's got that charming boy face. I love it.
The next day rolls around, which is Belle and Benny's teen birthdays and the next labor. The kids start waking up and... can I just say how adorable kids are when they sleep?

All sprawled out, so cute!
Briony found the logic table but my eye started twitching when she didn't get peg-box credits!
I'm a stickler for getting me my skills I earned! So here's my proof she did it, and I awarded her 3 logic skill points.

ESPECIALLY because I had to drag Briony kicking and SCREAMING to the freaking peg-box. I would remember every moment of it, lol.

LOOK AT THIS PRECIOUS BRIELLE IN BOT-FORM. Ack I just wanna eat her right up.

Bethany is farther than any of her family members in her werewolf skill tree. She's making excellent strides on her LTW and while I was really nervous at first I'm pretty certain we've got this handled!

Ah... love... you can just... feel it in how... he looks at her...
kind of like she's dinner.

It would be hard not to though, I mean DAMN she purty!

My eldest twins... ack every day that passes is one coming closer to them leaving!
Once they leave I feel like it'll be a domino effect of people starting to slowly shuffle out... I'm just waiting for the burst, you know?

Brielle and her daddy spend quality time chatting.

Benny had a wish to win a game of hopscotch.

FUCK and I lost it. Curse you game (shakes fist).
I apologize to everyone who reads this. I am deeply ashamed, but I blame EA.

So despite being an adorable angel, it seems Brielle can't cook. It's ok, it was about this point Benny wished to become a Menu Maven (is that what it is? I can't remember, it's 3am, lol) and learn all the recipes as his LTW. This means no one will starve after Blaze leaves! Hooray!
(ETA: The Culinary Librarian - the Menu Maven is the skill challenge *snorts* Good job 3am Livvie, at least you were on the right track).

Liam, as is tradition for EVERY baby bump, spends quality time impaling his wife's stomach with the palm of his hand and then giggling over it.
Oh I mean rubbing her belly and talking to the baby(ies)? Whatever floats your boat, mate.

I can ALWAYS count on finding Belle ruling over her kingdom. She had a wish to hang out with her mother, so wish granted right before--

Yes, finally! I feel like this one took so long! I shove her into the nursery and check on the other kids as I wait.

I swear Bastian and girls... boi you got it baaaad!

It's not like it's even THESE girls, either, lol! Those are likely the only girls he'll ever be seeing. Maybe Story Progression will be kind to him?
and maybe pigs will fly?

It's a pretty picture at least!

Guys, I have to say... I was really freaking out. You see I have NRAAs Story Progression which alerts me to births and what not in the town... and like four boys had been born in the past few days. I thought for SURE I was gonna get me some more XXs around here but the game gods looked kindly on me. May I present to you Brighton Messorem:

... and his twin brother Brett:

I didn't even grab their traits - I DID, however, remember to grab a snap of Beth's progress:

Slow and steady wins the race! We're halfway there - very literally!


  1. Ooh, good idea about the LTWs, I am so going to change Kyra's over the next time I'm in game! I get what you mean about the DLs; personally, I think that the points requirement should be for the kids to be uploaded, not the adults. Some people could be using other people's sims for parents, so it wouldn't be right for them to upload the parents either. Maybe we can suggest such?

    Love your favouritism, everyone is a favourite because of something different! But OMG, I so agree that there is something so striking about Brielle. Maybe it's the lilac/black combo? It's not a colour I can work IRL, but I freaking love it in TS3.

    Good to know about the Hunting LTW, thanks for doing the research! My game must have been bugged or mod conflicting or something, because when I last did it, we were pulling rainbow butterflies and beetles and soulpeace gems and the LTW counter would only go up by $500-odd each time. But good to know about the supernovium! That sounds like the best earner right there.

    Yay, you're halfway done! In both the LTWs and the children. And the eldest have yet to leave home, so impressive/crazy.

    1. I wasn't really on board with it at first, but I'm not complaining about the endless LTHP I'm pulling in for them now! On the DLs: yeah I'm just... not really up for giving away story characters of mine. It's mostly because I have a very set idea for how my characters look and act. I have a character who doesn't like wearing shoes and the thought of putting her up for DL where someone could go slap shoes on her irks me! Lol that's just me being a little strange, but I have accepted my own weirdness.

      Lol my favoritism hits every single child. How could it not with all those cuties... XD Man I can't wait to see teen Brielle - and I bet you're right about the lavender/black combo. The sims makes color combos so easy!

      XD I'll keep researching for the good of all! It's kind of depressing how easily this game can bug, so I completely believe you when you say it wasn't accurate before. I only counted to ensure that I got credit for everything. I'm a stickler for it! XD

      Meanwhile let's hope I can finish this sweet challenge! Maybe? Maybe? XD I'm at 20 chapters and halfway, we'll have to see how much longer it takes!