23 - Trouble in Paradise?

Household Status: 
Liam Messorem - Daddy, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Adilyn Messorem - Mommy, Witch, Young Adult.
Blaze Messorem - Boy #1, Werewolf, Teen.
Brylee Messorem - Girl #1, Witch, Teen.
Bastian Messorem - Boy #2, Werewolf, Teen.
Bethany Messorem - Girl #2, Werewolf, Teen.
Bentley Messorem - Boy #3, Werewolf, Teen.
Benny Messorem - Boy #4, Witch, Teen.
Belle Messorem - Girl #3, Werewolf, Teen.
Brielle Messorem - Girl #4, Witch, Child.
Briony Messorem - Girl #5, Witch, Child.
Bianca Messorem - Girl #6, Werewolf, Toddler.
Beona Messorem - Girl #7, Werewolf, Toddler.
Brighton Messorem - Boy #5, Witch, Burrito.
Brett Messorem - Boy #6, Werewolf, Burrito.

I've been stalling over this chapter. I've also been very busy, lol. We left off with Bethy getting a boyfriend in Joseph and Liam being scary dad of the year and waving at the broom rack.
No birthdays really happened these last few chapters so I apologize if this is getting confusing/boring/any subset of the two.

Chatting with Bianca to start the chapter out, also a nose boop.
Freaking LOVE that interaction.

Here is proof that Bastian is fully capable of creating art that ISN'T female oriented... he just often chooses not to. XD

I left these two alone, and as such - like magnets - they were drawn to each other immediately.

Enough to where they couldn't wait and had to shove their teenage daughter from their room so they might have some privacy.
Lol, that's actually false. I had Belle run the hell out of there before they got started, it's almost like they KNOW the house is too crowded and don't even bother with privacy anymore... filthy animals!
Hehe, they're still a cute couple though.

The homework brigade arrived late for Bethany if only because I wanted her to spend time with her BOYFRIEND Joseph. Benny, across the way, is reading some recipe books in his spare time because it's his LTW and why not?

Oh... well then...
After Beth was finished I sent her out on the hunt.

That's my girl.
$40,000/$40,000 - 4/5
Tomorrow is the day - I feel it!

What a beauty she is! She's beauty AND the beast! Hehehe
I'll see myself out.

I took a picture because I thought FOR SURE that Bentley was making a picture of 9, one of my favorite movies.

He wasn't, but I had a moment of fangirling.

I love these twins so much! Belle was also late on the homework brigade it seems, but we rectified that. This is why I double and triple check their homework each night!

Ack! Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed - and on her LAST day as a teenager no less!
Poor Brylee.

Once again, excitement over potential 9.
It's all a lie.

Brielle steps up and attempts to take Belle's position of Queen of the Household.
Just kidding, she rolled a wish so I made her do the interaction - Belle is STILL ruling Queen, as she's the only one who ever did it autonomously.

Lol, the women have returned, ladies and gents! XD Leave it to Bastian...

He cries over how BEAUTIFUL it is! Yet it vanishes before he can get over his tears, somehow managing to fit into his pocket along with all the other paintings he's ever done.

Belle spends a lot of her freetime painting, and I believe she rolled the LTW of Master of the Arts (Guitiar/Painting), so I begin putting her to work on that!

Bastian takes time out to do some cleaning in Balt's tank!

The kids start rolling the attention wants again, or maybe I just hadn't had time to see to the last round of attention wants? Either way, Briony wants to spend time with daddy Liam.

Bentley wishes to chat with his mother Adilyn...

...and these two just want to eat each other's faces off.

Bianca and Beona are so adorable! I can't wait to see them grown! I've been spending a lot of time paused in my file so I have so many pictures for so few days. I apologize if this feels like it's going slow. It's not my intention, but sometimes I wind up with insane amount of screenshots per day.

Ah... table manners of Liam Messorem.
Couldn't get more civilized than a grown man, squatting on a chair mostly naked - ass up, face down as he plants his nose into a plate of cheesesteak.
No sir-ee!

Broken trash compactor?
Liam to the rescue!

Ok, so free will is on (always) and I left Liam and Adilyn alone and...

She insulted him.
I's-a been BAMBOOZLED!
It took all of my strength to not intervene. I literally started repeating a mantra and let them handle it, and here's what they did:

There was awkward silence.

Liam talked to her about feelings.

Adilyn gushed and responded happily.

They friendly hugged...


Adilyn slammed a kiss on him.

He accepted.

He shy-kissed her.
And all was well in paradise once again with absolutely 0 intervention from me. I have no idea what got into her/them, or what provoked whatever that was, but it was the first and only time it's ever happened. They have 13 children. They haven't been on a date in eons.
I can imagine there is some strain going on. I quietly make a mental note to try and schedule a date night for them more frequently now that teens are in the house, and move on.

While that crisis was going on, the teens had gotten out of school, and I found Bastian and Belle talking about art together.
A family that paints together, stays together.
If only my Nixes would just understand that concept...
(from a distant corner of my story mind): 'shove it where the sun don't shine, watcher!'
...I'll take that as an optimistic maybe!


(hip thrusts) WHOOP THERE IT IS!

I pop back home and Liam has scurried off to tend to his bees and then to his offspring.
Who needs protection, right?
If you know what I mean.
(lol mpart pointed out to me the double meaning of the last time I used that phrase... hehehe... I still can't get over that I missed it the first time)

Belle and Blaze hung out around the TV while Brylee snuck in a few wish-related snuggles with Beona. Tonight is Blaze and Brylee's birthdays!

Proof of a lack of 9. I'm cruuuushed.
Also, Bastian is on #92875932875 of female paintings. A+ Bastian.

Evening rolls around and... BIRTHDAY TIME!

Blaze first!

He gains the shy trait! What a cutie!
Next up is Brylee!

She gains the Frugal trait!

So there we have it! My first babes are all grown and ready to strike out on their own.
Leave the nest.
Fly the coop.
Insert other coming of age phrases here!
You can download them on the baby page found at the bottom of each chapter, I have them in .sim and .sims3pack formats!
In the meantime, I have enough for one more chapter, but I'm tired and it's Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Finally, we have the first YAs! They are both so gorgeous, definitely going to grab them up. My new town is quickly becoming overrun with Winchesters, so new blood will be a good thing.

    Goooo Bethy, well done on that LTW! I may just have to turn one of my girls into a werewolf and try it again. And also coz I want to see some toddler werewolves ;)

    1. They are! They both have Adilyn's skin so if you don't have that they may not show up correctly! The link for the skin is on the same page as the babies and their downloads. If not, just swap the skin on them and they should be fine!

      Hehe, if they have any cute Winchester babies you should take a picture for me! I'd love to see them!

      Hehe, the LTW isn't so bad if you just aggressively go after hunting. Hunt until you can decide what type of thing you hunt and then I split it between gems and metals, though found metals to be more lucrative later so maybe sticking with metals throughout would go faster.

      If you end up finding a better way you should let me know! It's a little grindy but definitely doable!